Love is in the air once again, and Mercury readers are breathing it in! For the FIFTH year in a row, the Mercury happily devotes our Valentine's issue to the LOVERS OF PORTLAND so you can tell your shmoopy-woopy that he or she will always be your one and only. So throw your cynicism aside, dive into the following pages of reader valentines, and bask in the warm, glowing rays of LOVE!

Broadway-You're so dreamy. xoxo Lovergirl

Marc- I love you so much, "Mole," even though we're totally crazy! One day I'll beat you at Trivial Pursuit, just you wait!! Love, Kattie

Heavy metal boys from Buffalo turn me on.

CREPE I've been thinking about VanHalen (VanHalen)... I like it AS MUCH as 1984 ... at least. Love... Bambi

hey ceramics boy it's me, your partner in crime. i know you're into reading these so voila. we need to hang out more. i smell another ice cream adventure

Ana Love Ur my best friend. I hope we are forever. I know we'll be lonely for Valentines Day. Sooo BE MY VALENTINE YOU EFFING DOUCHE BAG. Rachel Love

Rachel, I love you so much. We are the bestest friends, we will stay that way for life. We are going to watch each other get old and wrinkly. Ana

love you. always will, but you love him. i'm getting through day by without you, but i can do it. always there, never going to stop grabbing your ass though

erin, you make the best bisquits and gravy i have ever had. i want you inside me

My valentine- poetess hunter, yogi (in training), shit-kicker, teacher, healer, dancer, knitter, artist, bluegrass, sweet, lovin', open, kind, compassionate, supportive, empathetic, energetic, wonderful you. Can only be you

Michelle Brown, Sometimes I still think of you, with fond memories. I hope all things are well for you. May time continue pass, with love, laughter, and joy; Mah

notre battement de coeurs comme si ils 'taient un je ne veulent pas vivre sans votre amour

Stephy-Boots. Happy Valentimes Thanks for being my bestest friend. I heart you. Autumn-Bottom

To Little Lurk Marie: You are our little fetus, and I can't wait for you to meet us. See you in April, you are the very sweet-ust. Mom & Pop

Pookarin: You are all the sweetest things in life wrapped in a spicy little package with whipped cream on top. Thanks for another amazing year. Here's to another

Ron John, Reposed lashes casting shadows on the planes of your face, I curl content in the hollow between your neck and collarbone, as I do in your heart. Annamal

Mixed chick @ Fremont Wild Oats Spa front desk: ICU around sometimes, but not lately. UR so beautiful, I wish I knew U! Happy VDay, UR girl crush

Caveman, Bikes, beaches buck-naked fun. The past few months have been a dream come true- especially my juicy, wake-up-panting dreams! I love you. Your Tart

Your phone voice sparks positive change in the world. Our love is more than a script. We are with you on the issue. Love, Amberlynn David and Jonathan

Dearest TOP, You truly are the lifeblood of my aquarium. Can you add five or ten turtle bites for that extra push to win? Love, LE(r)O

chubby- i lurv my domestic life partner. let's make sweet music, watch law and order, and eat some pizza (with ranch). xoxo, panties

Chelsea- you're sexy sweet, hilarious, kind, smart, extremely talented, and believe me- appreciated! I love you! ...Can't wait for the *Hot*-lanta trip

Paul, it's magic just to know you. Sharing hope, desires, and love with you is perfection. Time with you is heaven. Thank you, Amberlynn

Ma cherie Natsuko Tes yeux me fais soupir Tes plaisanteries me fais rire T'embrase mon coeur Je t'embrasse sans cessation! Avec amour, Leonard

candy is dandy but

Andiamo a letto is all I ever seem to remember in Italian... but when there is a continent and a sea between us all I'll remember is you. Imparo aspettare

Pecs are tight my hammies are sore. Hey Mr. Trainer, can you gimme some more? Will you be my Valentine over a glass of fine wine? I love you, MG

RYAN K MANNON You are aces!!! Lovers, Best Friends, Forever. Heart-T

to my fatass Pookie (D.A.B) Your blue eyes, your "charming" ways, and your little boy acts is what made me love you more every day, Take Care. GOODBYE

Lovecakes, you are the greatest love in the whole wide world, my best friend and partner through life. I love you.-Fred Bean

To my dear bitches Beth and Shelagh, you two are the epitome of knuffelen! Dry Humping saves all our lives, baby! Keep the revolution alive

Hi Lass, I lay awake every night in the cloud thinking about how lucky I am to have you. I love you so so much.

Marc- I will love you for all my life. We'll grow old together and have our sweet little Kiwi and build that house. You're more than worth it.-Cleo

thought you should know, i really like how this whole you/me thing is turning out. let's spend v.d. rocking, drinking, eating, and fucking. Love, the-saurus the-rapist jugs coldfoot mcgee

Terry Hobson: I love you so much, you sexy hottie! Don't cut that hair, i love the look of a salad bowl on your head. xoxoxo your secret admirer

you can't see this. you will never read this. but I need to profess it publicly. I need you... I miss you... I love you

Hey Keith Brower Brown -- I'm so glad I finally realized the difference between loving you and being in love with you. Love, Amy

April, asking you out was the greatest decision I ever made. My life is more bearable with you beside me. I love you

Dear Pan Tourismos You are a trio and I have three holes that need filling. Coincidence? Hardly. Love, Mrs. Bidwell

My nessticle, how I heart u! money talks but not if ur credit sucks. still heart u tons! J

Bright Eyes, you're too beautiful for words. I am so happy that I moved to PDX and met you. I love you more than you can imagine.-Your Peach

John Henry, you are still amazing

UFF DA! Our blind date at McCormick's was so freakin' great, it made me want us to go to the beach and get married! How about April 2nd? Love &c

Your balls are blue, I'm seeing red, You said you'd call, I wish you were dead. Awwww, and you seemed so nice

CJB Que todo siga bien con tu musica, amistades y amores! Un gran abrazo y beso para un gran todo corazón. Nati

R & R your the best, that doesn't mean inner breeding is okay, it means love for someone is too important to risk, love you both. The "atola

Tingler, You're my all time favorite Friend of Rock and Roll. Let's spend our big 3 day weekend in France this year (but of course we'll bring Schmoo.) Love, Valentina

Jakeee (My Little Digger), Happy Valentines I just want you to know I love you lots and, your my best friend... Love Mickenzie Dawn

To My Loving Roommates, You guys rock my world, Happy Valentines. Love Mickenzie

hey citore irol you mean more to me that ever, evol knarf

To my sweet little smoking Lemur- After all these years, I still fucking love you. H

WILBO BAGGINS!!! We should watch Lupin and eat ice cream in our underwear and smoke weed! I love you always. Love, Your Gosling Hanny Pants

To the Hottest and sexiest S.O. at MGP, Be My Valentine! The Cleaning Lady

W4L, Happy Valentines Day to the most outrageously gorgeous awesome rocking girl ever!! I miss you! I heart you! xo W4L

Elise and kk When I'm in need of love, you give me care and attention. I guess you're just what I needed! Love, --Amy

To my ninja I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!-Paradoxx

J, You amaze me every day and I don't want to spend another one without you. So, how does forever sound? Love you, M

To all my friends, From out here in the bowels of Troutdale, I just want to say I love you all

Munchy Nugget- Happy Valentine's Day to you! You are the crunkest in this motherfucker. I loooove you! Android with Ballerina Brain

Von Kiel, you make me want to write music and abandon new construction's to 2 years with my frauline

AG- I would still join a boy band just to sing about how i wanna kiss you girl. damn. ME

CHARLY WILLIAMS... i'm sorry for hurting you this past year. you're a grade a steak boy in a lunchmeat city. i wanna give you some lovin'. HOBO CAMP

K-K-K-Kenny! You know you're in trouble when I move back there. We're gonna get so crunk it's gonna hurt. Happy Valentine's Day! Andi

JASON: I cleaned my naval!! LOVE: JEN

Serge- no money stinky guinea pigs, a lumpy mattress, a Christmas Tree still up in the middle of goddamn February, and I've never been happier! Love you, sweet ass

O- Now it is my turn. I love you. I will always love you... even when I can't play with your hair anymore. I never want to say goodbye. xo-A

I love you very much John Wayne. Thanks for sticking with me for the past 4 years. Love, Squidhead

Sammy-kins, You stood me by me through before the conception-childbirth-recovery, and you'll stand by me forever. I love you with every dirty diaper I change . Wenny-kins

To cupid who is stupid! Thanks for the lack of sex partners you FUing whore! suck it cherub

Green Fire Snake you make me Crazy! you are the love of my life. Thank you for being you! Love Bo-baron

To My Rose I love you. You make me really happy. Will you marry me?? Love, AJ

Even though we ain't got money. I so in love with you Punk

To my Irish Rohz: "With this ring, I thee wed! Blessed Be!" Love Hellcat

Rosey: I want the world with you. Love Angela

Lilolani & Trent: I love you both very much. Happy Valentine's Day. Love Aunties Angela & Rose

Tessa & James: We wish you the best. Happy V-Day! Stay Strong. Love R.A

To My Moms Thank you for keeping me going in life. Happy Valentines.~Angela

To my Fiancee Roses are red; Violets are blue. Everyday I love you more

Jimmy-I knew the minute you said you hated Safeway that you were the one. Please don't choke me anymore. xoxo, K-Honey

Juanita--It's hard to believe I won't be travelling the world with you. You still have my love and endless admiration. -Chico

Hello my Brown-Eyed Girl. I love you.14 down. Mwah

Carlos, Kelly & Matthew-Happy Valntines Day. From the Stranger & the Rose

Happy Valentines Day Cindy & Danis! Rosey & Ang

Karen! In memorium of Marty: Happy Valentines Day! WE LOVE YOU

Cupid's arrow hit me 2 years ago. Been in love with you since my Rose


Ro--I would like you meet my little friend. meow

Meet me in the back, dont make me wait to long Rose

Lets make b-youtiful myouzic 2gether!Tummy bumpers

If I may kiss you again. I promise I wont apologize or run away. I love you.-AJ

Happy 11 months BABY!!!I love you so much

Hey mr. chick nugget. hang it up daddy

To my sexy bitch Carl, DP is lonley without you. I miss our graveyard love sessions. Lets heat it up my bottom aches for you! Love Marty

Our bond was brief, but you are still constantly on my mind. I miss our lazy sundays. I know you will never be mine again, but Happy Valentines Day anyway. *smooches

my dear sweet joel i love you more than anyone i know, i'm sorry we're far apart but soon that will change. you've made me such a better person. ~may

Stellavanilla I got your message coffee would be great or cocktails but first you have to find me fridays holocene 5-7

Hilary I think you are the %$#!@ maybe one of these days you'll notice me I wait I watch I hope-C

This valentine is as romantic as it gets with us. Our love does not need such rituals of reinforcement. Give us some burritos and a farting contest instead. LU+MG

Thomas, Together, we've made a million memories. Spend forever and a day with me and we'll make a million more. I'd be lost without you. I love you more! Tori

Handsome Terry, Disposable dixie cup drinker, I assassan down the avenue, I'm hidding out in the big city blinking, what was I thinking when I let go of you?Robby

PEDER- You make life intriguing and full. You've made me a stronger person. Thank you! You're handsome and strong, inside and out. Music sounds better with you. Love, Kisses,-KORY

Ghetto Booty, Please cum home so I can take nudie pix of you, maybe we can roll reversal and you take pictures of me when we are naked together

Justin from Menomena can we make sweet music, I want to play your big sexaphone

rocko baby, I love to rock your pink taco. I think you need more sourcream with that fish taco, let me be your sweat sweety migrant worker

Kirin, since you came back in my life I've been having sex dreams about you, is that bad? I feel dirty and sooo guilty

Liz McD, please get naked for me, I would love to take pictures and include you in my portfolio

little little lovejoy you sexy midget I want to skate with you naked, lets not hide our hot naked skater love for one another. Sweat concrete and dreams

Heather. Hey Hot Stuff. I was totally smitten, the first day we met. And I still am. Now go on with your bad self. Happy Valentines! ASIII

Te amo muchisimo Guambrita! Tu queridisima Capitu Anna DiBenedetto English/ Spanish Information & Referral Specialist Office of Neighborhood Involvement City of Portland/Multnomah County (503) 823-3994

Assistant at the Sur-La-Table cooking school: you seem cute and I take out the trash a lot so I can verify. Feel like gelato? Wanna make me dinner

To My D Happy Valentines Day Baby!! I just want you to know how much i appreciate you and everything you do for me!! I Love You!!! XOXO...Your B

i love you katie

Erin how can you be so tall? We miss you in Seattle

Tiana: You are a beautiful person inside and out. And baby, if you were my roomate, I would rub your feet everynight and put some ice on those fingertips. Love, Laney


I married the man that I love, and I love the man that I married. All the Love for Mikey. "I've got a crush on you, Sweetie Pie." Always, D

Ant, You are my soul mate. I'm so lucky to have found you. On this, our first Valentines, and for lifetimes to come, I love you. To no end, Bee

