Somebody loves you! And they've proven it by sending in a romantic, smooshy-wooshy, lovey-dovey, ooogly-snoogly VALENTINE which the Mercury is happy to print free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Dig in, and see what your lover really thinks of you!

A few of my favorite things, Tseunami, red hat, road trips, baths, aquaman, lizardo, cuffs/blindfold. Hard kisses, hair pulling, scratching and "tearable" times. Damn I'll miss you. love, Winky

Aaron @ BPP, You can hike my mons pubis any time! Happy Valentine's Day! P-Luvin

Alex Camille-THIS is true love. The best relationship I've ever had had nothing to do with dick. You are ALWAYS there when I need you. I love you.-S

babyface, babyseal. babaface, bubbaseal.bubbafass, bubbasail.

Beans, Where would I be without you? You made the last 109 months better than anything I could have dreamed. Here's to a 1000 more. Beans

BOO! My love for you grows stronger day by day and in my dreams. Please-be my boobycat now and always. I love you Sandie!-Josh.

BABY TENDER: Kind and wise, you have surprises, I am the fool with you. When I keep my heart with you, I will never lose.

Brak, I want to be as hot as your morning Americano, sweeter than your poppyseed muffin, warmer than your monkey pajamas, I want to be everything for you. love, Samps

Bruno, I never thought I could love someone so brown. You are sooooooo soft and cuddly at night. You're cute, and a bit of a MOOT. We love you. S&M

C. Peezy-thanks for everything-egg salad sandwiches, pierced nipple bliss. Always and forever- R. Bizzle

Chico *rr! 8 years, 1 moment South Beach bum to southside slum cross da ocean and back to Portlund. Eurotrash? Eurotreasure! Being wit you give me pleasure Eyes like **rs.

Chris, I miss your red hair everywhere midnight phone calls just ain't it if you say you'll be my valentine on your penis I will sit.-love, your little girl

Colleen, I love you. Will you go to Vegas with me? Love and kisses boy in green hat.

Courtney, I need you like the flowers need the rain, like zombies need brains, like a witch needs a hat, like black needs a cat, I need you, and that's that, Aaron

Dave, Thanks for sweeping me off my feet. Your not only my lover, your my best friend. Love, Your Girl.

Dear CINCINNATI, I love you; I'm an awful barbed beast. Don't hate me tomorrow, forgive me, at least.-SCOUT

Dear Clovis, I long to bite your back when you stretch, I dream that your volcano eyes will chase me around the room the way they did when we were simpler kittens. Rigby.


Dear Heather Q, Here is a Haiku. East Coast to Left Coast/I Gladly Cross the Nation/To Smooch Your Belly, Love Rich

Dear JillyBean-You're the bestest babe in the universe!!! You're sexy, smart, and funny-and I love you! Let's make the next five years even better! love-Woofer

Denise, I still think you are gorgeous and that you don't need any exercise videos. I will wear my red shirt for you on Valentines Day. David

Derek, you make me wet, you make me sweat. I love your eyes and your thighs. Saturday we're officially Husband and Wife; I'll Love you all my life.-Love Heather-

Dominique, Roses are red Violets are blue I see so much of myself in you Maybe I'm silly Maybe I'm vain Just know that Joe's Got you on the brain.

for d, love c-I know there's much that I don't do, with seven years that we've been through, a perfect wife I haven't been, or even a really good girlfriend, cooking, cleaning, sewing too, are things that I will try to do, But if I fail know one thing true, I wrote this poem just for you. (I love you too.)

FPT***be my hope, i'll be your hope. i have a slurpee in hand--so bring on the video games sweets!***-love mai

™ Gabe, you just may be a vegetable because artichokes have the BIGGEST hearts. Thank you for knowing what movie I stole that from. Happy Valentine's Day. sha do, Kourtney

™ Gecko feet boy : with all my verbiage I could send no greater words than I love you. Kisses from your pussycat across the pond.

Gerson, Sunsets I dream of you, Sunrises I think of you, Day and night there you are, You are my sun and shining star. Te Quiero Mucho, Dara *besos

GOODMORNING GORGEOUS! Please ride my adam. prepare to be choked, knifed, sucked, rimmed, licked and fucked. no lube needed-my dolphin is wet enough for both of your holes. i love you valentine!

Greygrouper squirts a briney love bubble for his shimmery salted squid. slithery seakelp snakes and with glee descend we inky sea-treeluminous weight-free implosion from axon to dendrite and back toward the light.

Happy Valentines Day to my love Siouxsie. Lover, Mother, Wife, Temptress. My life is only complete with you at my side. I love you!

hey baby, remember that time, last week, you humped my leg at the airport? or the time I proposed to you, and you laughed in my face? that's my valentine.

Hey Jeff G .! You are soo hot, I like you a Laht! Will you be mine For a long, long time? Olive Juice, jj

hey sweetie just want you to know I love you and you are my everything. Just in case I don't always show it this time of year. Love ya, oly/stella

Honey, The box with wishes and dreams that never came true is now empty except for the memories of how they were answered by you. I love you!-Your punkin'

HottieLorie, LoverMine, sit with me and share some wine. With piercing glare I hold your eyes, and sneak my hand betwixt your thighs, and tease my naughty Valentine. xxxooo-g.

J-2003 is to be the best year since 1978. You have changed my life and I hope that someday you will change my diapers. How sexy! D

Jason-I'm in ridiculous and I know you know it too! Heidi

JB-Hey baby ! Here's to feeling better again. Let's have an all weekend love fest! What do you say? Veggiejess

JILLY, I still dream of ravishing your sweet, hot & super sexy little self and exploding my hot molten love inside of you, even though I already do. Jakie

Jonnie Boston-My broken heart misses your broken heart. You are the love of my life. Now we are in the hands of fate. Trust in our pure love. Jennikins

Josh-Open up your heart. Let's do coffee and the art museum -G

KELLY, skinny, pool-shooting sleepy-eyed thievin' ultradweeb loft-dwelling pharmaceutical Nerd Boy: I'd love also to lay so entangled for the rest of our lives. RetroB. on Belmont

Love of my life-It all started when I first started working with you. I couldn't keep my eyes off you, girl. You are soo sexy and gothic. Never in my life I would have thought I would meet a girl like you after my last tramp ex gf. Even tho we have an age diff of 5. I still adore you alot. Iremembered when the 5 of us had a mahaja sinco. How I licked your body while another girl dripped candle wax on you. You are so beautiful and so smart. I wish I had a chance with you but apparently I'M not your type. I wish someday you would look my way. Till then I'll always be coming to work at my day off just to see your pretty face.

Marcia, This year has been perfect! I've never been so in love! You and the boys have changed my life forever. WOOD! CUTE! 40 more years of love. Daddy

Metal Matt-Our relationship has lasted a sickening amount of time. Here's to another six years of pleasurable times in bed, including my snoring and your insane sleep-babble. Love, Melissa

Michele-You're the best female wrestler in Portland. Together we will destroy all hipsters with our fabulous love! My life has improved this past year thanks to you. Love, Scott

Miss Teen Idaho you are so freakin' hot! I heard you will be givin' it up for free at the Tonic lounge on Valentines day. Your stalker. ps I DRINK PEE.

Mr. Crazy Sweet Man-Are you ever sure of you? Teach your playful music to me and smile. After all, I can be big kicks. Cheers.

Mrs. Guy and Raina, Where's the ringers? On your fingers! HVD. Love you forever, Mr Guy and Smandrew

Nicole, I love you more everyday! Our life together makes me so happy. I want our future to be even more wonderful, Will you marry me? Again? Love, Corey.

Nicolio-I miss our neighborly good times-The girl next door, Rachel.

RF-Chuck says you can,t, tawk, Jerry says can,t talk eating, Lil, Tyke doesn,t know how, Buster is sleeping and FT says *&%@$%! Valentines Day

Ricardito, Todo me lleva a ti, como si todo lo que existe, aromas, luz, metales, fueran de pequenos barcos que navegan hacia las islas tuyas que me aguardanö" (Neruda) Jennifer

RP-The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know. My heart knows no boundaries. I love you.-WS

SIDESHOW BOB Bobby, I love you you mean the world to me. Love always, Tiffany

Sue, Sorry it ended this way. I'll miss the laughter, kisses and road trips. You brightened m yworld/broke my heart maybe, just maybe, sometime discuss over brewski's? love mike

Sweet Wagonmaker, You're my everything. I love you. Happy Valentine's baby, we will rock & all tonight. Kisses, Toonces

Sweetness-All of me adores all of you. I cherish every moment we spend together. I always miss you so much when you leave. Loving you on this valentine's day. e

The Hummingbird doth flap ceaselessly The Damselfly perches and observes By fate they meet And become entwined Together loving and caring Happy Valentines Day my beautiful Damselfly!

the universe is shaped exactly like the earth / if you go straight long enough you'l end up where you were-modest mouse

TO ALL THE PPCW PEEPS: La abstinencia siempre es una opcion. Yea! Much love, Pedro

To my Froggy Face, I don't know who I would be without you. We fit together like fuzzy socks and clean kitchen floors perfect for toe tappin and sock dancin. You make me so happy! Best Everythings FOREVER Baby! Happy Valentines Day. Love always, your Sweetie

To Penguin: To my lover, best friend, and partner in crime, I love you and want you as my valentine. J-you are my one and only. This Feb. 14th has found me not lonely. You are adored for your heart and intelligent mind And your skills in my bed a very rare find. Don't ever think I just love you a bit. How much you ask? Just take a guessï Here is your answer in publishable press. Be happy this Valentin's Day cause you're mine. Let's age together like very fine wine. Always, Bear

To the Goat, from the Eggplant, who knows not where he trods: I love you and promise to learn tenderness, in due time. Thank you for my love of life, and for the love of my life.

