Kalah Allen
By all rights, I should love Air America, right? After all, I do hate Bush, I'm a pretty liberal guy, and--when I'm not busy with other old timey hobbies, like stamp collectin' or phosphate sippin'--I do enjoy listening to that antiquated device known as "the radio." So you'd think that Air America--a nationwide talk radio station catering to liberals--would be my cup of tea, yeah?

But I fucking hate Air America. Maybe it's how their radio personalities can't stop using reactionary phrases like "neo-con death cult." Maybe it's how that shrieking harpy Randi Rhodes can't stop squawking about right-wing conspiracies. Maybe it's Al Franken (who thinks he's hilarious, but hasn't told a funny joke since that episode of Saturday Night Live in 1981). Or maybe it's that Air America teams up with radio giant Clear Channel--one of the most despicable, monopolizing corporations around--to distribute its shows. ARRGH! STUPID AIR AMERICA MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

Okay. Sorry. This issue is about finding the "silver lining" of Bush being re-elected, after all, so here goes: I'm glad Air America's around. Because even as the station utilizes the manipulative, extremist-inspiring tactics of right-wing talk radio--you could record a Rush Limbaugh show, dub in the self-righteous anger and quasi-paranoia of the Left, and end up with Air America--it also serves as an alternative to those conservative voices. That's something that didn't exist before George W. Bush's first term got elected--and would have gone belly up pretty quickly had Kerry won. (Let's face it--listening to self-satisfied radio hosts talk about how great the President is ain't nearly as entertaining as listening to self-righteous radio hosts rant about how horrible the President is).

So the silver lining is this--Air America exists, people are listening to it, and they're thinking about and discussing current political issues. That's a definite upside to Bush being elected, and one that could pave the way for other left-targeted media organizations to follow suit. Now all that's left is for Air America to transform into a station that's actually worth listening to, and we'll be set.