Ms. Clover, A midnight call to say goodnight after a kiss at the door...this is what I have been waiting for. xoxo, your bearded lover

Kitten, If I've ever loved, its been with you. Your laugh and those mud puddle eyes still move me. Lets get the hell out of this town.-muffin

Brandi, I still love you. I miss you more than ever! Mike

Ooot Ooot! Happy V day, Monkey Lover. Ignite some planetary passion and I will explore the depths of Uranus. Kisses naughty girl, Gator

Jade...The funny thing is i never talked to you until i got fired...but penguins are the know who

To Audrey. I like you. Do you like me back? If yes, can I kiss you on the mouth when you get home from work

cosmic bikeriding teacher of physics. if only

Dearest Jake and JR, Although I don't get to see as much as I would like, I love you just the same. MMMwwah! Let's make this our dayjob. Love, JH

jawsh let's kill baby birds together and play basketball on the beach. your sweet melodies touch my heart and other places.-4sure

dirty dianna. you'll be "so satisfied" when i'm done with you!! whips and chains

monsterface! you may be a whicked beastie with stinky breath, but i sure like to get drunk and sleaze all over you until you roll off me and i fall asleep

Dear Prairie-- I'd really like to play with you and snuggle up your ferretty goodness, but will you please stop biting my butt? --Fritz

Mel-thanks for putting up with my shit and childish ways! I've very grateful to have you in my life. Sweet, beautiful, smart, & dedicated!I'm a lucky man! C-AZAR

Oliver: Since meeting you last Nov. (with help from the Mercury) I couldn't be happier. Thank you for being one of the best things in my life...KJ

Tess- I'm not very nice to you and I dont know why you keep loving me? but since you do I guess you can stay around. Love Josh

NATE to the RAGEOUS Using the Scientific Method, I conclude that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your adorable vegan ass. I'll be your valentine, you be my smitten kitten. Melanie

dave, even though you're hairy and probably gay, i think you're hot. it must be those "pouty lips." i serve you coffee... remember me

The sweetest thing at Pambiche isn't in the dessert case. Someday we'll have the strength to fulfill fortune cookie prophecies

Julie-You mean the world to me & I'm so happy to be with you!! I Love You!! Chaka Chaka

g- after all these years your here and it's still just you and me. let's take another drink and here's to the past.-a

carrotlyn i love you xo poncho villa

breanna, you are so amazing and're the love of my lifetime.. you make me want to jump on a trampoline for two consecutive weeks. love, mark

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you." We are alive! We can love one another, even during this earthly disaster and war. I love you, Adam

Jessica-I love you Pookie-Pie!! You make me love myself make me real...I'm custom built just for you. I can't wait to marry you-Cory

PM+PMUGYG = True Love As we grow closer I am still excited every week. You are an inspiration and my life would be less enjoyable without you. I love you PM

Mallory- I love you madly and truly, Sweetly and cruelly, Forevor yours only, You'll never be lonely. You're my first and last reason to stop choking and start breathing.-Mickey

HEY ANNE You dirty little slut. Can't we just have sex in the car by the park? You can give me a snowball and i'll rim you. pk

ANGELA BELL-He cheats lies and he'll never change. You know it, EVERYONE knows it. Let go of your blissful ignorance and find yourself a new Valentine. enRICH your life

Happy especially spoiled rotten day Boo-ber!! 1-19-03; best crazy decision of our lives for sure!! You're the best cutie, cutie, cutie, cutie!! No you you you

Hey Ren, if you had a sword I'd swallow it!-Stimpy

Necrostar, I hope you know how much I need you. Being with you has been the most surreal thing I've ever done. I like it.-Frellion

Dearest Jessica... I love you!!! BLING!!! I have a small dick, but it's all yours!!!-Cory J. Clark

austin- stay gold

Yo Sarah, you rock me like a hurricane! You stress me out in the most positive way. Be my Valentine! Meow! Love, Elliot

When I was a little kid, I didn't know Jordan and now I do and now I'm cooler. I love you Jojo!-Koko

M- I LOVE your meds- I love your emotions- I love how you returned from my dreams to hit me baby one more time- I love you, too, regardless- A

Jeremy, I got a bottle of wine and a dictionary, define me baby! love and sandpaper kisses from Elliot

C- Why love K when I want to be your woman? So what if I like boys- can?t I still be your girlfriend? Be my Valentine?-A

Mistress I'm yours forever, your little sex doll to dress, bind, tease, and tourture. My pettis are all aquiver! Your Sissy Dahl

W- You cannot be my Valentine. You suck. You are ruining my country. Go back to Texas. A

C-Mo- You're the AWESOMEST fellow team leader I have ever worked with- will you be my NWSAlentine?-Aud

Micheal, yer so fine! You make me purr so deep, it puts my tail to sleep. If you give me my mice back, I won't tear yo' ass up! love, Elliot

Johnny, baby, you better'n turkey 'n giblets! Love always and forever, Elliot

Sweet Mr. Honeybucket you are the one for me. I adore you, love always, Ursula

Marie- I lust after you down the hall, your bedroom so close to mine, tempting my loins- Be my HouseyValentine #1?-Aud

Ben- I lust after you down the hall, your bedroom so close to mine, tempting my loins- Be my HouseyValentine #3?-Aud

Bad Bunny Frank You've been a very naughty boy, just the way I like it! Keep it up and I'll lend you a hand! Forever yours, Bunny Girl

Bleebo! You're the best thing in my life...I'll love you forever. Your Bleeber Doll

My beastie man-bear Logan, I get a little dizzy every day from the confusion and awe your utter niftyness causes. You're so cool. You're so cool... Love, Your Salty

PRETTY WENDY: 30ish goodhearted, wise, generous, extraordinarily resilient with unimaginable home challenges. Respecting your calm in the ongoing storm, your persistence in dancing its muddied waters. Love, J

RACHEL LOVE: I like you alot. Be my valentine. Love Andrew. P.s: happy birthday on the 17th

Tom, pirate sex for you. arrrgggghhhhh. Booty. Amy

You were the man of my dreams then, you're the woman I love now. You are still the person I choose to spend my life with. I love you

Hey brownpants, I love you. You're perfect in every way. My secret crush is 8 years old. How can I make you mine? Tall D

Scotty, can you believe it is our 16th V day? You are definitely my baby, and it just keeps getting better all the time. I Love You! Kilika

Beast hole-- Girl you know it's true. Ooh ooh ooh, I love you. --Your Bitchin' Hunk

Jordan not George I'm sorry. I kick myself in the ass daily. Happy Valentine's Day

A heart full of love A heart full of you And it isn't a dream I love you so much Turtle and Lampshade unite

B.N.N.-Thank you for five years of love and laughter (I forgive you for the two rugrats). Now come kiss my kitty. Love, Your wifey Sareena, Brad, Ava & Miles

Daddy, Thank you for making crepes and egg burritos and playing Thomas the Train with us. We love you. Ava and Miles

Ether princess- Your smile brightens my day. If you were my girl you wouldn't have to work three jobs. How about lunch sometime? Make the first move

Sophie-You smell like shoulder. I love you

Hey, Portland: remember that time we met and I told you I loved your record stores most of all? I lied. It's all about the bars

To Brittany my fav. Arby's employee, I'm thinking of you down here in New Orleans, happy valentines day...Your PunchDrunk Ex: Josh

Bradley, sweet darling and light of my life, I love you! You are sunshine and pink and puppies. Yayayayay!! RB

GERALD- I am sorry I blew you off....twice. Please stop by again. I didn't mean it

Jen Fang, You're the worst girlfriend ever, but i still love you. Evan probably does too. Breakfast

Danny Taylor-Taylor, Thanks for doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, buying me coffee, fixing the shit i break, and being my best friend. Kip

MASH, Our final V-Day Sexiled, I'm making plans for next year. Keep your self warm for me, find us a bearskin rug. Irretrievably smitten, Lovergirl

Dan...I woun't exactly call it love...but you're a freakin' hottie. Kiss me, Damnit

Hey...Assface!!! you don't have to be a star be in my show..molsen, sushi, wrassling? you know i got a crush on you..dont make me say it

dearest right hand we've been through the good and the bad, and you've always kept me company on those lonely nights. i love you

To my Cute Scoodly-Doot, Deedle me anytime! Your Sweet Squeedly-Deet

Toby Let's stop the fighting and start the licking. xoxo Olive

Anthony . . . you make everything else seem shitty and boring, your intellect amazes me, you always turn me on. I love you too much

Hey Vespa Girl just wanted you to know that you are still on my mind, through it all, I can't forget you

Chim-Chim ~ You're my favorite piece of ass- thanks for being my best friend and for doin' me up right. I love U eternally ~ Poopsie

jill-o I want to come home but first you must remove the fat buisness man cocroach. the one wearing the suit and tie in the bathroom. love framingham walter pipely

fairhope, alabama Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

ERIC, If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever.I love you soooo much. Love, Kati M3nster

Nic Please take me back. I love you more than anything. All I want is another chance. Are you realy happier without me?-J

Nicole, I love you I'm thinking of you With every motion I make When the stars are above you Know that I miss you

Chris- I lust after you down the hall, your bedroom so close to mine, tempting my loins- Be my HouseyValentine #2?-Aud

Uly- I lust after you down the hall, your bedroom so close to mine, tempting my loins- Be my HouseyValentine #4?-Aud

N- And when the sun, it turns to snow And the grass doesn't grow Don't laugh, I love you

Nic- I want to put my arms around you And I want to know- do you feel the same way? 'Cause if you do I want to stay forever-J

Sara (saw you at Powell's-in "I still Hate George Bush t-shirt),will you be my Valentine

Mr. Chib i love you chibbers

Ivar Anderson: My haiku heart goes tick-tock in five, seven, five

Jesse, my little boy toy...Happy V day...~Robin

HH? Una palabra entonces, una sonrisa bastan. Y estoy alegre ?JR

Julia, I love you more than flies love shit!!! Love, Billy

Stephen** You have a secret valentine admirer. I think you are adorable! See you in class

Rock'N'Roll Aliens. You make me wanna hurl. Sorry about the icestorm, how else was I going to make you come inside. Settle for a kiss instead of marriage

To my portly PICKLE: You are smart and sexy. You make me laugh. I love you so much. Kisses from your SASSY pickle jar

Jacob, I love you sooo much! 4th for sure? yeah, right. you wish.... Super Whitney

BLACK SHEEP BAKERY GIRL: Your George Foreman Grills make me want to spank you for being unpolitical. Secret Meat Eater, I want to eat your muffins all day

Baby I love you more then you will ever know. I can't wait till I get back. Can't wait to see you again. Love Travis

Berbati's Pan 1 21. You: gorgeous lady, red collar shirt, your friend was dancing first, I was watching you. Me: short-dark hair, green skirt. Respond for kiss

Dearest Christa- Happy Valentines to my dear girl, whom I miss very much, and who I wish I could spend this Valentines Day drinking Pink Elephants with. Love, NYC Jess

My beautiful boyscout All I ever wanted was you. You might be a boy, but like you said, there are some things you give up for love

Todd, I've pretty much made it to the point where I love you. You are the pinnacle of my heart. Come share v-day with me. Lydia

ISABELLA, you have the stars, i have a car, you're away (iceland is far) so long, farewell, we've reached the end. this fires' been lit, ne'er to be again

My Linsifer, I love you with all my heart.Your smile keeps me alive. Happy Valentine's Day my Bay-bee. Your girl, molly

boobie! you make me crazy! let's play dress up! Can't wait to cut the crotch out of eachothers pantyhose! who else would have us? I love you

You Purple My Neck Then I Bite for the Blood Forever Our Love

m.f.: butter my butt and call me a biscuit. me gustas tu.-h.h

Joe, You, the soul feast that feeds me your chili-fire kisses, are my dream come true. I couldn't have imagined a more fantastic life! Your Coconut Shrimp Forever

Thane- thank you for being my lover, cooking for me and for holding my hand during scary movies, you rock! I love you, lisa

To my creampuff I see no reason to be any place where you are not. More good things to come. Much love, Bella

Hey R, Who knew it would turn out this way? Moving into your old room and buying similar cars. Getting obnoxious at karaoke, etc. Yes, I love you

To Mama Sasha I say, love her very much. I say, bop! I say, want an ice cream cone? Love, Duncan

My Valentine this year is ME...ME ME ME. I am special to ME, lovely to ME, and deserve the most beautiful arrangement for ME. ME, I love you...err, um...ME

Mouse, Long ago I wrote, "Yes and yes and yes again, and yet again, this woman I love" and how could I have known

Six years and two babes later and still you shelter me, still you ease my soul. Thank you. Love, Tigger

I'm not with ya for the money so I must love ya! =P


Beautiful Healer; Boulder-stunner Your soft brown eyes, each corner marked perfectly with His fortune-kisses. May your water be transformed: Thank You Thank You Thank You.-stopphysics

Troopersea~ You are my snookie-wookie sugar lumpkins pooty pie. I would transverse the astral plane to the end of time only to dance in your love cups. ~Kelvin