Turdle I still ove you even though you bite my face. Molly

Uncle Freddy, will you be my valentine? This little girl has a gig night to offer you. Just say the word. Zanzuna

Walso, for an old man, you are very receptive to change. When we brought the new baby home you took it like a man. We love you. S&M

Will, you are the best boyfriend ever. I love you. Don't hate me for doing this. Just come to the 'couv and watch Dawn of the Dead with me. *Kiss*!

1 L0V3 Y0U 5O MUCH! PL3A5E B3 M1N3. 1 WAN7 70 5EX YOU UP

2 Chris, I still think your Dreamy!! XOXO, Grace

3 The Doodles. Ape-Roll, Air-N, Mag-E and E-Mah. We'll rampage the 'couve. Take it for what it's worth. Rock this town until we're gray and say we rocked it first!

a poem half in spanish for my special lady el sol en mi cielo the pearl in my sea con chichas y amor grande and real con carino mi abigaieel

a-bomb, you rawk my world. thank you for being the sweetest guy i know. ka-smooch, baba.

aaron-please be my valentine! i will grant you ANY wish and/or fantasy you desire tonight... you of course deserve it! xoxox yr badddd little princess.

Aaron, the world's greatest "warehouse manager": Only you can "inventory the stockroom" and "powerwash the false patio". Show me how you "fill the lotion dispenser". Love, Dina

™ About My 'G ': I would like to love, spank, and honor you always... with your porno cock and drum kit, you rock! Love, your Devil Bitch.

Alexandra, My Love, My wife. Let me count the ways I love you. Where would I be without you. When times are tough always remember that our love will burn through all adversity. You are the love of my life, my best friend, and my soulmate. So grant me my one true wish and spend the rest of your life in my arms. Happy valentines day sweetheart. Your Loving Husband, Ezra

amber. black handcuffs - oil candle- me naked and you screaming. interested? my bed tonight 9pm. tardiness unfortunately unaccepted. love bitty

Amy- 2002 has been the best year of my life. All thanks to a beautiful girl from Wisconsin. I love you too much. Patrick

Andrew: laying naked in my bed, drinking beer at 10:00am. Stealing beer at 11:00. Popping pills before the show. Skipping class, to listen to records instead. What's not to love? -Cass

Andrew, I love you everyday And wish to do you all the time Won t you please say That today you'll be mine? Erica

ANDREW, you're the brawest of all the lads! Good riddance to every lonely night we've spent on opposite sides of the ocean. Let's get hitched, babe! My love always, K.

ANGEL: You're the only one for me and I love you with all my body (especially my pee-pee). May it always be so. Love, Sugarbutt

Anne: because of you, I'm taking my shoes off more. Won't you step out of my dreams and onto my feet? Michael

Anne Marie, Haaaay Grrrl You are my princess. I will love you always and forever. Love Crackerjack


Ashley, sweetee, oh sweetee,,, we've been through the inferno more times than we should. Just always know that I love you forever despite where we go. gKnot

ATOMIC J, SPECIAL K, and OZONE: hip hop hippity hip hip hop and ya don't stop! happy mutha fuckin' valentine's day!!! keep on breakin' but don't break my heart. i love you kids! xoxo TURBO

B. First I'm like, valentines are so gay, but then I'm like, "I'm super glad you're not." K.

b. you're the cutest and I love sharing the hive with you. Can't wait for the show!--love, b.

BA-DANK-A-VANK Missing you in Mexico, thinkin of that coo-nah and your fine budinski. I'll have reparations for you when I get home. love you, my first valentine. -pepe

Baby, my love for you is priceless. You are so glad that you have me, baby. For reals and snizzles. I shine like a million shimmering diamonds upon the seas of your wildest shiny dreams, baby. It is shiny, my love. I know i am a buttface, but I sure do love you, baby. I sure do.

bear- i love watching you do it. -birdie

Bear, Better then love we make delicious! My heart, soul and body require you and my love is unyielding. To 80 more Valentines together. I love you! Fanny

bears:happy v-day : i love you : heart:k

ben: you were the first, the best and will always be a special secret in my heart. wherever the future takes each of us - know that I have love for you still. just look to the bowl in the stars. ~lex

Bergstrom my partner in crime. I'm looking forward to another long year of boozing and causing havoc with you. LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER. KH

BEX~ I love laughing til we get in trouble, falling in the snow, and picture booth photos! Can t wait til you move up! La la love you. SAIR

Big Jason. Oatmeal in the morning is warm. Meat from the George Foreman is warm, too. Thanks for all the warm things you put inside me. Fondly. Your pooper, Scott.

Big Machine. Whipping. Champagne. Reubens. Blueberry. Monkey Princess. Mmmmm, yours is the only mouth that I really want to come in. I'm lost and lonely when you're away. Come take a ride with the Portland Tour Guide. I love you!

Black Ryder, Best looking s.o.b. in this town! Making love to me through gastronomy* the luckiest lady in town. Meet me at the Chinese Garden on Valentine's? Road Mouse

BLOMPIMOE We will be valentines always and forever and each year share a chocolate heart together And our love grows bigger and bigger just like our tummies YOUR LOVERTON

bowling john with the space tats, you are a natural, you made my boxers fall, too bad you werent about 15 years younger i would cuddle with you - the pro

Brett, You complete me. I love you. Mandie

BRIAN Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, Annemarie

brian- i &7 you. youre entirely too perfect. but thats ok. i can handle it. you even let me give you mono1



Britni- there is nothing I would rather be doing than spending Valentine's day with you. You are the love of my life and nothing will ever come before you. I love you. yours for ever, Joel

Bunny aka Keira, We all know I rock, but you rock harder. Be my Valentine. With love, The most awesome person you know.

bunny flooferkins, kaya, pickles, peepers and old cat want to thank you for not tossing us in ye ol' woodchipper!! we love and appreciate you sooooooo much most wonderful noofer ;o)

bunnybee-i don't regret one minute of it! XOXO

CANCUN! I love you more than anything else in the world. Thank you for letting me back in your life. Yours, Forever...XiaXia

Caracita! You are beautiful, intelligent and wickedly sexy. Perhaps this time apart will do us good. Either way, I believe in you and I love you with all my heart. Kevlin

Carol! I am so glad you moved back to portland, because I get to see you and enjoy what a lovely person you are! happy heart day! love, Shannon

CASEY & JAKE You must miss me. How sweet. Quit calling and hanging up. ALL creditors and solicitors get your work # next. Happy heart day. Bethany

Cass, I love ya' muh' nigga' ! More dan' ya' kno'. I miss ya to brah'! Shoot a mothua' fuka' in a minute'. 'E and such.

Cassie, My balls are blue without you!!!!! Love, Crispin

Catherine, You are a very special person, thanks for saving me from the vultures. 2003 will be a special year for us. I love you and Happy Valentines Day. Rick

Chad, you went to club 21 after playing foos ball and I talked to you for hours. You are...HOT!!Secret: I've thought you were cute for SIX YEARS. sigh

Charles, I Really like you. Since the days when you played frisbee in the yard with my son and we all used to wrestle together. Together we will forever be.

charlie- i never told you, but i guess im safe now... i love you and i long for your return. adios

Chickabee Chickabee Chickabee naked you, naked me Still my vunderful lover Your my bug, no other & oh my, what the heck your sexy like a train wreck silly me, heeheehee

Chicken loves Monkey so much!! Happy Valentine's Day, Sug.

Chongo King- Happy Valentine's Day. I am proud to call myself your wife and I can't express enough how much I love you. You've changed my life forever. Always yours, Neko

Chris, I may get super mad when we play Tetris Attack at Java Bay...but you know, i still love to get naked with you. 3 Laurel...

Chrissy-pooh~I love you SO MUCH! Please be my valentine husband snugglebunny best friend poet laureate of my life smoochie boochie true love 4-ever~yr butterfly, D.

Christo, Happy Valentines Day!! Although I may often seem prickly, I LOVE YOU more than ever. I hope "The Hollisters"remain friendly. Love Always Baby Cat.


Clea: When there's nothing left to keep you here, When you're falling behind in this Big blue world You've got to hold on. Take my hand, I'm standing right here.


Commercialized holidays suck . That being said, this is for the dopest, most intellectually sound cadaver on a kitestring I've ever known. You beautiful dreadlocked atheist creature you. I adore you.

