In order to get the most out of the Mercury's Back to School Guide, take this quick quiz. Once you find out which Breakfast Club kid you most resemble, head to their page and find a list of Breakfast Club character-approved activities and organizations. It's that easy!

1.Your favorite '80s band is…

(a) Madonna
(b) They Might Be Giants
(c) Quiet Riot
(d) Joy Division
(e) Billy Idol

2. Were you to be confronted by an angry principal, you would…

(a) Try to flirt your way out of it
(b) Hunch over and acquiesce
(c) Nut up, take the damage
(d) Space out
(e) Flip him off

3. You've gone to detention for…

(a) Skipping school to go shopping
(b) Bringing a flare gun to school
(c) Taping a kid's ass cheeks together
(d) Lack of anything better to do
(e) Pulling a fire alarm

If most of your answers were:

A - Go to page 45 and primp with Claire!
B - Turn off Star Trek and go to page 35 with Brian!
C - Suit up for some wrasslin' with Andy on page 46!
D - Turn up The Cure and mope to page 39 with Allison!
E - Put away the switchblade and kick it with Bender on page 37!