Matt, Be my Valentine???-Katie

Jeremy - Happy Valentines. If you stop making up words to songs, i'll stop talking to you when you're reading. I love you. Suzanne

bitchy bitchy bitch bitch bitchy bitch bitch bitch bitchy bitchy bitch bitch bitch you know it's for you, bitch. valentines bitch wont get bitch one from me, bitch

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Lazy Bones Jones, Happy Birthday to you! xoxox, Willy. PS: Sorry for hating you at night

Todd, our strange worlds collide and we will combine. I want to know if you'll be mine? love LaLa

Angelface: Do I Oh, yes, I do, I do, I do. And I have seen you the whole time. The "Beautiful Wife

Dearest Kathy, aka the naughty hottie, Let's celebrate at our favourite restaurant at 6 p.m. We are the perfect pair, Forever your Valentine, Love Paul XOXOXO

Jennie, wish the hallmark holiday was'nt such a big deal... i love you see ya in six days

missing you from snow bound chicagoland/the song is stuck in your throat and the only words you can remember the ones that don't matter at all, love erika

cuckoo cukoo xoxox erika

Herbert, I think I can forgive you for the cousin thing. The trailer sure feels empty without you! Love, Petunia

BTPLA ~ even though our sunday breakfasts are sporadic now each reunion/dance party/chinese checkers tournament/ Simpsons night is exciting and full of fun. Love you guys, A & J

Abraham, I love you! I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have you in my life. So, will you be my Valentine? Julianna

hey TME we will totally cruise past the 3 and a half month point. URthe best evr

action jackson, thank you for being my super hero. xoxo c-rin

Is it alright if I kiss you? Thank you for impacting my life

Dear Sweet Kim You are the light of my life! Everything's better with Punka Honey on it! I Love You! Let us slowly grow older together forever

sunshine you are my sunshine on a rainy day and i love you you are the best birtday present a girl could ever have love punka honey

i think of you when i masterbate

to my wonderful husband...i love you bubbarino

My Papi, In the village of my heart there's always free ice cream (every flavor) and go-cart rides for everyone. All because you're the king. Love you, A

K, I know we'll always have something to say to each other.. Happy Valentines Baby I love you-H

OLIVIA!-yimmah yammah bobble! bobble murmer! murmer murmer yimmah....bobble

To Denise _ I love you more and more everyday. You are the best thing that ever happened to me . Ilove you, my forever Valentine- Rafael 4-10

WYLIE 8 or 18, You will always be my valentine. The day you were born I began to love in a way I never knew possible. MOM

Dearest Best Friend I love you so much. It's astounding how understanding and thoughful. Thank you for letting me be me and you be you. ~love! ~ hugs and sushi, Alyssa

My sweet Kesse-u r the best boyfriend that anyone could ever dream of having; u r most patient through my growing pains---Tater and i will LOVE u forever

pdx josh: lets do it" again some time. you know, uh, hang out. xx. alithea

T-hinking of you U-ndoubtedly yours R-eady to spend my life with you T-he best thing that has ever happened to me L-ove you E-veryday and forever

Kirsten Larson, I have spread my dreams beneath your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.- Anonymous

Shaggy Benji, remember when I said "I love you" for the first time? I will 4 the rest of my life. Invader Liz

Dan, I can't think of a cooler way to wish you a great valentines day and to tell you I'm happy you're with me. Your guy.-Fed

We will build shrines in your honor because you are more popular than Elvis and not a king! Here in Portland we worship you in secret Mr President

I will caribou you forever. Love, your cowgirl

HEY BABY. Guess what I'd do if we were on I-5 right now, headed for BC? Yes, I'd do that again. Hearts, your sexpot

J.D. -- Je t'adore xoxo La Chat Noir

Erdic- Let's watch the British House of Commons and then pork. Love, k10

Whittaclemily unite! I love you girls like soap logs. When I return, momma's chicken, yummy potatoes, and a Swiss Family Barton dessert are in order. LBJ!- Ol' Blue

John, After almost 10 years, I still get a little goosebumpy. I love you no matter how well you build ugly condos for rich idiots. Love and Rockets, Wendy

MYRIAD ENTITY It's been tough this year but that only makes us stronger. Everything we live through together assures us we're together forever. Love You

Cooty, you are both a chicken and a monkey, a Cooty and a Kittens. Forever, i t'will be, you and me

For Jay: my sandwich-eating, teeth-brushing, bunny-eyed, mattress-topping, perfect-haired valentine. You are the host to my hostess, my best friend and the boy that I love

noodle, my true love won't you be my valentine where is my sports bra

j.c. As we look forward to our continued partnership in life, love and business, I promise with all my heart to love you forever. Happy 30th babe. Love Stacey

Haiku for Mr Bojangles: Pink and Quivering Like a baby Kangaroo Safe in Sam's Man-Purse

Kris (Sunnshine), You're my nose-pickin', mouse-clickin', cat-lickin', cheshire-grinnin', blanket-thievin', baguette-eatin', camel-breathin', penguin-squeakin' meadow muffin of love! I love you!!!-Crystal(Snowflake

My Little Tomato You are the vanilla, nut creamer in my red, leather coffee thermos of life! Your Little Penguin

HEY? YOU! Standing there with the sweet ass, hot like fire. I'm an international model looking for you to strike a few poses with me. Be my funny Valentine

AIDAN--You are the best boyfriend ever! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie. Love, Kelsie

I didn't even feel my self hit the floor while I was kissing you. Thank you for putting the ice pack on my battered head

True love is letting you wipe your drool and snot across my cheeks. To Mr. G-Pants From your Mary Poppins

To Motorcycle Man I love you so much and can't imagine what life would be like if I had never met you. Love you always, Dragonfly Woman

Klya: After eight months of marriage, I love you more than ever. I hope you feel the same! Love, Bubs

Sous Chef... I want to cover you in white-chocolate jalapeno mousse and have you for dessert! Love and kisses from your favorite busgirl

Dhelia, I never thought being found by an angel would make me fall so hard. --Ramsey

la dj petite you are a shining star and the best dj and friend a guy could ever have! get some cock, and make sure it's good cock!-I

To My Someone Just For Me: Tommy, you make each and every day magical. Without you, I couldn't breathe. I love you more than anything; I always will. Love, Zari

Tiffany, I can't remember when being bitch slapped by fate felt so good. A quick glimpse of your angelic face was all it took. I love you baby

Hey, there. This one is for Taylor Rozek. Exactly 30 words. woohoo :) : Taylor-This is for you because you never cease to amaze me. You've saved me in so many ways. I love you more than anything in this world. Happy Valentines Day

Scot ~ I have a super sized crush on you! You are so damn fantastic!! ~ Tiffany

t- Even through all the confusion and frustration I realize everyday how lucky I was to have met someone as amazing as you. Love always-b

Andrew, you put the Amo in Amore. Good luck with Maximum Manwich and keep it greasy. Love, Trish

Marsina Rae- Happy Valentines Day beautiful. I'm glad you're not so far away anymore; not that I've taken advantage of it. Just keep in mind that I'm thinking of you

Kylie and Venus you're my girls! Even though you try to steal my man, I still love you both and you can sleep in my bed whenevever you want

Erik Richard Nolke you make me the happiest person alive. I love you forever. I'll make you dinner. love, Your Pooper

Dear Valentine, You are electricity Beautiful inside and out. You are a rose garden Under a magnificent moon. You are an amazing friend I'm thankful for you. Love Your Valentine

Woopie pie?! There you are. Even tho you are Yung No Mo, the kids are still thrillin' to your smooth tanguero moves. Just beware the pincher bugs, the Monster

Misssta! You're the bestest mista ever! I love waking up to you everyday. I love you so much, my sweet! Love, the miss, moes, and manos

Debry, thank you for being so sweet! You are the best! I Love You! Sweetie Pie

To Tooly: I think you may have kicked a goal into my pants...err...heart.... to say the least. The very least. Word. From: ToolBox

okay, dude, january's over. so now what

Hot Ross Island Grocery Girl- your big shoes and cute brown hair rub me the right way. Please make me some coffee with extra love

Jack- I love you so so much... You're my best friend and I want to actually like this Valetines Day! Amanda

JOJO-DANCER, I LOVE YOU. be my valentine. make it with me. this is hard enough already. this guesthouse is lonely and i cant wait to see you

Mr. Hot-Body please put me in the love swing, make me wet and make me sing. Let's forget about winter weather and act like rabbits in Spring

EMILY CHOKES ON MEAT! Thanks for making mine a bigger world shmoopy. You are the cuddliest kitten in a shoe box...ever. Mwah

tis work of lovers to cancel the woes of the world with poetry and joy. this you brought me. this you taught me. this i long to know again. mm

My Sweetest Billy I love you with all of my heart. I adore you more than words can express! You're the best!! I love you always forever! Nathan

like a cocktail goddamn. this flame still burns, even from afar. i love you boobiecuddlebiscuit, just the way you are...another round

Youre out in the airforce now, so it's not like you'll run into this, but I miss you and your sweet cock. write me back

Cameron Jones, I owe every current joy in my life to you. I plan to kiss your wrinkles and your bald head if you'll allow me the pleasure

To my dearest Nathan... I love you soooo much. You'll always be my cute little snuggle bunny. Thanks for making me smile. Love always and forever, Samantha

hey mom thanks for being there for me and loving me for who I am. I love you! Love your daughter Samantha

To my dearest beu faced killa. Its been a year and I love you more than ever. Hatt

hey Casseroo happy Valentines Day... I hope you enjoy yours. Homies for life! Luv ya girl! Love Sammy

My Luna Swinger I didn't forget you, my love. We'll meet again someday soon. I love and miss you. Happy V-Day. xoxo ~Condom Hat

to my sweet little baby i like your butt i wanna squeeze it and see if you'll poop love bacon

hey todd i don't like you but have a good valentines day you sick freak! from sammy

to alex ward i like you a lot we should go out sometime love your secret admirer ps i see you all the time at school

to catherine... give up on the relationship scene. good love comes to those who wait. i waited a long time to find mine. from: a friend

Alea, don't even know if the spelling's right, but I know you must have someone, and six on the waiting list. At the thought of your face, my heart quivers

Hey Dale,you on bottom, me on top, you sucking my nipples, me grinding your cock.....what do you say? Wanna be my Valentine? Love Dani

daddy's special little freckle, you've climbed inside me so big, broken down my walls, made my heart huge and allllll yours forever and ever. will you be my valentine

Kobe---Happy VDay to the "biggest" Ute!-Dexi

To Nick: Words can not begin to describe how much I love you. You are everything for me and I can't imagine my life with out you. Love, Dan

To my chunky monkey- I can't wait to be grandma and grandpa! I love you! You're amazing, you're sexy, you make me complete. Now let's make some babies! Yours, Gremlin

i love your tattoos, i love your nipple rings, i love your hairy chest, i love your big penis,even your jailtime, but most of all I love you, mayhem

AGENDA SUICIDE!! WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? I always see your ad but sadly I dont think we will ever meet. AGENDA SUICIDE! I'm AGENDA SUICIDE on

NICK & ASHLEY, Valentines Day is about love and well..I do love you guys so Happy Valentines day friends. I got five on it

One of these days I will take you all over the world, even Machu Picchu someday. For know let's just go to the beach

To Something Silver thanks for putting up with me in the store every other day pretending to buy something, but really just waiting for my girlfriend

Anni, Will You Marry Me? Happy Valentines Day!-WID

Gabe "At work I just take time And all through my coffee break-time, I say a little prayer for you." -Kourtney

Hi harmy and Des and everyone else. We love you from Japan. You better read this

Anni I love you so much. Will you be my valentine? Happy Birthday and I hope you have a great one. Your Lobster- Richi

My dear red shark, I know of a pillow that needs your aroma. Smile for me, baby. My heart still belongs to you. A

To my pets Garfield and Busta: I love you guys! Love Sam

Julia, You are the sweetest most wonderful thing ever in the world. I am keeping you forever. I love you. Muffin

I'll hug you and kiss you and say by your side, I'll love you forever, wont you be mine? Love Nafin

to wyatt i kinda hate valentines day but your cool from erin

Sam's boat is learning to float. He has a little Dog I love. Small enough to be used as bait Small enough to eat the fish caught on the boat

My Dearest Chadarama I love you soo much. You are my one and only?? Love, Boo Boo Kitty Fuck

Melanie, I love you more each day. If you were a zombie, I'd let you eat my brain. XOXO- Nate

Schmee--You are the Honey to my Bucket! Your the raddest guy alive! Your so mine. Two years is not enough. Geez, I heart you so. Get me! ~Nean

USAGI ENTITY Thanks to The Ok of Cupid we're now in each other's lives. I'm not running away and I regret nothing. Happy Aphrodite Day! *kissquish

you are the striped ghost of my phantom limb. you are my anchor. you are my best friend. eu te amo

MYRIAD ENTITY Thank you for Loving me even though you sometimes want to throttle me. I love you very much and will continue to love you forever. Your Soup