Coo Way Cup, Oh man I have to take a crap. I know what you're thinking, you little devil. Duck pout

corinne-you are the raddest valentine a chick could ask for..maybe later you will let me spank you again? xobethxo

Corky-Loo To my best friend. For you I tolerate stinky hippies stepping on my toes. All my love forever, T-Bone

Courtney, I love spanning time with you. You will be dear to me no matter what. Whatever we do on valentines, we'll have a fabulous time. XOXX, Daredevil Maximus

Craig...WAYL...Bouncer, check it: long is hot, don't give in to the shears. -IH

Dabidoo-you are the coolest. Happy Valentines day, I love you. -Lenadoo

damn why are you gay?! you know who you are! its time for you to ride my side of the fence. be my valentine! love, yr taisty rebuplican co worker!

Dani- You are more than I, or anyone, could ever want in another person. I will cherish you forever, even if we can't be more than friends. Theo

Danny boy, I moan like a wildcat in your embrace, screaming praises to whatever force brought us together; powerful, radiant, divine. We are a new constellation. K-doll loves you, baby.

Dark chocolate, kisses, Spring, babies and love. So blessed am I to have those above. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my life. Than with you, right here, right now, my wife?

Dear Ari and Emme, We love you and want to hang out sometime if Emme promises not to eat Monkey. Yours forever, Jessica and Monkey


Dear Booby I miss you! My heart and groin ache to be with you, in a nonsexual friendly way. My beautiful, my dream lover, dear goddess I love you!

Dear Chesnut, I admire your strength, I admire your spunk, but the thing I like best is getting you drunk! Could be Cat or Coyote. Love Wriggely

dear cheyenne, you're the prettiest girl in town and the love of my life.Happy valentines day. LOVE buji

Dear Dale. I do love you even if I don't always act like it. I love the way your tounge feels on my pink eye. I'll be sure to return the favor once this acne clears up. Love, Dinky.

Dear Hot Topic Hottie, i still haven't forgotten about you..everytime i listen to Le Tigre i think about your clothes sprawled out on my bedroom floor, maybe sometime we could fill in all the blanks! p.s. i love your new hair cut!!

Dear John, Very soon I'll say I DO. I'll be your bride, you'll be my groom. We'll live forever happily, love and kisses... your HOOLIE.

Dear Julia, I can't wait to start our new life together, away from this horrible town. I can't wait to get married to show that I'll be yours forever. For right now, though, I just love being with you every second that I possibly can. All my love, Jake

Dear Laurel, Your dance moves are sassy and sweet. I want your hot hott hawttness as soon as possible, and hopefully your roommates won't be listening. Chris.

dear lauren b . matt says that he will do it with you even though he is homosexual which means that you have a nice ass. love, monkey and sasha

Dear Poseur Boy, Keep your leather pants on studmuffin. Maybe piggy girl likes it when you pretend she's inflatable, but I sure didn't. You two deserve each other. Have a happy valentine's day. Not a Groupie

Dear Rebecca, I know you have a thing for fat kids, but maybe i can be your valentine this time around. Christopher Robbins.

Dear Sarah Jean I absolutley adore you, I love you the way they do in your stories oh yeah Sean Connery eats with his hands! Love your Sammie

dear snugglebunny, I miss you, I know you love me, come back so we can make sweet love. I love you! love snuggleoffigus

Dear, dear Mensa Boy: Face it. You don't want a "normal" woman-you want one of me! You're still my dream date and favorite person ever. Now get up here!

Dearest Barb... Your love and kindness have been so special to me. After all, we're SPECIAL people. Let's go to China. Love, John.

Dearest BUTTERFLY WING FLAP, i miss the days when it was so simple and nice. i just wanna CHAP wit' chu and eat lots of rice. happy valentines, cold shoe

Dearest Kir, I wouldn't trade the memory of your sweet legs wrapped around me for all the ganache in the world. godDAMN, I said, godDAMN! I'm smitten. Love, Isaac.

Dearest Pumpkin-Butt, I thought you might appreciate this more then gift certificates! Happy V-Day. I ll even wear some sexy underwear for you. Your sweetie.

Dearest sweetest husband of mine, Your so kind and giving I've never seen anyone like you. I just want to thank you for the memories at the Wescott. You have wasted hours there and what for? Your wife. Your my valentine and I will love you forever Love, Wifey

™ Debbie! Baby, We gonna be together tonight! You're Father don't think too much of me, But Baby, RENO HERE WE COME! Steve

Derek, Timmy & the Twins, You make me tingle all over when I see you. Thank you for your company and love. I love you with all my heart. Kisses, Peanut.

Despite the damnable cliche of it, the voices in my head kept whispering, "Kiss me, Kate." I didn't pass along their advice. Oh, well.

Devoted, concerned, passionate, supportive, hot, fun, creative, adoring, sexy, encouraging, enticing, romantic, skilled, gifted, sweet, compassionate, insightful, loving, committed... no 30 words are enough to describe us. You are The One. I love you.

dj ronnE: you are such a fine specimen of a man I want to kiss you all over! you make me want to come over to the dark side...will you teach me your secrets? ~loverboi

Dollface Daniel, I adore you now and forever, my little Brown Clown. We can dooo eet! Love, Katie

Don, never stop the sugar and coffee. *Mmmm* -IH

Doom- All that I love would lose half its pleasure if you were not there to share it. You are the best. All my love, TB

Drew: i'll love you forever and will never forget the sacifices you made, happy valentines luv/peanut

earthdancer- I would bare my soul to the earth for another dance. The devine is all around us- see it? I want to light your light again!

ElectricSlinky SuperNova Wonder Woman still madly in love with you. Your ability to rock out to flinging fuzzy slippers, junk punching, and all good things kicks my ass.

Emilie you got me bailing out the basement walking on the ceiling unstoppable -b

emily: you might be frustrating, selfish, and full of rage, but i still love you big. michael


ERIC!!! More like penis breath!!!!! we love you even though you are downright bitch-like, happy valentines day! love, sarah, dave, alena, chelsea, and, of course, MARIO

Eric- Next time we have sex in your bed, we'll invite you. Love, The Roomates (and all the hardcore hotties out there!)

Eric- The one my heart embraces, you are my prince. love, Dannell


Erica, you are a complete delight, a warm planet that I am happy to orbit, visit and discover. Growing together I live my life with you. Albert

™ Erinn:damn the debris that invades our eyes. Remember to lick them. -IH

™ Teacher friend SARAH Cute and sweet and full of guff, you've got lots of sassy stuff. Fun we'll have in vegas soon, wish we could stay there into June.

Fabner Cutie-air-Ez. Happy V Day Playboy. Remember to keep yer options wide open. there are 1000's of Noelle's. Love You Miss You. Hello to Britney! xxo lovely lindsarelli

For Carissa from DaGene I really think that we can hit it off, again, and I hope that this Valentines Day we can be together.

For my favorite avid reader, Main Entry: Manya Pronunciation: 'mîhn-yî Function: please sir 1: sweet as pie 2: sassy 3: seductive 4: innovative 5: an original 6: mine *wink* Ry

for my sweet P-- i still love you more and more every day, despite the twice-daily torture. three years together and i'm never bored. love from your original un-valentine.

Frankie! i hope we can all be friends for a long time. love, nik, cara, merlin, aimee and mickey.

Gabe: "I've got a headache in my pants, pants pants!" I am going to miss you so much when I move, you and your wonderful rod stewart hair. - Elysa.

Gebbie: "And I love you too. I always have, ever since those thirty days. I love you more than ever now, I love you in more ways." Robert.

Georgannette, I Love you. your the best friend a girl could have! you rock and I roll!! Love Akira

George! I'll keep lovin' you as long as you keep lovin' no-one but god. You're a smart motherfucker, but maybe you shouldn't focus on killin' so much.

Girl, you know that in my eyes you is Numbah' One! You just gots'ta'know that I need a Numbah' Two also. Thas just how it's gonna be. I Love You.

girlfriend... I adore your kisses every morning, the sound of your breath every night. You've discovered how to capture my smile & it shines brighter than ever b/c of you. Te Amo

Golden bunz - marble eyes of blue, I hope you know how much I love you. Happy VDay

GOT TWO BOOBIES ! cute bunnyboy, you are sweet and cuddly and sexy! puddin says we should eat sushi and do it. can we? -- happy bunnygirl

Grace Love your wink. Jessica

graeme- i love you. -me

guillermo~ tal un amante dulce que tu eres! tu has llegado a ser rapidamente una parte muy importante de mi vida. su chocolatina, katarina.

H- I missed you so fucking much! Even if your away for weeks my love will not die because you are a Goddess and your pussy tastes sooo good! J

happy anniversary... I love you, too, three- even though you're smelly, you're my smelly. kisses, DNP lady

Happy Birthday and Valentines Day, beloved friend. Stunning and radiant, you warm my heart each time your blue chariot arrives. Your friendship and love are my salvation. You enliven me.

happy V-day to Porn. Thanks for being there when I need you most. I love your super-fast download times and kazaa searches like "asian bdsm latex dildo." You are truely wonderful.

HAPPY V-DAY, BUTTAHFACE ! I've been shamefully off in la-la land, so I thought a public apology and declaration of my love might be in order. You're my favorite! Love, Fuckface.