AUSTIN- Being with you is like everyday is double soup Tuesday. XOXOXOXO

E-to-the-ric, I know that you know that I love you more than anyone or anything. I just never get tired of telling you. Happy V-Day Baby, Cass

babydoll, you are my number one lover. i'm so proud i tattoo'd your name on my back. yer sugarlips

Actually, I've had a crush on you ever since I loaned you 20 cents for the bus and you kept dropping your change. Problem is, I'm socially retarded

dear fleshtone, valentine's storm 2005, reminds me how much i hate you. love, serge

my briney muff The silver spoon can't hold all the turtle that's in my strawberry for you. A bit of chitty John for my ease-y glove.-yer west-end pearl


Sexy Redhead Girl in my T+Th gym weights class at Cascade. Don't know your name, would like to change that. Me-pierced, blue eyes. Go get coffee after class

ADAM You are the Vodka in my Tonic, the Spring in my Step and the Smile on my Face. I finally know what love is. K.A.O.Y.B.H.! LISH

Jasta, I love and will forever. Lets get hitched! Michael

Happy Valentines day to all of the Rockabilly Fashion Posse. Dont forget your combs! Love, C&A

Dearest tofu, how i adore thy silken texture and cruelty free aroma... All my love, morrissey

Nik *hearts* Sarah

c is for tough stuff your dirty dance moves make my heart melt and my panties wet. you are the cutest girl in pdx. date soon? your room or mine

Teen 2 Teen how I adore thee! Fabulous ideas, creative projects, incredible knowledge, amazing commitment. You change the world. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

I've been more happy in this past month than I have in a few years because of you. Thank you for making me smile:) Happy Valentines Day, babe

Vadim, you are the sweetest monkey ever. Hugs & kisses, Kevin

Alison, i'm still a dick, but i hope you're doing well

B Crappy, Best friend and closest companion. I love you and hope life is everything you want it to be in the future. Lobster

Christopher, Even though you totally annoy me, drive me nuts, piss me off and make me want to kill you sometimes, I still love you and always will. Love, Ginger


Dear Nathan's tummy I love you so much! You're so cute and cuddly! Never get buff! love Samantha

Amorcito, I am wild about you! Let's growl together sometime soon. I love you, Your Love Bear

Sorry dad I ate your chocolates but anyway... happy Valenine's Day! Love, Samantha

Dear Ms. H I hope you have a great Valentine's day with your honey! You're an awesome teacher and always will be. Love, Samantha

JP... will you go to prom with me? From Cassie

To tony albano we had a good time together I love you call me sometime have a happy valentines day love teresa moser

To Heather: I miss you so much... and I love you. I know it's been a long time but I do. I always did. Love, Micheal


To my Nafins I love you. You color my world and let the sun into it. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Love Sammy

Modernstate, You never let any of my whack shit slide, and I love you for it. --Humans p.s. I AM a masterbater

Tarnatio, but I love Lynette! Mmm Hmm... my little cuttlefish (come on, people! "cuddle"-fish?? That's so darned cute!) Right. Please be my Valentine. Please!! - Jeff (AKA "Evil-Jeff)

Love at first sight in Backspace while I was playing pool. You're a usual with some close ties to the staff. I can't help but be amazed by you

Happy Valentines Joely-o May there be many more to come. I love you. Your Button

i love you like i love soda. even the kindey stones. y'all so sweet and mouthwatering to look at,and wild on the inside. --cept for orange crush YUK. --mrlunch

Brett, You are my life. I will bite the pillow for you anytime... mandie

Dearest Sweet Wodini I love all of you- Inside, outside, upsidedownside. You're a keeper and a dream come true! Forever YOUR Lil' Bre-Lou. XOXOXO

For T.C.- Every time I see you, my heart starts to pound and everything fades away. I wish you how much I care... I wish you felt the same

Steve- I love you! KT

My TLF- I love your heart, the fun we have, the way we fit so perfect, and the love we make. I love all of YOU

Dan dV. You turned me into a Morxist! And your wife. If I didn't know you better, I'd think you were trying to get into my pantsen. Love you, +kate

Bill, your penis tastes delicous. Love Walter

MADGE!-how do we do nothing yet still have so much fun? through triangle hair and wrinkles we've been friends. here's to more awkward years... london will be excellent

I LOVE ADAINE You are the hottest ever! Love J

to alex, clyde grace, talisa, talia, and raya, i love you all. you put color in this gray world and a big grin on my face. with all the love and smiles one can give, ROB"Bobby"CHOPS

TECHMAN DAN, I see the possibilities in your eyes. Lets do it all together, I'm game for what you have and what you are. Bring it on. B.B.BEAR

SP: I figure the only girl who's given me butterflies since I was 17 should know. I'd give you the world if you let me. Will you

I'll be your fish/if you dip your chips/ in my creamy white sauce/snuggling like sardines. All night long...from your sweet seafood lover

Happy VD-day to my darling rikki tikki! May you find joy in your teacups and frisky freshmen in your pants. kisses and booty slaps, moopie

Carrie, I love you! From Kelly

Kyle-i love you more than words can say. you are the best thing in my life right now. happy valentines honey.-Michi

my dear lil nephews; jonah, andrew and baby caleb. auntie loves you very much! happy valentines guys! xo auntie siggy

svaja inga, i love u baby! here's to 10 years! happy valentines day! love, sigrun

Happy Birthday Kacey And have a wonderful Valentines Day! Love Always, Your Twin.. p.s. I want my face back

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Who loves Mikey holler "I" ... and the I's drowned out the sound of sirens, flashing lights dazed and blinded the masses or was it the pepper spray

Lisa, Wow, WoW Wow! Catching my breath! Wow, Wow, WOW! Oh yeah babe! Even coffee in the morning at the shop was totally sweet, till next WOW! Love Alex

Of all the Boo-Boo's in the world why did you love this one? Love you too Mikey

I am the Dancing Queen- but You waltzed away with my heart. Let's cut up a few more rugs! Spin to Win

1,2,3- you stole the key 4,5,6- give me some licks 7,8,9- Please be mine Tamz your Valentine 4ever

Rock me gently and I'll walk slowly, take it easy 'cause you already know me. I love you Mike- one of your many Boos

You are so damn sweet You make my life complete Quick- jump start my heart Let us never be apart. Smile now- SheBoom

Hey Cupid, I give up. Take your arrows and ram them.-A

aes- i'm sorry i'm always such a bitch. u can be a moody ass muthafucka too. i love you. we're made for each other, don't you think?- svt

CALEB "BMX" RUECKER to answer your question. Yes I'll be your WIFE! You're the best thing that's ever happened to me! Thank you for the beautiful love! Love, Mad Marcii

miss anna s of former hawthorne fame. buck up lady. siggy loves ya and that's all u need! be my valentine

Mister Beef: i got some duct-tape and some rope (ok its yarn) in the hallway closet with your name on it. let's kidnap eachother. love you, miss hiss

Jas Falling for you has been my greatest joy. I promise you will never know a day without love for the rest of our lives. I adore you! Suz

To my hunk and a half of a husband, Kyle Thayne Jones: the sexiest, goofiest, smartest, sweetest man I have ever known. Never stop doing that little dance for me

Jessica, you're beautiful and wonderful. Thank you for everything.-Jesse

To my lovely Belchy Boy, I'm glad you found it in your heart to date a Gassy Girl. I love you. xoxoxox

EDISON VON ESTO-HAUSEN A rogue star burning brightly with the heat to singe the universe. I love you. This is only the beginning. FROM ROMAN NUMERAL SIX


Jeremy, I love you more than puppies, soda, kitties and cake combined! But seriously, I love you and I love our life together. I couldn't be happier..Jennifer

Dear Baron Von Fruitcake, I love you like a crazy person and I'm so happy for the exciting year ahead. You mean the world to me. Love, June Cleaver

Keith: Let's grow old and toothless together! Let's create a sublime, brilliant, fulfilling, breathtaking, and passionate life together, starting now. You be mine, I'll be yours. Valerie

Melissa-Roses are red Reefer is green, you're so sexy there's cream in my jeans! I love you and Mortimer does too. always and forever Shawn

Portland's reigning princess your gentle rule is loved by more than just your subjects. Keep your scepter on the night stand, because i love how you wield it

PKM- This sucks I need you. Please don't take forever. Love, love, love dammit! PKM Too

Kgirl, You are everything to me. Thank god for campfires. CR

Mael, I want you to know ... que te quiero mucho y despues de todo, creo que estaremos juntos hasta estar viejitos los dos. Besame, Besame mucho, Tere

Willigula, True RALED forever. Yours, The Morgan

Pretty, pretty Marianne Luscious tum, cheeks so grand, Darting tongue alighting fires Flooding me with wild desires Let's be Valentines, you and me We'll wear rings for all to see

UNCLE BOATSHOES You are my best friend valentinemin this year and all years. You are a great man. Sincerely, Old Dolly

Suzanne T-I love you more each day that passes. I Would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife? Love Jason B

bef to love he said. she said a two-edged sword. to happiness she said. he said to love and happiness. she said entwine our arms. to our entwined bodies he said.-jlm

Dear Jock Horowitz if you were any better I would drop dead. I worship you.-J

FERIC- Bite my butt, I'll sniff your head, Suck my nip, Cum on the bed! I love you, Darling

Until September 25 you were TKQT, now you're Mrs. Luckiest Guy in the World. See how everything always works out for me? xoxo, B. Mine

Barbra, I love you!-Chris

Marina,You are the coolest girl on the planet and I have something very important to tell you....I am Batman


Chris, I'm still in love with you! Crazy, huh? Love S

Sup Prappa? You're the ropest girl I know! Have a Happy Valentine's Day and a spazz-rageous rest of 2005! P.S. You're even cuter than Nemo

Abey and Birch We Love You! Happy Valentines Day. You Are The Best Kids Money Can Buy! Mom And Dad

Yo Danny D You?re Hot! We should play some more pool, air hockey, or make out on your couch?again! I just wanted you to know that I like you.-N

e-bear, Yer the absolute bestest. I'm very lucky to be with you. I love you. g-bear PS Moose is awfully cool, too. And I'm thinking about yer ass right now

Justin I love you I miss you. Shari

Through Ups And Downs, Mountains And Valleys, Here We Are. 9 years, 2 kids And One Frustrating Oil Leaking Car, We Stand. I Love You. Your My Girl

stephen, our spirits dance. our friendship, our love, deep, earthy, solid, infinite. growing spirally, spiritually in, up, around. we, co-travellers of this sacred earth. breathing and breathless, lisa

stefanie- i'd say you make a perfect angel in the snow. i love you- tyler

Dear Cockosaurus, The thought of you makes me sticky and giddy. My goodness how you rock. I love you. Love, Jerk Fuck

Devan--If you only knew how much I lusted for you. Damn, you are so tall and hot. Can't you feel me staring at you!!-Anon

MYPICKLELOVEFACE! I think you're so wonderful. i love waking up to green eyes. you make my pants wet/my breasts jiggle. i can't wait to get fat/old with you

To the cutest bestest Valentine! I can't... baweeze it! Year two seems so much easier than year one. Your Sappho loves you... you Chingo Lover

V- naked in the ocean under Zihua's full moon, naked in bed... I love being naked with you! Even when we aren't doing it! I love you.-B

ROAR! to my snugglebunny. *heart* snow peach

For my favorite Laysbian, on this day dedicated to love whats better than to give you a St. Valentine Holla

WHACKED-OUT WEIRDO AND A LOVEBUG JUNKIE..." Isaac, Let's get nasty on the Fiesta Deck on our cruise to the Hood! I'll make your Manhattan. Love always, Julie, Cruise Director

L. will you be my valentine? hoping for another night of you passed out on my bathroom floor. or maybe its my turn. C

Done? Really? Sad.Seeing your ambivalece Monday woke me up from the fantasy. Happy fucking Valentines Day and Puhleaze Slobmyknob! Kissing you was heaven. Now onto your next conquest

to mad marcii i love you so much for being there for me and loving me thourgh all the hard times. happy valetines day babe-love caleb

Josh, I love you. I want you. I need you. Let's dance while the sky crashes down. I'm yours forever, Snowden

My favorite teddy my beloved, my sorry-buttface- You renewed my faith in kindness love passion. You make me feel lucky every single day. Only the best for you pumpkin

habeebee--i am going to hug you so hard your body breaks in half, then i'm going to shove your beautiful pieces up your lego-muncher. love, Bangy

hallie you have the best butt and you drive me absolutely mad. how i would like to take you home and make you my valentine

Johnny V. I love how you beat me, fuck me, and make me write bad checks. I'm so glad you're mine. Your sweet P

Sunshine I miss you and am thinking about you. J.T. you are truly someone special. You can come to me for anything, anytime. Love, Jason

Marli & Kentucky- we cannot say it in words, so we're sending a valentine to show our love! xoxo, Edna, Otter, Jo and Harvey

Marli, I don't want to marry Sheridan. You alone are my true love. Please rescue me before the end of the wedding! Love Eternal, Luis L-F

ALIENWIFE, you're a little bit of shane, a little bit of tina, & a lot of everything i adore. thanks for being you & loving me. V-SHAKE OUT, michelle

Derek Brenniman-- I want you. I know you want me. Stop playin' hard to get!!! Your lovergirl

oh olive the pug, how i miss your sweet licks. love forever to yr wrinkly wonderfulness. though i will never forgive you for shitting on my coat. a

thomas the turtle you are the sweetest Valentine that your daddy and I could ever have asked for. Love always, mommy and daddy

Boof: Whether its drying your dishes or doing homework with you... I'll always like coming over just for sleepy time

Adam- Strip clubs and threesomes, these are a few of my favorite things

Mr. Tucker: You're still my pusherman even after all this time. I miss you and still love you, but its all good. Smooches to G

Daddy, You have been working so hard. we want to say thank you for loving us and taking care of us so well! Happy Valentines day, love Dana and Thomas

Alex- My little baby. I'm sorry I left you, but you know I will always love you with all of my heart. CKY/Primus/Rage will never be the same

GLITTER BEARD. Happy Valentine's Day from your Intimate. I love you! K

You are the man of my dreams, seven years into you and all I want is MORE

My hot pink powerhouse: you move my feet (and above), light my intellect, melt my heart, and always keep me smiling. Tu eres mi amor verdadero, te amo Your Rutanipito

bitch crew, dj skoolnite, and jd: i love all yall. fine ass bitches is hot. represent what what. forever yours, r

Ryan I'm drunk so this will probably be regretted. I love you. Your girlfriend is unworthy. Find me

S.Lovesick I-want-to-write-you-postcards from-foreign-shores Leave-you-candles-and-little-boxes-full-of-hope-drenched-nostalgia.-I-love-your-heart,-for-in-my-heart-it-bides.-I-don't-need-your-milk-as-much-as-I-lust-for-your-company.-Your-noble-thought-is-a-light-that-guides.-Write-my-name-anywhere-and-I-will-exist-for-an-eternity

I LOVE YOU You're too selfish and driven to be in a relationship. You're an asshole I'm the same way, and I don't want to be that person. I give up


mom please get better soon. it's sad to see you so down. i love you. j

Gulogulo, but only for punishment. Even with the microchip, I don't know where our love went, but we'll keep running circles until we're spent. Kisses, from C

Ryan It's just the person by your side remaining distant. Now the winter's growing close. The days are getting older. I can tell by your face that your heart is getting colder

Bridget Badass..Queen of The Roseland -You had my back from the start,and you've never stopped. You are the definition of a TRUE FRIEND! Thank you! Love ya lots Gina

Spawn 1--You're my partner in crime! Together we are unstoppable! Ah..the memories!! "We came,we saw,we took control!!" (and sometimes we puked!) Boo-Cock-ee!! Love ya- Spawn 2

To MY Hottie Soldier Bondage Boy YOU ROCK!! Thank you for coming into my life!! All I WANT,and all I NEED is YOU!! !00% yours...24/7 Love~Gina

GIRL WITH THE UPSIDE-DOWN GLASSES: You're once, twice, three times a lady... and girl, you've got a booty that just won't quit. Let's make nerd babies. Yeow

DEAREST SUGARTITS, i want to soak your cookie in milk and chow it like a rabid pitbull. i heart you like alot, mrs. dickliquer (an acquired taste) XOXO, mr. alcohol

Chris, You are the Butt-Head to my Beavis. Thanks for marrying me and my crap load of baggage. You're my favourite foot warmer... Erin

Anna Mullenholz, currently and forever I will love you! No goddamn ring could ever say it right, but if I could afford one I'd sure as hell get you one

Ericabeloved, thanks for patience with me as I learn to love you better with each day. May our hearts always be open to one another. Love, Albert

Snukamuf, I love to nest with thee, as we worship at the feetlets of the lovely queen. I love you as much as the fattest one is orange

BDM loves Princess Yoni and wants to say he hates hallmark day but loves you BADE

PIGMONKEY LIVES!!! You and me together forever monkey boy! Love from your little piggy

Monster kisses! John I mean it when I say you're the best boyfriend ever. Happy Valentine's day and all of that cutesy stuff. --Kate Mo

Robin, i love you sweetie, and look forward to sharing our lives for years to come. you rock my world! xoxox Metal Matt

JAH- I cook you food, I pick up your socks. You sing about dills, you wave around your cock. I love you. your Sexy Bitch

Jen: Is our love nest finally ours? We endure so gracefully! We mix passion and will. Our family grows deeper roots, climbs the sky.-Jeffrey

CREAM- A year ago on a moonlit beach 1/2 way around the world I never thought Id be here now. Its your fault. Yay for us! I love you

You're hotter than Snape, more interesting than Thucydides, and I love you

Grant- I'm the luckiest girl in the world when you're holding my hand! You stimulate my brain and my heart. NTHC! You amaze me! Love, Mandy

my darling husband could you rock my world more maybe if I'm good

Lacy, Ryah, Steph Not only are you three delightful characters, you're also amazing roommates! Thanks for your love and fun... I'll miss y'all in March. Happy Birthday, ladies! Love, Molly

Dear Brace, You are the only one to ever have truly been inside of me. Forever hugging your initials on my wall, Room 304

Who da Man Ralph Martin Gabrielli, That's Who

Happy Valentines Day Rachel! You're the sweetest, sexiest, most beautiful girl in Portland. I love it when you pick your g-string! Justin

Adam- you're pretty muchley awesome. Happy V-day. Love, Julie

The Gresham Ladies forever in my heart love Melisa

JGA, Did you take your pills? I promise to love you in all the strangest ways possible.... ARC

CLARK- I could just eat you up! I love you that much, beautiful man! Love, me

Allyson & Rebecca @ Binks Much love to the ladies who keep my beers full, my heart light, and my secrets secret (right?!).Kisses! Imma Lou

Zac o' Narwhal It's still TOP SECRET--Still, I think yr cutern the bees knees, still wouldn't mind workin what you got

Chenchabean, here's to another dozen years of bitchin, moanin, laughin, complainin, and growin up! Let's never celebrate STDs together again! Yr awesome, and I love ya, demons and all.*I.L.T

Christine Nomiddlename Johnson You make stars from the sky, and gravity nonexistant, you are a treeripe nectarine. You have an amazing rack and i love you.Thankyou for your wonderful gifts. love, robertkhasho

KB... Even as we grow apart, our branches remain entwined. The love I hold for you is rooted deeply, unwavering in the storm of existence. Your friend, K

Micki! Yr the best sister I never had! I'll never deserve the sweetness you offer, but I'm glad you keep it comin. YOU RAWK SEXY MAMA

joelie- happy valentine's day! i love you. you're the best.-caitlin

I hate you Val Dolan! But I miss our sweet porch time. Next year it's BEST SUMMER EVER, fr realz. Never let a penis come between us! Love-Cherry Tiger

BANJOLINA JOLIE... I love you best of all the bitches on Alberta. You're the sweetest sexiest thing I've ever rubbed against! I'm yours 4-eveh

Nate Saladbar- I have a crush on you! What's a decade, between friends? Let's get high and giggle sometime

Sare Bare, You suffer through my burps, farts, rockshows and hangovers. I love you.... ALL THE TIME! XOXO, T-1-11

John--Why don't I make you forget about tacos?-Jackie

To: Yummy B U PWN MY HEART Love: Dirty Whore

Sean your my sexy lover man!You have been since I first heard about you. My sexy bookstore guy! I love love love you!-M

Uh Oh Jesus Crust Cyborg- You are the hottest thing since William Shatner. Don't stop believing, sweet cheeks

NEW YORK JOE-I LOVE YOU!! You turned out to be a wonderful thing you sexy, sexy man. Come in on a Sunday and I'll show you the model

Hubbands- My once lean and unripened heart has been warmed by your love. I can't wait until the eggs in your head hatch. ~Wifehead

hey you hottie in the tight black me at the towne lounge on saturday and see if you can figure out who i am. wink

Mark, You are my soul mate! Thanks for the love, passion, laughter and adventures. Let's DO IT!! XOXOXOX- Donna

jrv- i love you and i know we will be together until the end. you are my beautiful girl. love mjw

Happy Valentines Day to my special girl Boopie Sugarbutt Dutchbaby. Love, the Boy

Beekeeper, I am eternally grateful that you decided to do you laundry with me. Domestically yours, Increase

Maritza, I hope you'll be my valentine again this year because I love you more than bacon and life itself. Te amo. Cesar

To Mr. Normal Shoes: Your guitar playing is better than ice cream, and your smile could light up a circus tent. Let's go to the library

Alex, Jenny, Sara You bitches rock my world

Vanessa I have tried and you made a new life for u not us. I dont know even where things should lie but know I will allways luv U

You are my first love and you'll never be less than that to me. I treasure every look, touch, kiss and kind word. I love you appropriately

Dear Buttery Lords You whip my cream up into a mound of frothy dairy sin. Come butter me like Brando.-xo, YBF

Happy V-day to my awesome wife! Hopefully I don't have an eye patch on this year.-D

Mr. 2, I love your spanky self. Don't forget it! Kisses and special favors from, Miss 1

k- whether we are on jupiter or the cold cement steps of st mary's, you will always be my harold. the love of my life. be mine. 3 a

Hey, someone thinks you're the bee's knees. Something about cat pajamas, too. I miss my home but I promised to deliver this. It's hard to type with these things. Flipper

Every time I break a fluorescent lightbulb in the basement of a videostore I think of you

Hanna from the Silver Dollar Friday 1/21...........Why cant I find you

Craig, You've really made this life a joyous journey of fun, friendship, freedom-fighting, and flow. Thank you much indeed

Tom, we love you, big way up to the sky! Come get some chapstick baby! Christyne, Freckles, Jake & Elwood

BOB, Brautigan understands Beautiful, sobbing, high-geared fucking and then to lie silently like deer tracks in the freshly-fallen snow beside the one you love. That's all" SEA

It's my birthday and you in a sparkle thong is all i want. happy valentines day my sweet hubby, love your tangerine

BUGGY! Clip this for one free weiner dance 'cause your the best dry girlfriend a Buggy could have. I love youz

EARTH WOMAN!! I am glad you are my pal. Stepback! HUH! YOWWW!!-The Sex Camel

HEY LITTLE SOCIAL WORKER CHIC! Like, you're little and, brunette and, work at that house place with those kids. I'm in like with you but, can't remember your name

Tammy, Hunter, Drew Wabe, we really think you guys are our soulmates. yeeeeesssss! Happy Valentine's Day. We love you Peace Out, love the girls and by girls we mean tits

Thanks for all the sugar daddies, sugar daddy. Love Blue Bear

I'm the NW Kickball red rubber ball. Thanks for playing with me during summer and fall. Let's share our red rubber love for years to come


Deeley Can't live with you, can't live with out you...I love you like a fat kid loves cake... let's hope these last 2 and a half years weren't a mistake. V-Diddy

Sean It's sweet like lime sherbert, rich like dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and hot like atomic fireballs to be your wife. I love you.Love, Shaina

Go get 'em Tiger"-(MJ to Peter) "You're so cool"-(Alabama to Clarence) "I know"-(Han to Leia) "Yes"-(Jordi to Ted..after you proposed to me) I LOVE YOU

Mister Steve S You are my favorite of all time. You are better than root beer, chocolate&peanut butter and tuna sashimi. Can't wait to be with you again

To Jezzabelle & Squirrel You are the prettiest and most wonderful cats on the face of the planet. I love you more than life itself. Love, Corrinna the Cat Lady

DAVID, Schnucky-Putzy With you every day is Valentine's Day. You are my Love, my Life, my Happiness! Happy Valentine's Day! Your eternal Wife, IRMGARD

ducky, *kiss* let's run away together and get married. i love you with all of me. i've got the lemonade, let's have a picnic! *sidekiss* sweetpea

MOBY!!! We love you! Thank you for being such an awesome friend to us! Well don't look under your bed... alligators!!! Love ya! from your twins: Kacey & Katey(grace

Shelby and Joe We are your #1 fans. Thank you for the dice, pbr, beans and giggles. BFF 4 EVER? Love, Nate and Bits

To my sweet salvation. You folks have given me a place to love, create, and exist. I cannot imagine my life without all of your wonder and remarkable beauty

Ty, your eight legged methods got me caught in your web of lust and desire. I'll forever be your captured prey- Chommers

coco b ware thank you for allowing me to feel like a unicorn on a reality tv show. you really are a doing among beings... peace

You, my pressurecooking wizard, the best male wifey a woman could have, i can't wait to spend our lives together, and maybe hunt wolverines too

SUSAN, I am sooo happy we are finally together- 4-ever I cant think of anyone better to do a more crazy thing w/ Matthew

Jeremy, You take my breath away and it returns to nourish me like fresh rainfall. We are so hot

Liz, In my life, I love you more. Be mine?! Chris

DmercedesS, While the love fruit shines, put your veggies in brine and hold the phone ? 'cuz I luvs you Big Time. Happy V-Day, Chris II

You: Silly, sweet a blue eyed dork. Me: Goofy, lovable, a brown eyed girl in love. Us: playful, moody, two goof balls together. I love you