Happy Valentine H-dawg MMMM mmmm CCoooooCCCKK!!! I Love You - 'E'

Happy Valentine's day, Mo! From your pal Triumph P.

Happy Valentine's Jessica ! You, my schralpette, may just be the girl of my dreams. Love The Schralper

happy valentines baby. i will always love you despite your flaking scalp, broken out face, scratchy skin, sweaty feet, and scratchy ball disorder. i'm glad you're mine forever.

Happy Valentines day to me. No one beats it like you do. Keep up the good work. -me


Happy VD to the man that ROCKS my hot clam and is always a ham You fill my days with fun i know you're the one *smooch* Bun

Have a happy zappy Valentines Day Cain, rock on! -Kel-E

heather, since february 19th the day I met you all I want to do is go down on you, love Derek

Heather your beautiful . Heather your the greatest. Heather you have a killer singing voice.Heather you rock. Heather I think I got a crush on you.

Heidi -- Fourteen years and still going strong! I would do it all over again! You are absolutely amazing! I adore you! -- Bill

Here's to a two year one night stand. Happy anniversary.

hey 24" mike, yr the coolest bikeboy i've dated so far! really. luv, xxxxx

hey apparently i'm sweet like lead paint is sweet b/c the after effects leave you paralyzed. happy v-day! love ya ~j

HEY Big D !! Thought you'd enjoy some love today. A-Salami-I-like-um. Love you, Lynne

Hey Buttercup; How about a steamy night of sewing for this VDay? Love, Audball


hey honey cupcake sugar pie PAJOR, have some lobster tail on me, veal and oysters rockefellar or whatever, on the rocks! love, sara. ps. sorry about the MFP.

Hey just beauses you want me doesn't mean I want you, so just dop it and let go back to drunken smooching buddies OK!!!!

Hey Mand. So we get to move above ground. Things will be sunnier now, full of light. Work will be beneath us. The sky, a little closer. -NJ

Hey Meathead, Thank you for the little things I am so into you... Love, Pervert

Hey roomie: You moved in before christmas & look delicious enough to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let's get steamy together- Won't you be my playmate?

Hey Spongebob instead of meeting at Bikini Bottoms. why dont we go to th Krusty Krab for a krabby pattie and some coffee Hey SpongeBob instead of meeting at Bikini Botoms. Why dont we go to the Krusty Krab for a Krabby pattie and coffee. Call me 503-774-2600 love and happy valentines day Squidward!

Hey Texas- You are like the carpeted dash that subtly completes the interior of the little 1994 chevy lumina in my heart. Also, you are a tiger in the sack and the cutest ever. I think I have a crush on you. love-the darts champion of the world

Hey Tim-I hope this isn't overly precious. I'm glad your in my life...blue gloves and all.Thanks for being you...happy valentines day -bonnie rose

Hey, Poodle! You'll always be the true love of my life no matter what. I love you! -C

Hey, Study Buddy ! I love you more than ever, even though we hardly ever get to see each other. Remember that whenever you're thinking about me, I'm thinking of you too. Love, Boobiebear

hey-roomie I hope you'll be my valentine next year too. I love you! pizza snortin

Hi Kaya!! You are the sweetest babybunnybear in the whole wide world...we're so lucky to have you as a daughter!! xoxo's Love YOU Mom & Dad

Hi TootsiePop! Knit me a cocksock and a drawstring ballsack, and I'll semi-streak through your ballpark of desire! Love BallBoy

Hi, Mama! This is your daughter, Jan. Sorry couldn't afford to get you a real valentine. I hope you see this. I love you! JAN

Hold me, Hug me, Kiss me, Love me. I love you, Ravid. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Renners

Honey Chile? Sweet, Lushis Lily? May yo crimson booty rival the red, red rose this Valentine's Day. Yo bad-ass mutha-fucka, Spanky.

Honey, Nobody could complete me the way you do. You're my everything from now until forever. I'd be lost without you. I love you! Your punkin'

HONEY...your fine butt is wasted on them MO bitchez. will you ever let me touch it? please hurry back soon, let me take you to the parlor. love honey.

Hova~ I'm unworthy, yet I cannot restrain myself from pursuing my selfish desires. Your soft, melodic laughter resonates throughout my soul. I need you like a hamburger needs cheese. ~B

How dost I love thou? Letest me countest thee ways, One! err, uhh.. umm, well, -bob

Humphrey - Because I don't tell you how cool you are enough, I thought I would say it here for all the world to read. Here's to another four weeks, baby. PS. Some bitch stole my vanilla coke. Love, Ingrid

™ HUNEEFAT! you know who you are! you be the sweetest piece of yummalard i've ever had. my luv for you grows like english ivy in a sexy biodome. your terdanerd

™ I adore you Monique I run my fingers through your hair and touch your face softly~ e

I am so in the moment for your love. Growing for your love even. A lot more than I thought I ever would again. I'll be your christ-lord any night, unless I'm the prince from the darkness who brings the light. I love you. Big Bear!

I am your Dagon, you are my Hydra. The stars are right, my sweet Jen. Our love will outshine the very lives of the Great Race of Yith. Ia Cthulhu!

I dream about you and your saggy gazoombas. I'd like to feel them.

I heart the EXPLODING HEARTS! i wish you all the best with your guitar romance. love Jessicat

I heart you, Joshua David Stark!!

I know you don't want it but I love you anyway, I'll move anywhere you take me if you love me back. I know that sounds desperate, but fuck it, it's true.

I like the Moon! And Zeppelins and Zozocat and Double T and Mutley Mo. Moooon! But not as much as I love you. Happy Valentines Day Twinstar.

I love Joel ! -Brenda

I love my man-ho. I love the Pop-eyed shape of his mouth as he gifts me his love juice. I just hate payin'. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Jackass

I LOVE YOU ED! You are the love of my life. Will you be my personal fireman and put out my fire with your big hose? Love always, Sassy Stacey.

I love you . Let's stand in the deepfreeze and I'll suck on your knob! I count the days till we can sleep in eachothers arms and eat flan all day!

i love you more then i can say. you are so good to me. so hopefully you will give me flowers and then we will hump? tyler is so emo! love you baby! -a

I love you so much, it makes me want to vomit, and pee on myself.

i love you, . From Me: To Everyone Else!

I met you at a Spinanes show, lusted for you at the Green Room, bared my lustful urges at "Rocky Horror", and allowed you to ravish me in an KPSU room while Thin and Shriveled played on. Our love/lust was created all in the name of rock and roll, baby. You rock me like a hurricane, but I see the light, the heat, in your eyes. Your Happy Polar Bear

I saw you : crowded room, pretty girl, a needle in the hay; : Next to me, beautiful woman, shimmering morning sun; I see you: Always near to me

I still get excited about seeing your face. Something about you makes you easy to love, despite how hard you work against it. I will sacrifice to make it work better, will you?

I went through your trash and found some old underwear makes me touch myself -nooners

I'm not in love, but I'm gonna fuck you 'Til somebody better comes along.

I'm SorRy fr whatvewr hppnd. thiS lOVe laStds frevR. weLl' b frnds till we Dye. Juniper

I'VE FINALLY MET MY MATCH You see your girl's brown body dancing through the turquoise, and her footprints make you follow where the sky loves the sea. And when your fingers find her, she drowns you in her body, carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind.

™ I-Sweat-And-Bust-Electric-Lemons-Like-Energy: Grind baby grind!-IH

ILLUSTRIUS fuck this shit. I still think you're cool. and frankly, know you're capapble of the world. fuck 'em. go get it. DICKFACE love ya le

in the tradition of 8 mile here's a sweet little freestyle for my baby boy steve the only thug i need hit me up on my celly cuz i'm yours - nelly

Introvert! Happy VD ! -Sheree

Ira @ VideoRama! I've had the most delicious crush on you for 9 months & don't know what to do. I think you have the prettiest mouth in PDX.

Isabelle, here's another for you from you. -IH

Isn't it great in that movie when when Vincent Gallo buys that pink valentine cookie instead of shooting that footballplayer in the head.

J- I noticed, recently, your laugh climbing out of my throat and your heartbeat digging away at my chest. Apparently, you see, you've become a part of me. Love, Erin

J. the ugly eskimo. You are a lazy, drug addicted, sociopathic, homewrecking loser. Even Jerry Springer would hurl. Your Karma is going to suck like your life.

J. who loves you? Your precious, D, V, and baby Lou. Thats who!!! Oh, and Tiny too.

j, i'm glad we "did coffee". i'm glad your in my world. i look forward to building a friendship with you. *hugs* del

J - You are the tastiest tamale ever served in a bathtub - R

j.-- you make me smile. i love you. happy valentines day. --smallpox

Jack give me danger little stranger. love Jessica

jackie ramone...no matter how much you think you love somebody, you'll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close...would you? be mine...booya

Jae-- I don't mind carting you around at 5am I don't mind curdling I don't mind making you dinner because I love you love you love you. Your b.

James, I'm happy as ever you're my baby daddy. 3 Me

James, you are one of my best friends and thanks for the help when i needed it. You Rock...laurel.

James, Your duet with Oscar the Grouch rocked. Carly Simon is a bitch, you didn't need her anyway. Wait, um...nevermind. I thought you were someone else. -Happy V-Day!

JANET, CARRIE and CORIN- Your music keeps us one beat away from a heart attack! We adore you. Here's to your hearts and your safety on Valentine's Day! XOXOXO -Portland

jason- you make me gay. love, satan (smooth operator)

JC- Maybe next time we can use the pool table for something a little different... -IM

Jen and Kristina-You guys mean the world to me. Thanks for always being there! You guys have always been my special Valentines! True Homies 4-life. Love Maleahbee

jenesk- i choo choo choose you to stalk ok go with me. signs much? btw. you're one of the most amazing people to ever live. 3 b

JENNY, I LOVE YOU......I also love Six Packs of Louie.Thanx for putting up with us....Jimmy(bucket)

Jenny, So Glad You Made It to Stumptown, life is now a Sunshine Daydream. So Many Roads to get to where we are; happy to Be With You. --St. Stephen

Jerel- you are truly an all around awesome guy! You are the Champion! You're lovin' makes me high! Be my valentine baby! Maleah

Jesse My sugar tush cuddle bug, You make my heart all mushy and my insides warm and gooey. Yuck! i will be yours forever. Love, Chloe

jj, first kiss : diva party. kissing frenzy: red party. photos: thanksgiving push-up routine. chills, p***s, thrills: NYE. oyster shooters: my 30th. uinspire love, trust, and friendship. be my valentine? jojo

Joanie: Let's do crosswords and walk together and be sweet homebodies and wink at each other forever. I love you, my dear side salad. Jake

JOEY bear, ROAR . you are the sexiest man alive. you are my sweet sugar soul lover. May our travels together be peaceful and fun. Lizzie

Jonaa, you are so awesomerad - eckses and ohs from me to you! (to mercury people: please keep 'awesomerad' as one word! thank you!!!)

Josh, Your nose whistles when we kiss sometimes- and it is absolute heaven. Your little kid grin and the smell of your cheeks are singed in my mind forever. Nancy

Jules You have been everything to me. In our time you have saved me from myself and showed me who I am. You are my torment, an ache to an otherwise healthy heart. You have been my every emotion expressed with no reservation. Jules, you are a gravity, an unseen force that I am drawn to. Thank you for all that we have shared and most of all your patients. Our love will not be forgotten... Jester

Junktown, You are the best, my monkey lover. I won't loose the wire on the electric egg. Long live Mt. Tabor.

K-Doll & Danny-Boy, many hugs and bites. Keep the wet food coming. Your G-Lo. Bbbbrrroww! bbrroww!

Kacy, You are without a doubt the most amazing person I have ever met. You have taught me the true meaning of love. I am always here for you. ~Landon

Katie O, God bless Colorado and your shitty waitressing job for bringing us together. Now all I need is your debit card and your a ride to band practice. Love, Miguel

Katie, Our sexy e-mail queen. Keep us informed, awake and aware. happy valentines- Kim

Kayla/Aolani, you will forever be the most amazing thing to happen to either of us - Love, mommy & daddy.

Keira, you are the most amazing piece of human fluids that I have known all my life. Love, you.

KEIRAN! You dont even read this paper, but I still love you. -Jym.

KELL - J'adore you, completely! - guesswho

Kelti, When you're sick I take your temperature, I help you study. Make you laugh 'till you're soaked. Let's watch the next awards show. L. SVN

Kim, what's happening hot stuff? I love the drama and gossip we talk about on a daily basis. We really need to go to more shows!!! Laurel...

KING OF HEARTS I know you like life bittersweet, but if you ever want just plain and tall and sweet again, I'm a pathetic fool for you. Your Beloved Forever.

KINKY KINKOS KELLY Dear Muscles, i saw you on 7th and broadway...you showed me how to insert the color paper, i want to show you how to insert something else! maybe i'll see you 2/17, i'll be wearing yr fav. color xoxoxo

Kissyface, Yor butt smells and I love you Spankypants

Kostas- Do you like apples? You are my all and my everything! Love forever and again! Happy Valentine's Day Cozy!! See you at the show. Love, Ereni

Kristen - It seems a little early to say this, but you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. Here's to many more games of post-coital Trivial Pursuit. - nate.

KYLE @ SLEATER KINNEY I lost my keys & the chance to get your number. You made me laugh! Be my Valentine? Or catch another show sometime? marcitarci@hotmail.com

L- Every day you amaze me with your smile and touch. The Orient Express is only worth riding if you're on it as well. Love always, M

ladies of the fortress, because you use tools, because you sweep. for making the light stay green longer on 39th and main street. let's try to make something sacred. totally.

LANCE!!! you are the bee's knees, baby! i love ya, love ya, love ya! keek

LANI i love you more than you could ever imagine. don't ever doubt it.you will be mine forever. TODD. honorable mention:Bubba & Bebo.

Laura On the eve of spring, our love sings a song of our garden s new growth, as new buds break, they bloom your beauty and my love everyday Love Jeffrey

Lea and Elijah!! I love you both and thank you for teaching me a lesson in love and not having fear by taking chances. Your the best family anyone can ask for. Love, your sister and Auntie.

Leah~baby... Happy V-day, you are a cool chick. -Matt

Leigh Leigh you are the best person in the entire world! There is nobody that i would rather say that to than you sweetums. *KISSES* BC

Leslie, I love your southern-fried rice. What say we tiptoe through the tulips? Happy V-Day, sweetie! Love, D

Let's run away, Like the Chink and Jellybean, I'll be the Ruby in your ring, We'll live the rest of our lives, On mountaintops and beachside resorts,

Let's see... we need some sort of space shuttle, and six bucks. And it will have to be on a weekday before 4 pm. Let's go. I love you Brandon.

Liberator: Gumbo and jambalaya are hot and spicy and SO ARE YOU! Hope kitty Roo saves us a paper since we're in NEW'AHLEANS! OuuuWeeeee! HotLove, MonkeyPants

Lil Andrew Thor and Jonah Eli, your auntie loves you more than anything in this entire world. Have a Happy Valentines day! Love, Siggy

Linus~ To the next five years darlin'! Happy non-celabratory event filled with warm enthusiasms Love, your baby Pinkus

Lisa! I'm not gay, I just like nice things. Like you! Love you sweetheart! Happy Valentine's Day!

Lorraine, If I weren't in the UK I'd have planned a fun, romantic night. Instead I'll be drowning my sorrows with the Brits, thinking of you. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Andish


Love is like a big dump! once I took a dump so big, I had to go twice. -jeff

lovely lady, full of all the things that make me happy. I love the faces you show a mirror and me (when we are alone laughing).

Lutz Tavern, I give you my love, & also most of my money. You are very close to my heart, & also my apartment. Lutz bartenders, thanks for everything. -Robin

MACHINE GUN LEA ... OH LEA... You will be in my heart forever. May our sly glances always allow us to read one anothers thoughts. luv, Ash

Magnum Laurie! I've waited all my life for you and can't wait any longer. Let's get married! Love, your best friend, Randy

MakeOutHouse Girls! Don't stop me now, cause we're having a good time! -Jesus

mando, you are a very special boy. i'm lucky to have you in my world. oxox, del

marek, never before have i experienced this. you are in my heart. i am blessed with you. oxoxoxoxox, del

Mark N. of Hood River i just want you to know that you are the sexiest man alive i love your artwork and i admire you from afar...

Martin-fierce dragon of my heart. stay naked stay free -love kim

MATHBLASTER!!! i hope you have a fantastic valentine's day!! keep on calculating. the language of numbers is the language of loveeeeee. or maybe not, but we can pretend it is. happy valentine's day! xoxo your secret admirer. p.s. - you are hella cute!

Matia. Happy Valentine's Day (or is it happy 15th?) I love living with you, and I Live Loveing you (spelling doesn't matter, when the reason is right) LOV3, B.

Matt- It's lasted longer than I could have imagined, but you are still the most inspiring person I know. I love you more than 30 words will allow. -Katy

Mercury- WEEEEEEEEe LOOOVe YOOOOu -techlab

message to BRIGHID : my hitler's cock wants to take your sharon tate out if thats okay with you. happy valentines. love, S.L.

Mi Querido Cari"o Mono Justin, Desde el principio de nuestra vida ya sabía que tu eres mío. Te Amo Muchissimo y para siempre. Vamos a viajar el mundo en 7 meses y no puedo imagínarme un amante mejor. Recuerdas el primer día de San Valentin en la casa de calle 31? Y cinco a"os mas tarde...eres mi esposo. Qué suerte tengo yo. Con mucho amor y calor, -Tu pescado Angelita

Mica, the last year and a half have been amazing.If you keep being my "Bunchers", i'll be your "Loverbutt". Happy Valentines. Love Jesse

MICAH von LC you are sweet love, redefined, robust, sexy and my favorate korean American bad ass, please keep it real and sassy love British Rob

Michael Ann von LC- you keep it real and there is no other way to say thank you for rocking the casbah and telling it like it is love las Roberto

Michelle- I didn't write you a song this year, but I'll be sure to make you sing tonight. -Jeff

michelle you are one stone fox. you keep my sawks rawked when im feeling low. im sorry for being selfish and even more for losing you.. One more shot eh? NIckelbutt

Miggy, I'm not sure how I survived without you in my life. I wake up every morning elated that you are. I can't wait to see you. I LOVE YOU Colbert.