D~You who are my heart's desire, I long to set your soul on fire. How awesome when you caress the GSpot, I'm definite our love is everlasting HOT! Boo

My Bear thank u 4 making me ur angel U R da best Come what may it's me + you. Luv u more than NEthing-ur girl

Oh bunny, LA is just smog and sorority girls without you, which sounds more fun than it is. I miss your nose

Patta-atta-hadda-maril, You were my beloved yesterday, are my beloved today, and will be my beloved tomorrow

Brightest star, warmest morning, I have learned to find my way without your guiding light. Yet I still wish that your smile were with me. Come back around

I love you Melissa Ann! Now give me a kiss!-Nicholas

The day you told me of your indifference to anal sex, I knew I'd found someone special. Sloppy drunk loving from your butt plug loving man

salivating septillion salubriates her septum. silly, si? lubriscious latisha, she's dishus. most marveling michael

Zachariah~ You are my best friend, not to mention the most beautiful man alive, in every way possible. Will you be my partner in crime? ~Sharon

Heather, I'll walk with you through any sunset as long as you'll be there to watch it rise with me. You are the reason for me to do anything. Nick

Tyrone, Who needs a pussy with a mouth like yours? Big Tony

Dearest Kelly T You are the very greatest guy out there in the world and need to know how much I do care about you! As well as feel your great body next to my body so you and I are just like one person again. It should be great for you to know that I do care about you more than anyone else can know in this world. So do not give up on me as you do know how to use email to find me when you have the need to be close to me again. Love ya; Cecilia B

Happy Valentines day to my best friend, lover,soulmate Ron Lickey. You were worth all the things that I had to go through to get to you. The snotty princess

This Valentine is for the only man in my whole life, that I have experianced love with. In more ways than I thought possible. Happy Valentine's. Richard Sagraves Love, AprilW

emily wagner, i'll never forget. coco, be kind to craig and quit pretending you have a boyfriend. my love: enjoy while it last. we'll all end up in the graveyard

Tall, hazel-eyed, dark haired, grocery-bagging lover...I want to get wrinkly with you! I love you! Happy Velentines Day! BrynnMarie

Tim Moore- You stole my heart freshman year and said you'd "do me" on new years. Just wanted to say hi, I miss you. Happy V-day

To the crew Rock on! White russians and screwdrivers.. getting iced in and smoking out. I love you, Ali, Erin, MC, Lauren, Kat, all of you! Kisses. Love, Rachel

To the MT Crew- Heres to foreign movies, awkward sex talks, driving around, pulling double duty, being the "only" girl, and finally being friends. I'll miss you. Love- Rachel

Ryan Smith-You have made me happier this past month than I have been before. I don't know what I am without you. Happy Valentines Day, Babe! NV

Jessi Miller, happy VD

SQUIRREL- i was afraid i'd forgotten how to care about someone, but slowly it's coming back. you're the perfect thing to thaw my ice. you're HAWT. SPONGE

Cain, Cain, Cain Cain, yet another Valentine's greeting for you. You still rock! Tell God I said hi

New guy at newspace 1/27- I had dark hair and couldn't say anything to you. Literally the cutest guy I've ever seen... dark brown hair...yum. Come more often, ok

come and see the strangers on february 19 at the red and black. we'll make love to you all. all the world is our valentine.

red fire, i am going to hump you in your republican hiney... love, jesus burger

hatkin, you smell like sweet poop, but i love you anyway. see you in the graveyard

Oh Allibabwa, how I love thee... Thankyou for filling my life with joy and love. You are so special, my sugarplum. Love and kisses-Your Bubula

To EJW, You will always be my new bride! I love you. Love, Babers

Domo, Just because we keep you in the drawer doesn't mean we don't still love you. We do. Love mom and dad

To Rerun, We love that your bark is worse than your bite. You are too cute! Love mom and dad

To HB, It's your fuzzy belly that we love. We love you! Love mom and dad

ADEY BABY!!!!!! Happy Valentines Day! You mean the world to me- and I love you so so much! Love, Jeremy

Laura, Esmerelda, and Micheal. My partners in crime (and everything else). I love you. See you at home

My beautiful Aquarian Circling around your love my picean spirt swims. You are perfect, sweet, sexy and wonderful hubby! I love you to the stars! Your little Blueberry girl

LoveBug, sweet pants I'm totally yours now & forever. Your butts so cute in those jeans you like to wear. Yummy

G. to the Carlo~ thanx for taking care of me while I was being generally unhappy in the hospital. I love you more than sleeping pills and percocet. Chicken Nooodle

jason you're the hottest guy in biology, stop "taking notes", wear something green and ask me to hang out this weekend

painter man, come on! paint, brush, canvas, and north light are no substitute for a sweetie. stroke and poke me with your brush nice guy and make my toes curl

Radio Cab Brian We are lovers, friends, partners in crime Three years together creating high times Cheesy poetry everyday I pen too Now all of Portland knows how much I love you

Loverboy. You are tastier than artichokes with butter. Hotter than any baked potato. Sweeter than an apple and prettier than stripes on canvas. I love you. xoxo AC

Devilinski, U got me at "R U a hooker or just a slut?". U make me as moist as a snack cake. DJOP-that spells Hobocamp. Love, Molestakiss

Abbi Boodabba, Have I told you today? "Come what may, I will love you until my dying day..." Happy valentines day soul. Love, Belladonna

Andrew- You smell terrific, have lovely shoulders which are perfect for placing small kisses upon, and have exceptionally nice hindquarters. It's too bad that you are a maladjusted nutjob

SERAIAH- In our seperateness we come closer together.Like the way of the Tao...the sage is guided by what he feels and not by what he sees. NAMASTE

Dave, you make us purr, we love you so. Me & the kitties- C, C, C, & K

Because you let my little brother live in our basement. Because you laughed that time the bedframe broke. Because you're always the one who gets up for water. Love, CNB

Kir, I hunker down behind a potted plant to watch you leave the bakery each day. Covered in a layer of flour, sugar, and goo, mmm-mmm. Fabio

Kitty Shanks for moving in witsh me! Pleash don't leave meee!Will you be my besht frienshd Valentine? Always and forever. Always and forever. Love, Moose

Rose Moyer is my favorite Portland band. I would be ever so happy if they would be my special Valentine. Love, Paris

Sarah B. and Kellykat These 2 girls are the best! Kelly needs to move back! I love you both!! 3 P.Dawg

Chad I caught you a delicious bass. P is for Paris

Neighbor boy- This is going somewhere we never thought. Am I right? I have fell. Love- neighbor lady

Schnooger-Pums: We've got some ridiculous names for each other don't we? Let's work on that. Love you Cutie-Poop, Baby-Bear

rat you got sweetest flower i ever sniffed. join me for stinky kimchee and pickles. we play in the mud, make houses. love you long time.poopy ox

Zane-I miss you. Should we try again? S.R

Hey Sweet Cheeks No, I won't marry you! But maybe after 6 more years we could live together. XOXO Earth Muffin

Taylor-This is for you because you never cease to amaze me. You've saved me in so many ways. I love you more than anything in this world. Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day babe!! Your the best damn sign holder ever!! I am so happy that we found eachother... the future is ours... let's see where it takes us. jaimie

F- thanks for the laughter, the funny noises and the Get Up Kids.-S

Sarahfoot - watch out for the dogs that hump your leg...they may want more than scratch on the head... Happy V-Day! Chipmunk

Emily, thank you for being you with me, Matthew

Casey & Taylor, you two are the best part of my life. Love always, Dad

Rub a dub dub I got me a lub Who has such nice haunch My heart it does launch Oh there isn't any Valentine like my Benni! Love, Sarah

M- do you know you drive me... crazy? that I just can't sleep? do you know how excited you make me? am I in too deep?-A

My Dear Man from Decatur Who moved here when you could of said "Later", You are my sweet love with Wispy bangs and pumped arms, and I thank you

She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that 's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes:- I love you Kelley

HEY ODWALLA GUY Yeah you, the tall guy with the shaved head. I've seen you around Beaverton and I think you look hot in your uniform

To my Passion Puffin from your Pleasure Penguin

Tlo, A rebirth thank you happiness, thank you hope, faith, honor commitment, peace of mind I the sword and you the samurai, my life is yours as you provided life. PJM

Palau and Hawaii I can't wait Akalei

To my Gyrl Genderfucked body and pagan stench of me, You taste and tremble so desperately. I offer now my soul, so that complete we can be. Ever, your Gyrl

J-lo I'll be yours forever if you take me back to Oaxaca, buy me a real ring, and never take me camping again. your bug

let's rethink this whole "just being friends." cause woman, i'm dying to kiss your body again. especially your eyebrows. when? when

Genevive- You were worth the wait. I love your shining mind, your effortless insights, your smokey jazz voice, and your beautiful pussy. It feels so good to have you in my life. Yr. Lover Man

Turtle, Like all love songs, the notes of you are better played simple and with warm fingertips. Love always, Pae

DAMN YOU WITH A SMILE Here's a maudlin toast to the way you taste and feel and think and talk and are, inevitably, set in me like stone

Hello Real Life Thank you!!-for making me a quieter, happier woman, and for the fireplace and the wine and the food and the LOVE. See you at home

EZ, thanks for 11 years of sticky sweet gumballs. You're the best Mickey a girl could ask for. Luv, Kimmy

To Brett Jarolimek Roses are Red Violets are Blue Sugar is sweet and your not. XOXO Your Secret Admirer

To Saskia and Daniel: I could not survive without you! I am so greatful for our friendship! I LOVE YOU! love, Charla

Patrick- You have swept me off of my feet in more ways than one since that night at the Galaxy. Hopefully I can dance my way in to your heart as you have bench pressed your way in to mine.-Tara

Helmy you are my wildest Gael Garcia Bernal fantasy come to life- sometimes i don't think my heart is big enough to contain my love for you. xoxo Joel

Lovely Umatillans! We have planted roots and shared deeply the fruits of our common space! Blessings for the coming year in all the meals we share

Oh meat fella at the Sellwood New Season's with blonde stringy hair, serve me up those bacon ends! yikes

HUNNERTON!!! happy VD to my favoritest halfmonkey! Honnerton (aka Awesome Opossum

Christy R. We don't need any dumb boys! I'm so glad we're friends. This summer is going to Rock! Will you be my Valentine? I Love you! Hot! Love, Nicole

Peet! You're a lucky man! And I'm what a woman! I hope we both find some hot boys to make out with! Happy V day! Love, Cole

I forgot to tell you that I love you, too

DAMN you are a sexy bitch and i love grabbing your ghetto ass. bite my neck and nipples. CHupa chups

WATASHI WA YUUUUUU i know ive dont some shady shit. BUt i love you more then anything. you are my world

I love you more then my EL CAMINO but not more then MIFFY. my BIG BOX, i will always be your CHUPA CHUPS. I love you. DnE4evA

Erika: I give you my past my future and I give you my thoughts my hope and this vow to give you my Love forever. Mark

casey rohter... i i love love you love you know who

To Meemo: Is he still exciting? I still adore/love/miss you more than ever. Polar bears miss polka dots. Bunkbed Somersault Love, Your Tattooed Robot

Yessy Lindon, my love, amidst the vague metaphors, I want to be candid and say I'd wrestle a Liger for you and more. Is my love in vain

LOOKING for my babe. travel hike bike laugh. i stay true to myself. i'm 5.8 138lb. i'am a snowboarder and very sexy. super attractive valantine

Jessi- 4 years and you still stun me with your beauty and passion for life. May we live long and die at the same moment, never without love. JRJ

Brett, you are the hottest husband ever. Meegan


Nichole sexy butt I never thought I could ever love someone as much as I love you. I cannot wait to make you my wife finally. Happy Valentines Day, love Callie&Daddy

Drew I'm so glad you went to the fez on my birhtday! You changed my life. Happy Valentines. LUV, Babydoll

To: Snoopy Poo Punkin' Pie Sweetest of all sweet baboo's, Polka dot lover, little deer... Snuggling with you is a toasty treat. Peanut butter kisses back at you, boo. Love, Bunnie

LANITRON another year another valentine and i love you as much as're beautiful. HISTODDNESS

Mommy, you are the one true valentine in my life. just wanted to publicly display my love for you. thanx for being the best moomie in the world

Mike Baby, Loving you so much all these years. Thanx for the support and great champagne. Oh yeah, and the great sex too......... Happy Stupid Hallmark Day

Kelsey, I love you and your elbows and your ribs and how you can put up with me sometimes. Especially when I decide CUDDLE! is a good idea. Love, Nicole

K-you have been a godsend,thank you for coming into my life.I heart you baby and jahkinndah as well.D

Adam Taylor- though you refuse to take a bath (you wont die, you wont marinate in your own filth), I still like you, you still smell good (no Doughnut)- Kimberly

Michael, Hunny u mean everything to me. My heart pitter patters when u come home. I wanna Love u for life. Forever Trish

Jason Davis, U R Fine O' Fine. The Finest Fine Barista At 9th N Taylor (besides UR cute coworkers) May The Purple Reign Rain Sweet Boys. Luv Prince

Jacov Moonshine- le fauxmo of Portland's greatest band: Skinsack. Someday i'll learn how to play drums. until then... good luck on the beard. the better half of Skinsack: KK

ANTI-VALENTINESDAY card giving man, how did you know the perfect way to melt my heart? Because you ROCK! I love you with all my Breath, Mr. Raine

Matthew, we will be together, through the greatest & the worst times. You are my valentine, every day of the year. I love you.-Michele

Baby squirrels? Nope it's just Nuzzle Weevle saying "Happy V-Day" to my special Cuddle Beatle. Your smile warms my heart and morning veiws of wooded areas brings untold joy

Discount ice cream shop on Killingsworth. 5:00. Be there. Blue bear

alabama sue, your pretty paws seductive snore and temptress sashay i do adore. your yen & yang, chopper p.s. props to mom for the belly rubs

Lee love Dawn Marriage? Skip, let's watch DVD box sets together til the sun don't shine. Here's hoping we'll learn to handle our sugar. I love you from rooftops. Jae

Nix, just because we don't see each other much doesn't mean you're not my fave. Tell Beija I am 100% dog lover now. Miss you. Happy V day. J

Jonah, happy V day! Let's have a big hurrah before you go play with the big boys in the Ivy League. Love you. J


A mis amores De la que les adora Les mando mil besos Los que quedan entre deseos......