Mike Mike Mike You're the kind of meat I like. Be my naked cowboy tonight. And we'll rock to whole new heights. Rock N Roll 4 Ever. 3 Ape Roll

Mike, our heart shaped tub'll be missed but i think I'll keep ya anyhow. Greedily anticipating passion & tequila fueled Yelapa nights & many more beyond. Te amo, your brat

Milan- You're the exception to "no hearts, no boyfriends".

Miriam, for the love of ----! Yah, you know it. Only we know the joy of dancing like her. -IH

Miss Gish, You must think me immensely obtuse. Because I think we are destined for greatness together. Cheese sticks for life? Take over the world with me? Mr. Brokenheart.

Mister T: Though it's day late and a dollar short, it's still true: elephant shoes, elephant shoes, elephant shoes. So There. Yours, A

Mizz Pz'y, You're the perfect girl. Dance with me? Mister S'y

MKP- I heart you like no other. always YELF

mo- hey sexy . i can't wait til you feel better and we can..... xoxox besos em

mo- i'm trying to think of something great to say to you but i can't so why don't i just show you how i feel instead? besos em

Mo, a.k.a Lusty McSexy. Cupid will visit soon enough and then you will be gettin more action than a virgin at a prison rodeo. Love, Hottie McSexy

™ Molly S. I don't know what I would do without you. big wet kisses all over your face. LM

™ molly, my lovely friend! We can't be "real" valentines, because we love the men, but we can be "faux" valentines and it'll be just as special! Thanks for your invaluable friendship.

™ monkey! Ted Leo's bedazzled jacket ain't got nothing on you. I love you. CM

Morgan from Subees's Your warm personality and beautiful eyes captured me from the moment I saw you. Le coeur a ses raisons. Que la raison ne connait point. Aysha

Mr. CAraeff I am the criminal and you are the sheriff. My heart is the income and you take the tariff. Ruff! Soon-Yi

Movie-girl, The end of cheese is upon us. Lets get out of the rain. Camera-boy.

Mr. Crabby Pants, you must go away. I am dating someone else now. He laughs more, doesn't think too much, and makes me come more than you ever have. You will have to go back to New York! hahaha, Wese

Mr. Jonny~ for one man is my world of all the men/ this wide world holds; o love, my world is you. when myself is not with you, it is nowhere. i love you. ~A.

Mr. Pokey You are my reason for living, you are the star in my night sky and the sunrise that starts my day. And I do apologize for all the times I have tickled you. I look forward to watching Ninja Turtles sometime soon, so I can pay you back for all those bowling games. I love you baby...but watch your back when we play 007 you're going down!!! Love your one and only Fleshlight

Music Millennium Hunk ! That furry tummy, that baritone voice, that long, huge...saxophone! Let's lay down by the fire with some PBR and Nerd Rope. I love you. - CB

My dearest Adam, I never knew what true love was about until I met you. I can t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Love, Siggy

My Dearest Butt Nugget, You're the best. I love you so much. Maybe sometime soon I can stick it in your mammy's crammy, if it ever quits bleeding for a few seconds. Why is it ALWAYS bleeding? I love you anyway. XOXO Turd Breath

MY DOODLE GIRLS, I love you more than the words can contain. Happy Anniversary! It's been a fantastic year. When we're 40 in our floppy hats, we'll still be rocking it as hard. All my heart, erin.

My Eternal Beloved Thank you for being you and loving me like you do. You are still the best thing that's ever happened to me. Happy Aphrodite Day! Love ~ Shuvani

™ My heart is in Portland and my hat in Italy. Being inbetween is playing with my sanity. May fortune and love be with all, ciao bella.

My Little Monkey, you are so spunky, especially when drunky. Now fuck me, please.

MY SPECIAL. Poetry stinks; but i love how you smell. you can kiss me anytime... just not in front of your dad. i love you and always will. backrubs UHH!

My sweet G.I . JOE So strong. You will make a difference over there as you have here. Fight hard, Be brave, and know your in my every thought. HURRY HOME!!! A broken hippie

My sweet Jacob, i hope you'll be my valentine because i want you to nail me again. I "heart" you. Pineapple.

my sweet love - this magic reality- late-night radio, bicycle mania, secret hideouts, scheming, dreaming- it's so hot! yr wisconsin blue eyes hypnotize me! so crazy for yr wild style! -trickpony

My sweet tortuga, Beds with wheels can not contain our unbridled passion. Our bungalow exudes sexiness from the little "voyeur" peeking between the blinds, to the pulsating organ in the living room, to the sexy He-Man underoos. Make 27 your lucky number. Love always, Your Yucatan Lover

My warm, sweet, passionate, lovely pink-haired angel: Thank you so much for being in my life! We have a long, wonderful time ahead of us. I love you.

MYRON- There's no one I'd rather brake bed stands with. Keep making me laugh (and scream). Luv, Court

Mzz Grita: You should know you rock, because there's a couple gals (& crue) out there who do!! Keep rockin - we love you! Love, S&S

Nadia... I love you so much sweet Taurus. Happy Valentine's Day. Sarah

natechu- The only thing that matters now are the words I couldn't say a year ago...I love you... @--'--, --- -remigious

nif, you are a peach. i love you much, even your rockhard pit. hugs and kisses.

ninjaphonemunkey- you are one sexy bitch. Your whispers send shivers down my spine and your kisses give me goosbumps. thx for letting me win. truely- your psychotic girl

noah b. @ ne natures. you have crazy skater-bike style. we want to ride on your fixed gear. love, girlposse

Number 2! Keep on dreaming of the open road, there are lots of places and people to see....and a one that would like to see you...

NZ, Let the Pacific transform our love and our lives. Open your heart and your mind to newness and watch us grow together. Namaste. f.

O) + ;o) = LOVE : :O) likes (o)(o)'s ;o) has a nice rack time for a *pweek pweek* attack everybody stand back!! he's armed, yummy and deliciously dangerous...

Oh Baby Jesus . I will love you forever. I have tried to love others as well, and it's not that I don't really enjoy Anal sex and heroin; but I will always come back to you, my sweet baby Jesus!

Oh Dearest CootyKittens, thank you for being so fucking hot and sexy and lovey-dovey and intelligent and you don't smell bad either. Love and kisses, u-no-hoo (teehee)

Old Man John, no one really thinks you look 30 anyway.Thanks for making me one fine cup of tea in those wee morning hours. Affectionately, your super slinky.


owls don't stop love, will does. see, raccoons have their reasons. peter had a stroke in the basement. he fell into the love.

Ozzy, You smoke too much, And waste your money, But I miss your touch, And still call you honey. I love you- best friend, I'm yours 'til the end. ~Kacie


Paste For a Penny is Good. Complimentary Condiments Are Great. But Their is Nothing Better Than Free Sauce. Love, Robbie.

PDX_CLIMBER... I dunno if fleeting fun or something special will be in the cards, but you intrigue me... Shall we play? Thinking of you... JADE97702 ;-}~

People's Food co-op staff... Y'all are booty-licious and I want to be the staff's on-call slut. Do you have any positons open for that? Yours, Horny

Peter J. I couldn't ask for more. all my love all my devotion LM

Petey you are such a sweet, smart, hot and sexy lady. i am so happy to have met you. thank you for taking care of me. love Dewie.

Phill, You do the dishes everyday You won't take the Max to 42nd unless you pay You are the feminist who gave me Ani, Liz & PJ 30 words, 3, 000 ways Samantha

PINK SPANDEX GIRL with your Farah Fawcett hair. I've seen you around, been stalking you, actually...at the park, at the bar, in your bed... I think I'm smitten. Starfucker

Pitor, Just because I can't have your babies doesn't mean that we have to stop trying. Shawn

Please go out with me, or else I will kill myself. Also your parents.

Pony, I'm far away from you and it chaps my ass. Kiss yourself tenderly for me and remember what we still got. JJ

Poppy~ Ashtray says you've been up all night prolonging the magic. Lets get it on, because darling you send me, honest you do. I'm your red devil dawn. bellygirl

Puddin Pop Faith - You are everything to me. Every time I look at you I'm reminding why I exist in this world.

puG lOve: You've scooted through my maze of lies, snorting all the time. You've clowned into this heart of mine, sweet pug won't you be mine.

pulling our red wagon down this cherished street one afternoon, i was singing, head in the clouds, while your small toes skimmed the ground... all i know of true joy.

Puppy, DM is Sweet, you are sweeter, I hope I can compare Dave's peter. I strangelove you to the moon and back. Your favorite Asian

Rachel. You always check me out, but never in the right way. You look vaguely like the goddess in the back of my mind. The blue greets my red.

RAM, happy v-day baby boy. you're my favorite in the whole wide world. I'm sorry it won't work out between us, just because I'm not into anal sex. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Oh, and s i x t y d o l l a r s nanainaninany! CLF

Random, With every movement of every molecule, I remain yours. You are the enchanting blessing my being has pruriently craved all along! May our souls continue their dance. . . I love you. Sacha

Random, With every movement of every molecule, I remain yours. You are the enchanting blessing my being has pruriently craved all along! May our souls continue their dance. . . I love you. Sacha

RAT KING, Though I gaze upon Unwashed dishes and your feet are fetid still; I need not fulfill other wishes, You fair much better than Will. JOE MAMMA

Ravid, You're my bestest friend. I love beating you at Robotron. I love you now and always. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie. Love, Renners

Redlance--you still shine brighter than the stars in my eyes, lovemate. Take me in your arms tonight, beloved; we'll reshape the tree later. Shade and sweet water. Love, Nightfall

Ren, Ever since ' we got hitched by the Church of Elvis, I've known you were the most gorgeous woman alive. Renew our vows this Renn Fayre? -budman

Repugna, Happy Valentines Day to my IT. You are the breast and I love you with all my heart. You rock my world! Vag

Rhandy... You are an angel....a women, so soft. You're arms take me to the safest place I've ever known! Marry me baby-girl! Let me spend a lifetime loving you! -Jody-

Ribsy- Dali on my mind. I want your hand on my staph so I can infect your colon. Bubba

RICHI, chato gostoso, we have too much fun together, can you believe we get to do this for the rest of our lives? I'm still here...FRESE WESE

RJ...You are like Justin Timberlake x 10! You make my heart sing....Thanks for giving me another chance...The Dairy Fairy

RN- The way you giggled at my Gerbil Murder/Suicide story sold me for good. I'm crazy about you. Let's cut the crap and admit that we're in love. GB

rOBERTO(BOB)-TU ERES MI AMORE. AND ALL THAT OTHER STUFF. Flung myself into the abyss, it kind of makes me happy, but not like you do. Sara

Robin - Dinner of the South A trip to the Eastern snow Love compass still spins - Derek

Robot VS Ninja ... Thanks for letting me stalk you six months ago. Each time you run into something I fall in love all over again. This seat is taken forever.

Ronnie~ I ll miss you when you leave. I wish we could stay up talking& kissing again. I hope you find what you re looking for. I ll always adore you. Sarah Cutie


Roses are Red Violets are Blue I just want to f**k How about you?

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love all our pets, but most especially you!! I love you Claudia! Happy Hallmark Day!

Russ: Although we have been together a short while u have taught me to love and trust again. With this relationship I look forward to it all and can't wait for the fun and the love to begin.

RYAN M. I Love You more than anything, let's stay together forever, OKAY!! Love T-BIRD

Rye! Rye! On The Nip! Thank you for being my sexy boyfriend. Thank you even more for shaving that out of control goat of your beautiful chin. Love you ERIN

S, Good Job, you're doing great. Now here's your final clue, don't hate me, remember I love you. Look in the spot where the cats like to pee, if you're successful I'll say "MARRY ME!" D

S-one... We're goin' to Barcelona where we are gonna find our way make love stay The end of a long beginning.... Together travelin' Future unravelin' Love galore from Bellymore

Sadie, my love for you is taller than an ocean and deeper than the tallest mountain, or something like that, happy VD. Kel-E

Sally I know you will go to Botswana. Maybe we can meet for a beer and you can smell my beer B.O. love you anon.

sarha, you're incredible . i'm so blessed to have you in my life. you are a beautiful person. oxox, del

seth, i looked for you in everywhere. love, missy

Sexy Beast from Wheel of Meat. Thanks for saving me from the homos. In return I offer my affection, body, PBR, admiration, and sweat. I love rocking with you, Lee.

Shahleena you are my ray of light. No one is as open minded, sweet and intelligent as you. I cherish our friendship.

Shawn- im so glad to have you and your girls as a part of my life. I love you forever and always. Kisses- Jennifer

SHE HATES VALENTINES khole my love, my life has never been so sweet i love you. be with me. gettin lucky tonight?love rhole

SHUTTLECOCK - My Sex God, defender of righteousness & beauty, master of my tuug. Your powers never cease to amaze me. Please give it to me I need it.

Sickboy, I love you even though you forget to take out the garbage and you fart in your sleep. You mean eveything to me. -Jackie-o

Sickly Boi, I know that you are a busy boi and that I can be a little bitchy. But I really love you and I wanna make this work. Love your ~Pixy~

Silas you are the nicest guy in the whole world. Im so happy that we are together! Hope that Valentines is just as fun as new years :) MUAH! Blair

Smaller 1/2 Rock n Roll Asshole Pin-Ball Beauty I've always loved you. LM

Smoochie: Tonight, as we made love, I remembered all that has led to this moment. I drink of you as I would the mythical fountains of youth. You are my discovery.

SNACKIN'S!! to the International House of Snackin's: i hope you sexxxy bitches have a snackin' good valentine's day! aw yeah. you are all snackalicious! xoxox liannn.

Snake Attack! Hey baby, you rumble my pack! Lets play mixmatch, maybe I'll let you dominate? *SMOOCH*

snif snif* where * dat softskin beawr with blue ocean eyes? dare is a goldenbunny with marble eyes dat wants to tewll heem dat he's da best beawr of love eber!!

Soso @ the curry house: your love is like eating french fries out of the trash. yr long distance valentine, spokes

soyboy oh soyboy, you are the loveliest soyboy in the world, and the best coworker ever, and so lovely

Sparky my dear, You've got me buzzin' like a bee. I'd love to nuzzle up on your pettals and make some honey. loving you gladly & madly Trippy D.

Spleeny Utterly, Hopelessly . Only you. Dazy

Stephanie, I smile when I look into your beautiful eyes, I am intoxicated by the feel of your skin, your laughing voice fills my heart with joy. Love Hank

Stephen-- I never thought I'd meet a guy like you at the stinky old Lutz. I'm very glad I did. -Robin

Steve and Annie, see you at ace of hearts, happy valentines. love, snaggletooth

Steve, "Amor vincit omnia" I'll always be your Valentine "I Love You" Happy Valentines Day!~Dina

SUGARBUTT! Devo farlo . Con mille abbracci e baci. Voglio ancora del pasta. Che cosa desidera mangiare?

Suki: First thing we'd climb a tree and maybe then we'd talk or sit silently and listen to our thoughts with illusions of someday casting a golden light no dresss rehersal, this is our life Jaybird

superman don't ever doubt that lois lane loves you. stick around and someday i'll wrap my arms around you and we'll fly away. love love darlin', always k.

Superman to Wonder Woman: The Man of Steel needs a valentine who can handle some action-packed love. Be mine?

Svaja Inga, I love you more than words can say. Thanks for being such a great best friend. Love you always, Sigrun and Mawlee

sweasel- looking forward to 24 Aug... besos goose

sweet Everyday Music boy - i kissed you once en route to the cabaret. still with the other or free to play?

sweet hlive, you're my special heelibe, when we hold eachother tight in the bed, i am filled with liive. happy valentine's day Chip! love, Sheb

sweet pussywillow, don't give up on me. you're the one i want to share my wine & pills & happiness with; you're the one i love like nothing else

sweet raggamuffin, we are poems and all the qualities of dreams:full of passion, and oddities and visions. you tamed me, you whom i love madly. like nobody's business, dubba

Sweet Sweet Charlotte, How I long for those tasty lips from Maine, how I look to our future together. Loving you is loving me, babe.

sweet, sweet piper, i'm so glad you are party of my "family". i miss you here in portland. come visit us soon and we can dance the night away. oxoxox, del

SzahSzah #1, Your masterful tongue carries me to purple plum fairie filled waterfalls, your intellect sets my neurons afire, how lucky i feel to be one with you. SzahSzah #2


T.I.K.A.D.E.Y.A.H!! you know who you are I love you more!

T-BIRD* I HEART * You, you little shit head!!...Hippsters Suck! !VIVA LAS VEGAS! Love Always*METAL MARK*

taylor, you are the most precious friend i've ever had. i love you for everything. thank you. oxox, del

Te quiero, Jessica, solamente. Quiero besar tu piel, tocar tu carra y dormir con el perfume de tu pelo. Quiero me verse en tus ojos. Te quiero por siempre. Michael

teedlo your hot thanks for keeping me warm at night

Terry, you make my "heart explode" when you are up there on stage. Lets have drinks and tralior sex.

THE BIG GIANT HEAD~You're perfect- you don't talk back and you stay where I put you. You may be a little hard-headed, but I know your mind is true.