A, hands down you win the Oscar for Best Spy Moves. Happy Valentine's Day! Another day at the office, plus pink crepe paper. J

HUNNY- BUNNY! I looove you, even if only forever. And, remember-- it can't rain all the time! Punkin

ALLEGRA, my geisha 19 years is a long time to wait for a dream to come true. I'm glad you finally entered my life. Me Love YOU long time

Jamie I., I love it when we are at work together. You are so truly beautiful. With Love

mp---i wish things could be the way they were. i miss you. --ai

jaron- i love you. have a divine day

always glad to see you mike pink arm warmers, wouldn't it be nice? sigh, r

I love you like I love vomiting after a night of Jack Daniels. I love you dear Salad

From your whirly girly, You are everything great, constantly challenging me to be better than ever before. Also, I really like it when you kiss me you-know-where

Big G, Thanks for cute sleeping your way into my heart. Love, lil g

GerogAnnette, your the radest lady in the land. Lets promise to hang out more...ok! BFF. Love, Grace

Courtney "the Crusher Thanks for making me do my homework! I promise to have that sleepover SOON! Love, Grace

Jessicat, Be My Valentine. Love, Grace

Blend. Happy Valentines to Lara, Kristy, Kim and David. Love, guess who

Simone, My makeup is All real. Happy Valentines day. So gald we kick it again!!! ADIOS, Graciela

Brian, at Red Light. Happy Valentines Day. Thanks for rocking so hard! Love, The Beach Boys

Under the night sky and single star, I felt a deep connection between us. Have you found THE PATH with HEART yet? Happy Valentine's Day

Dearest Zac Pennington You were totally right about Bowling For Soup, I don't care what anyone says. XO

light headed looking you- theres nothing more i'd want to do.Close my eyes when your not around- to dream of yours so in them I can drown

i have no one. i am a loser. and i hate you all for your god damned happiness. burn in hell

ANDREW, I love you and all of your crane-gazing, donkey-fixation, eating-all-the-ice-cream ways. Happy Anniversary, sweetness!!! K

Dearest Geahk, Thanks for being my partner in life. I love and cherish you so much! Inshallah, may the bus never come! Love always, Nettie

Peanut~ I will love you forever especial that sweet ass of yours.Happy Valentine! ~Tisha

Meeker~ Even though you won't put it in my butt, I still love you with all my guts! ~Brooke

Who would of thought us crazy cats were still bumping uglies! Especially in "Portland"! We must love eachother. HAPPY VALENTINES SCOTT! (You better be taking me to dinner.) Love Poo-Poo

Wooly- Ever since Craig introduced us, I've been una mujer feliz. Our liking and lusting and loving, I never want to cease. You cleaned up my stinky taters, and showed your utter devotion. So each day that dawns is another chance, to express my amorous emotion. I love you! Freckled Girl with Guns (aka Shenais

AUREL-Te amo mucho m'hija. Tu eres mi dulce valentin. MAMI

nifer, every year i write one of these and every year we break up. perhaps i would learn to stop doing this, but i haven't. i love you

to the ex you were the best and worst thing that happened to me..but you're becoming the best thing again

London Suicide Suicide Girls Portland Please include the original message in your reply. You can reach me on AIM at SuicideSIren77

T.Tugg- Babae, thanks for rockin' my world! V-love R.J.B

Dear Valentine, You know who you are. How could you not after the hot nights we spent under January's waning moon. Happy V-Day from Cabo

Tiff-ah-sneeze, Happy Stupid Corporate make single people feel inferior day! Please be my valentine (I know, I'm Greedy) as I am always yours! I Love You, Remember no spitting. MissAZL

Bryce-The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you-Rumi...I love you...xoxo

Lauren-lessa have some sexy intercourse, okaaaay? izza nice! then we have party

Giant Pink Robot of Death- Lets go distroy a city with our big giant feet, while we walk hand in hand down the street. xox Super Girl

Travis, "It is my desire to call this city home, and to come home to you." We're doing it, Portland will be your home. I love you honey! Amanda Rose

Ohhh CYNTHIAAAA. I love you (x infiniti). You are the best friend I could ever ask for. I'm so glad we get to spend this day together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 3 Ariel

MY John~ You know... I LOVE YOU! YOUR Trina

I love you for your thumb, your "armpeeeet", and most of all; your heart--NatleeChu

Pookaloo, we never imagined tequila night would spark a love for nearly three years now. I love you and our little cohabitating family, you, me and little Kittenface. Love, Kitty

Bunkie, Who would have guessed that a walk on a moonlit night 16 years ago in Laurelhurst Park, would have been the beginning of an incredible adventure! I love you! Bobbers

To the horrible couple... Don't move in together, break up so we can fuck you individually. Love Mitzi n' Buffy

Dear Jeff, Happy Valentines Day! You are the best boyfriend a girl could have! Thanks for being so awesome. I love you very much times eight! Love, Amy

Benjamin Gibbard, if we could fuck you senseless we would, please knock on our door. Love Mitzi and Buffy

Dear Pancake, I love you more than Star Wars, i love you more than Red Dwarf, i love you more than Billy Joel. You are amazing. Steak

To the man who roams our countries highways, if you would stay in one place we would fuck you. Alot. Love Mitzi and Buffy

To SHMOOPY, From LOVEROD. I love you and am happier than I have ever been with anyone else. You complete me

You homosexual fabulous mormon husband/father, we want to strap chaps on you and love you like you need it. Much love, Mitzi and Buffy

To QUIDGET Just a note to say that I wanna put it in your pooper. I love you my perfect someone! From P-DUBYA

Dearest Hot-Fuck, No one ties me up and spanks me quite like you. I adore you. Much love,-K

To CRISPIX. You are the wonderful someone that I've always wanted. I love the way you look at me. You make me so happy! HONEY BUNNY

Flo For the love of God, eat some cookies. You are hot. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Jenna, You lesbian slut. Your Vegas marriage is a sham and navy blue eats cunt. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Anthony, You are a gay cokehead. Please deal with this because none of us want to look at you in your new yellow-stained pants. Hatefully yours, Mitzi and Buffy

Dear bambi, i am an idiot. but you know it. and you love me anyway, and i love you for it. love crepe

Lexa-bell, You hot African. He wasn't good enough. Mitzi wants to fuck you. Worry not.Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Anderew, You are a self-hating whore. I am the hottest lay in P-town, and you have missed out. Love, Mitzi and (her eternal hetero-life-mate) Buffy

Jerry, You are creepy. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Nate, You are sooooooo fuckable. Stop dating the controlling bitch and we will tag team you. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Marcus, Stop being so fucking anal and maybe someone will fuck you. Fondest regards, Mitzi and Buffy

Morning Ticklish- I love you to pieces, molecules, atoms; Happy Day Before Conor Oberst's Birthday. More years like the last one and tea and jam et. al.-"Julie" Hair

To my fabulous gay co-workers, You are what keep my from stealing Elaine's cock. You know who you are. Luv-Luv, Mitzi and Buffy

To all my ninjas, Someday we'll jump the mutherfuckin' world. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

James, You are a fabulous vintage-lovin, hot-house keepin', hot ass. We wish we could love you, but you are gay. Sincerely, Mitzi and Buffy

Jen! You are a sexy soul-makin' Momma! We worship your hotness. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Colin Maloy, Make us wet while you sing of Turkish prostitutes. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Lars, We want to strip in your condo to N.W.A. Make sure you throw a condo-warming party. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

dearest MPC even though i touch you everyday it still feels like the first time i touched you. you are the best beat machine ever.i love you. erik b

lexi sweet i fall in love with you again and again you are my sunshine and my smile thank you for putting up with me for 6 years. xoxoxo george

Devon, Iloveyou. Will you be my girlfriend? Love Malissa

sweepie loves ruffell

erik. you're my sugarshorts

Hill- I hope you get some by Valentine's Day. That would be sad if you didn't. Even that old man got some. Twister Sister says GTB. Love- I said no

JC, Right now your feet are pressed up against mine, your body is next to mine and I know, no person has ever loved another more than I love you.-Colin

Buffy, Cap'n Toots Nigel, and I applaud your punktastic commitment to sassy bitchhood. Your hetero-lifemate, Mitzi

dear ryan, i'm only allowing you to stay because my mom likes you. although, now that i'm allowed in your room, i'm almost happy. i'm watching you. hiss, delph

Bitch of Asses you owe me $3 because I snorted applesauce for you, I need it soon because I have to pay your mom for last night. Happy V Day! Love Briesef

Stormi: My Lil Bunny. You are a real life Aphrodite and I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy Aphrodite Day. Love, Your Firey One

Dr. Love- I'll come sleep in your bear cave any day. When I Think About You I Touch Myself. Can I be your Punk Rock Girl?-L

My Beloved Soup Thank you for believing in me. 6 1/2 years and still going. I love you more than you will ever know. Happy Aphrodite Day! ~Your Myriad Entity

Hey A-Doggg-- Just wanted to tell you I love you and I want to marry you someday.. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Shelly

BRENT: Every Snoopy needs his Charlie Brown. I'm so happy that you're mine. You're a good man. Happy Heart Day, with much love. SCOTT

luna & snickerdoodlepoodle, thanks for the sugar parneting, doctoring and getting the apple crisp recipe before you pushed grandma down that final time.. i heart you guys

Hey babes! I'll miss the bike rides and making tofu and potatoes for breakfast. But it was a good run..and you'll always hold a special place in my heart

You- gray eyes blondish hair, and those pornstar boobs (ohhh !!!!). Me- the one that makes your thighs quiver. ROAR

Happy Valentines Natalia you are the love of my life and hopefully we can spend the rest of our lives together growing old. I love you so much

Lightening storms in Rome, elevators in the Arc de Triomphe, stoempen in Brussels . . . . let's plan some more memories. MWAH

SMF: "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Heb 13:5-VJL

I wuv you my widdle szchnook'ms" A.S & J.S rule PDX. fin

MAP, you are the most wonderful hamster in the whole wide world. I love you- SYN

Lindsay I love you!! The last 6 months have been incredible. lets continue loving, growing, and manifesting. Love, your rooster

Robert K. You are so cool; and by cool,I mean totally sweet. You give me like a thousand boners everyday. I love you! Julie C

Will,You are such a mysterious guy I've ever met!! I never really understand you, but I love you...- M

Doodleboy- I am so incredibly happy that you took a chance and sent me a message... the last 80 days have been awesome! xoxo- AnotherUniqueGirl

Beluga- I know it hasn't been perfect, but I know we will be barking and sniffing with the best of 'em in no time. Snorts, Mushu

All devils point to Marsha. Demons know their destination. Got my pitchfork right here. I'm deserving of damnation. Perdition, doom, condemnation: All results of loving Marsha

PM, Ever since I met you, my life has never been better! I love you! Happy V. day! MP

Brittny Spears- I love your chi chis of sin. They are so sinful, just like my legs, Sarah's ass, and Jake's testicles. Sin is in! Love, Miss Hilton

Carou: Eu amo voce pra caralho e espero que o nosso tesao continue aumentando cada vez mais! Voce e a "coisa" mais valiosa na minha vida!! Muitos beijos e chupoes, Tiago

David-Loving and being loved by you has made my world bigger and brighter. Still can't get over the only gets better from here! Konnie

Morgan My Love You are my beautiful partner for life. I can't wait for our wedding in May! I love you!-Samantha

G- I likes you some. No,scratch that. I Love you immensely. You rock out! You are my favorite Boy.Ever. Bug

Heidi, my love no one can kiss like a cuttlefish better than you can. I long for the feel of your tentacles all over my body.- E