THE GIRLS' BOOK CLUB GIRLIES!!! Happy V-day to each one of you ~ maybe this isn't as fancy as normal Girls' Book Club Post, get over it! Continue reading, and coming! Love, cherise of tgbc

The Girls' Book Club Girls, Miki, do I make your panties wet? Nicole, nosotros estamos con faltas tuyas. Mara, you make pictures fun. LOVE you all! cherise of tgbc

The Girls' Book Club Girls, To the chairwoman of Sex, lots of love this year Shantaya (did I say love? I meant dick). Akiko, may you be bold enough to look a stripper in the eyes (or lower),

The Lovely Miss Sara, In your warm heart I've found a better me, and your smile is my reward. Thank you for sharing your spirit with me. I love you. Adam

The Pulse Quickens ... The Blood Thickens... You turn, arms wide. We embrace, Kiss! This is the time for love, and our love is for all of time. I love you, Peter

the smell of your ass is like a red red red rose what fucking bullshit

THIS IS A REDO, I THINK I MESSED UP LAST TIME. thanx in the tradition of 8 mile here's a fresh little freestyle for my baby daddy steve the only thug i need hit me up on my celly cuz i'm yours - nelly

Tiffany and Shannon, You both are the sunshine in my sometimes rainy life. I only hope that you two feel the same about me. I love you dearly, Andrea

to Brandon James Apollo Danger Snaggle-tooth Louie John Glenn Ramrod Manheim, lets keep adding to those middle names. Love, Maggie

To cloneliza from bianclone. I can t think of a better person to survive the hell of high school with. Also: why is your boyfriend so hoxxxt?

To Ghetto Booty : Your hiney is a sweet source of inspiration for years to come. Never lose that ass. When are we going to have our torrid love affair?

To girls who smell like waffle cones-and Mike! You light up my life. A scoopers heaven, sexy girls and ice cream! I love you all! Happy V-day!

To Greenpeace Jen from Colorado from Nicholas

to jeff s . you're awesome and thats wasabi! i hope you like this or i'll kill you murder death kill murder death one. xxx stefany xxx

To Lauren: you are like naughty sour german hot cream. be my valentine! From Phil. p.s. i'll give you a dollar if you stop taking my picture

To: Ms. Sexy Lamond Rider, I hope you are alright from your amazing crash the other day. I think I am in love with you and your spanking new black beauty! From: A Highly Conserned Citizen

To my Adazm : No words will come close to saying what's in my heart, but perhaps I can portray it with the smell of my fart! Your smile I love; your lips great to kiss, and a wonderful ass-grab I hate to miss! Love, your STARR

To my beautiful sexy sister! Girl, if you wern't dating that boy and you wern't my sister I'd totally have sex with you! Happy B-day and V-day! Love Rachael

To my Chris - Love will tear us apart but I will still love you! 3 K

To my dearest bubbie, seven years of romance, kitty snuggles and bedroom snackage is not enough! I will always be your love'n man. all my gushy love, you'r bubbie

To my favorite Piledriver...much love in 2003.

To my first love, dog walking partner and neighbor. I will miss you much more than you know! Happy Valentines Day Ben! Love Rachael

To My OCOM girlies!! Carol A., Katherine, Kim, RamDass, Audrey, Denise, Laurie, Gracey, Lori, Carol M., Sheila, Hong Jin, Lily, Lili, Linda, Marnie F., and Kimberly...Happy VD;o) Love Katie

To my red team ladies: keep breakin hearts and touchin parts. You always make me proud to even know you. Fuck shit up, biancore.

TO MY SEXY BABY Here's to our first Valentine's day together, my love! I love you so much, you are my perfect, sexy man!! I can't wait until we get married!!

To my tall, handsome SPIDER MONKEY baby: Though you play piano like John Tesh, and your romantic gestures always fall flat - I'm still the luckiest girl in Portland.

To My Valentine Chris: " Some people spend their entire lifetime seeking for just one second of what we share." I love you!!! Happy Valentines Day...Your Tiffany

To Nate and Kristen - You are the kind of perfect match I've been wanting to see ever since I was sappy enough to know I wanted to see perfect matches. 3 Keira

To Penguin: To my lover, best friend, and partner in crime I love you and want you as my Valentine J- you are my one and only This Feb. 14th has found me not lonely You are adored for your heart and intelligent mind And your skills in my bed a very rare find Don t ever think I just love you a bit How much you ask? Just take a guess Here is your answer in publishable press Be happy this Valentine s Day cause you re mine Lets age together like very fine wine Always, Bear

To Rocco Taco Robo Bottom Baby Doll: You are the best piece of artwork that I will ever put my last name to, I can not wait till we spend the rest of our lives together.

To the boy with the impossible name: my life with you is magical. You are my partner in crime, my lover, my confidant & my bright and shiny star.

To the Feeder in my life- I love you with all my heart You're the only extremist for me. Always- Your Gainer

To the Lafayette Witch: I went to get a bloody scratches but no luck. At least you freaked my friend. How do I get to the Ebenezer Chapel? -IH

To the little crab Aleesha.... its been a year now, you shine so bright you help me see in this darkness. You soothe me. Happy Anniversary! Your Lion.

To the "nice " guy who spanked me at the ATM. You make me want to be more of a capitalist every minute. Your dine-out sugar momma.

Todd Bradley, you are the best. ever. Miss. elissa.

Tom, your beard is makes me want to climb mountains! Don't go away again.

Tom- You drive me wild and I love you so! xoxo-LeeAnne

Tommy-you are my best freind. You are always there for me. I can always count on you(ok most of the time). That is the best valentine, EVER. -nummy

Trick Sensei, My ultimate boy band. You compel me to give in to my love to vacuuming. Although, I will never succumb to the lure of the brown jug, I still will follow you endlessly from the depths of the Dive to the allure of the 715. You are the sex gods of my dreams, the Farrah Fawcett poster hanging on my bedroom wall, the blue collar goodness in my PBR. And I just think Drew is damn sexy!

TW you are soo money I got your pics and you do have attitude. We should meet and have hot sex before I turn you into a star. Lou Pearlman

Twinstar, shine on me. You untie the little finch from the brick, away we fly. Round the world we go, we won't stop, we said so. Good morning lovey.

tyler-there's no one i'd rather be dirt poor with. thanks for making me laugh even though i'm crying hysterically. love, stef

Udowhore, Monkey hang from me. Teri-slut.

Underpants- I am a loser. Hope that you have a happy v-day. I won't 'cause I'm not with you, but that's my own fault.

Veronica. I Love you for your things, and for what you can buy me. But I love Betty for the things she does to me. Can't Buy me Love. Archie

w- making out in front of peoples' houses, and in the bathroom at parties. Hand jobs in movie theaters. God damn this is fun. I love you. -c

Wassup to the hot chicks of HR-- Angela, Dina, Heather, Stefanie, Jamel, Justine, Amber, Meghan and Sheila!! Happy VD 2 U i love you!! ;o) kt

We Are Not A Polar Bear. Dearest, I'll let you write on my heart and my hands. "They say she's a dyke, but I know she is my best friend..."

We can walk in the broccoli forest to avoid the BoPo while we eat rock and roll sandwiches. But that might be silly. -Dave

Well Zach, I'm glad you've seen the special on honeypot ants. -IH

what are beawrs for? dey're for tissing dat's what i wiwll tiss and love you for eber and eber noonie noooooooooo dare's a bunbun dat wuvs ewe!!

What lies behind " us, and what lies before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us." I love you Jon...always, Mags.

who's my eddie the thought makes me heady just give me a smile i'll make it worthwhile and we can go rock steady mel loves jmr hrrumph

Who's my Little Whoosits? Who's my Turtle Dove? Who do I love? YOU!!! Logan I love you dearly - Zena

Why don't you love me? I'm charming and sensitive, you fucking dumb bitch!

with the first pirate joke, you had my fingers crossed but i had no idea it would be so crazy good. jimmie, you snagged my drunken pony heart. keep it.

Yo yo Micky, keep it rockin', keep it cool! Hahhah. *Wink* -IH

Yodi. You are the most important thing to me ever. Thank you for always being you b/c that is more than anything you could ever offer me. i love u

Yoji. Oh, monkey-pants, you are so good to come home to. You make me tea and wear interesting underwear, you crush me and make me happy. I love you. Sy

You are my sanity, my best friend and my chaste lover. I love you, Josh. --Jess

You are the voice for the voiceless, and the courage for the weak. feet for the crippled, and the eyes for the blind. you are the love for my heart, and the future for my past.

You hate me . I love it! You are awesome. Still waiting for that opportunity to sock you in the gut (in private). OK - BYE.

You like pizza, I like mayo, lets get drunk on Molson light. Horny Africa, Tonys, just to name a few of our favorite things.... Nora, you, you my favorite. Love, Nick

You may be able to drink me under the table, but when we get there, I can do whatever I want.

YOu spoke in my dreams of a world without fear. I tried to hold onto your words, but when I woke they slipped away. like your place. in my life.

You thought you'd humor me on New Year's with a kiss. Your sense of humor sucks. I know you will never do me and I hate you.

You've cut me down to size and worked your magic on me. Please just save me and leave it at that. Love, PDF

Zazie. I need to be where you are and steal you food. If they would let me out I would bring you a rat. Or a small snake. Fuma.

ya' dumb bunny, Furniture-safe darts, movin' to PA, Amish everything, hurricanes in Jersey, lighthouse walks with puppy, our sweet Eva D, it's been a great six years! I love you. Kelly

YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND your love fills me, and so does your bigness, just the way i like it. want to keep playing forever? -your E

ZACH-Sometimes when you're asleep, I hold your face in my hands and kiss you. Then you make happy noises and roll over. I love that. Laney.