Nicola, I Love you. You Da Bomb. Slop

Dear Senor Molote Thank you for many one good times. El pajarito en mi corazon canta para tu. Besos, Besos, Besos, The Pancake Lady

Geoff- do me. Do me hard. fuck me. do that tongue thing. you know who

Karena- with all hair on my back all the beats in my drum all the ink in my pen all the boogers on your buns i love you...-mateo

Hectorwhore, Our pandas gaze into each other's eyes. I think my panda wants to beat yours up. Here's to many more years

To my dear Morningstar: May this Valentines/Aniversary we share today, be just the beginnings of the good things to come. All my love, your soul-mate forever. Hawk-Eaglefeather

Janet, Looking back it all seems like some wonderful whirlwind, but through it all, youve remained my other self, the person I was meant to be. Love, Adam

Jennifer You're someone extra special who deserves the very best including all the joys that make you happiest you're an angel in my heart in a very special place Neal

Chet, I love you like a horny teenage girl loves a gay communist boy on myspace. THAT'S A LOT

JUSTIN HARRIS. this bit of love goes out to your pants for being VERY TIGHT in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES

Mr. Sinister, you rock my world.-Diamond D

It was a joke, Fletcher. A fucking joke. Be my valentine?? Okay, that was a joke, too

Capn' Toots, You craddle my ass like no other. You will always have a home. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Cult Jam, You are a lesbian hippie. Why must you make us call you out. For V-day eat some pussy and enjoy. Love, Mitzi and Buffy

Conor Oberst, wanna get married and have lots of super cute emo babies? CALL ME

Remember When? The blankets were stars and you were the moon We slept, dreamt and had sex until noon

Puff- You are my inspiration and my best friend. To ever come close to being even half the woman you are surpasses my most lofty goals. Thanks! Love, Rosalind

Hey Mz.Conduct- You have too many awesome qualities to describe in 30 words or less-Rock on, girl! Love, A Secret Admirer

Happy V-day Alecia From the man with the perfect 'C

i want to grow old with you in our amazing apartment on our beautiful couch. i love you

To Clayton I Love You very much with out you i would be so lost. I hope we have a happy and blissful life together love Sonja

REBEW, You're my favorite chicken toucher, wound licker, haunted nutria keeper, syphilis appreciator, knower of word using CandBs, lowbrow cartoon enthusiast... You're so great I have to keep you! XOXOEVEER

Serena, Remember I'll always be there for you, now and forever and together I know we will find happiness, because you deserve everything, and so much more. Love Casey

Sweetie-Poo, I love you now, more than ever. Let's take a bubble-bath together! xoxoxo, Love, Punkin-toes

MY DARLING KYLIE You fell, hit your head And got 14 stitches But Babe you still produce A big tent in my britches! In sickness and in health, AL

A DAUGHTERS' LOVE Ashley Dearest, The true love that we share Makes my heart rich, Too bad your mom Is still a mean, dirty Bitch! Love Forever, Daddy

Kourtney- Your hair maybe sexy and your ass might be too. But you never ever, be too sexy for me. I miss you and think of you always

Eric, they never thought that we would last this long, I'm glad we've proved them all wrong. You've taught me a lot about life. I will always love you, Wiggles

CS-Things going well in 11th month. Change of standard opperating procedures requires reinterpretation of standard roles and responsibilities. Copulate with Extreme Passion! Make it so Number One... Engage. ME

This is a V-Day shout out to my crew. Erin, Ali, Rachel, McCailin and the lot, you guys rock! Love you

MANDIE i miss you sometimes, i'm sorry that i said all the things i said. please call me. i have so much to say. true love always. me

Travis- You are such an amazing person, you mean so much to me. I would do anything for you. I love you, Taylor

Simon-sunset flowering Shifting colors, beautifully eternal dance/Words of love to tell you/ There I found my rainy butterfly,/ Lovely kiss I dreamt of, autumn/When dreams come/ T

Sending some love your way Tim I'll be thinking of you Happy Valentines Day

Hunny Bunny- Wish I had the guts to tell you how I really feel. You rawk!! Sugar Butt

DALLAS VANWINKLE- Nice haircut you fuckin jackass. Thanks for being part of my life. Happy Valentine's Day

I love you Gooseberry Girl, From Wuddelly-Wooedelly Bear

The years of waiting and trying to conquer my irrational fears have finally paid off. You are the happiness behind my smile. Love, the Biggest Geek Ever

Alright Kid Knockout I'll never leave the country without you again. Let's have a rockin' Valloween: martinis, sex, and tomato noodle. Costume optional

KENNETH--So many parts of my life are constant reminders of you. I'll always cherish our time together and what I learned from you. Go Zappo's! Love, Lisa


My dear, grateful Morpheus. So glad to find you here. Even Princess is under your spell. We have the static cling. Come closer. I have a secret for Big Trouble

Beach baby Deana Newly wed and loving it. Mark J

LOVELOVELOVE to Six Days Artist Collective on Alberta Street! From your not so secret admirers Sarah and Terri

LuxRush Nachi girl Building dreams and fulfilling them with you is the finest luxury life has given me. Happy Valentine's Day. Will you be mine again? Love, A

I CLP do sollumly LUV TMV and now everyone in PDX who reads PMC will know this to be. Chris Loves Traci

A message of undying love for my three favorite sleepover vixens. Happy v- day! get f'ed and take 1 shot for me.Love and hugs. Bengi

Max! I really like you, I'm sure you know. Will you be my Valentine? Or something? from (5x2)-3! You know who I am. And which MLC Max you are

St. Valentine's Day last year? I was writing a story about some chick throwing herself off a building. St. Valentine's got decapitated. I am lonely

Biscuit You are the larva in my wound. Festering and inflaming, deranging my thoughts, and spreading your contagion to my heart. Never relent. Please, never relent. Peanut

stoiven, i love you so bad baby. let's lose the beads again.- sarah

joshua, mi amor you are my heart's journey- you are the atlas by which I find happiness and beauty- you are my harbor. I love you. fuzzy bear

E.W.-i love eating pieces of food with you and taking warm naps. you're my man

Serena- Look deeply in my eyes, for there is where you connect with my soul. Thank you for all your love and care!- Angel

bitsy: you are my honey-honey suckle, I am the bee. That's right its a metaphor for I'm gonna put it in ya

TRAVIS FROM NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! Scandals on your floor listening to T.REX was just how I wanted to ring in 2005. Hopefully we'll see each other again one drunken evening

I love how you laugh when I spell it: butsekts. I love you more than coke and hookers combined

Peggy Sue- your rad i hope we can become better friends soon Happy Vlentines Day-Me

Mr. Scamperton and Mr. Chair; Mmmbba, mmmbbbbaa, bba, mmbbaa, mmkkao. Love you

Emily, you stole my heart, Isis and myself from the cold midwest. To show us how warm and beautiful the northwest is. We love you very much

MINE, MINE, MINE Love you baby

Cassie, Your red hair and round ass makes me want to cream myself. I want a taste!! secret lover

Erin, My sexy surf goddess. I dream of you nightly catching big waves.Your freckles +red hair makes me grow the biggest boner!! Anonymous

For MiLady, my dolly, my toy; my companion, my partner, my joy; my enforcer, my friend, my wife; For Kiki, my lover, my Life. --Lindle

Tara(Boom Boom Girl you got a sweet ass! Maybe I can rub it sometime

Heath, I want to take a big bite out of your sweet sweet candy bar. Yum!!!! KIR

Good Morning Beautiful I hope our Happy Place lasts forever. Queen, Tard, Sally Cat, Mutley Moe and Me all say our dreams will come true. Love always, mel

My heart made thick gooey Cold toes warmed with your rich chewy. Baby we make a heat so Hot, You will always be my sweet shit Lover

SS#14-what if i'd forced you to stay? we would've fought anyway. i'm really good @ being me, you're really good @ being you. good game. tirami su

Lust is a bust. I still want your nuts. We are insane on our own plane. The newness of Us is raw fantasy as reality

teal-his guidence bleakened, I-still bound-her life-her name-her soul-I am bound to her-Happy Valentines Teal-I love you

To that raven haired Libran being charioted in the black eclipse and who can be found sipping on winged drinks and carrying her lunch.Special K, have a rockin Valentine's

Little Miss Short Pants Your beautiful and sweet, wonderful and fun, cute and petite. Your my favorite of all time, and will always be. I'm looking forward to more fun times. xoxoxoxox

Only a go-go dancer would ever be caught dancing at a leather bar, or so I thought until I found you. I love your dancing feet.-Daddy

Jolene, 9 long years have come and gone, but the fun one's have just begun. Sit bit back hold on,let me love you long time.Love, Jesse

Oh, sweet ranger of North Portland, you walk in your blue uniform, a stealthy love pundit, the only expert of my heart

brown pride! antonio you are the best mexican in town, jen you are the greatest chick around. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH IT'S GROSS

Dr.Monkey- Even though you keep tricking me into smelling your sweet funk, I love you more and more each day. Kisses, Nurse Boobneye

L-DAWG, You're the shit Baby. love, Stinky

Dennis my love I love you! Love, Carie

Erin, Happy Valentine's Day! love you! Carie

Ron, you still make me get goose bumps! Carie

i still love you because i don't know how not to love you. a shadow, an echo, why? i do not know, but i am here. mm

viva la revolucion my beautiful messy conquistadora! i'm no match for your weapons of love, but goddamn i love a good wrestlin' match! when will you pin me again

shunda pie. on v-day i want to sail around the perimeter of my favorite island. the one that favors your right side. set anchor. love you, pak-o-rot

Happy Valentine's Day Every day the 14th! I don't think y'all heard me! I just wanna say Happy Valentine's Day! Can y'all dig that? Katie, Will you be my valentine

You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You are so smart and Beautiful.I will do anything to make you happy. Anywhere you go I will follow

Soka- we havent been together for our whole lives but it feels like i know you that well. i love you more than anything. love, chad

Bryan aka Orange I love you with all my heart. I am keeping you forever. Love always your blushy tomato aka Bianca-Audrey

Matt: I love you so much! You are my best friend and the love of my life. I'll never stop caring about and loving you. Ou te alofa outou! Natalia

Johnny, Dead and gone and buried like you want it and I kind of want it, please scoot over. I promise not to shout or be cross. Pee

To THE ZITS the best rock band ever. I want to do all of you

To Sha, You are and always be my soulmate. I'm so glad to have you in my life. I love you. Thank you for saying "I DO

YOU LIKE MANGOES I LIKE YOU. you've made me so happy and i love you to pieces

Felicia, I am so happy that you are my valentine, when you said you would be my wife, it made me the happiest man in the world. Love, Mark

Whenever something screeches across the room and latches onto someone's neck, the guy screams and tries to get it off, I laugh, because what is that thing? love, elementary particle

Gingko! Gingko Bellabini You give me night sweats, morning squirts, and afternoon juice. Too Bo Coo, baby. Alabama black snake, baby. I love you

Lulu- I owe you a Vega$ trip, Where we'll gamble and screw. We always win big, Unlike Johnny & Luther Htoo. Love, Lawless PS And we're ridin' on, ridin' on

Dear Fox Managment We hope you enjoyed kicking us out of our home for no reason. Fuck you. Fuck you up your stupid asses. Love, s & k

dear alexis dick-ripper gordon, saw you at school on wed. mornin' the stain on your pants to be screamed romance in your sweet pucker i'd pay to start pourin

lindsey you taste like a burger, i don't like you anymore

o' langdo, truest dear. for your secret have no fear i'll never tell you've no more than a swell for i love your tiny spear

dear jordon, you're a genius. your lou reed face has become seamless i watch you in class those converse, that ass call me sometime. rock my penis

Nov.7 (June Mar.11 (June)= March ? i love you bug and baby too! happy valentines day from me to the both of you

M, you make me very angry, but I like you. I like you more than zombies. Sometimes I get a sense of doom, you decroded piece of crap

if the sun refused to shine/ i would still be watching you/ if the mountains crumbled to the sea/ then it would be you and me/ petey t from enaddnaerialc

Babygirl, You're my sunshine. xoxo, Pup

Hey Koka! I Love Your Wally! Kilika

dykeadellic- you make me wanna dance alone in my room, but if you wanted to come along, that would be cool... i hate you!- fagarelly (slap!, slap

It's like a famous... Packet Of Doom I love you and thanx for being my man/monster? You ROCK most!!! Love meowmeow

to my boohbah babay luva, i luv u and i dont know why its just everything i feel deep down inside.i just wish you were all mine

We are two continents. Connected, caressed by the sea. Under cool waves of sheets. Our bodies are currents

Sharing water: creating love for hours. weightless deities to each other's sweat soaked faces. we created mythical creatures. love

Liliana, usted me da vida, me demuestra amor y me deja sin aliento. Las horas y los días y las semanas de usted nunca sea bastantes. Te amo

Jeff and Nathan Sitting in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G

I catch your eyes as you turn to face me. I catch glimpses of you peering out of windows and puddles. I wonder who you might be. Wait, You're Me

C'mon Baby, Let's get political! I love our two party system, and stuffing your ballot makes me HOT! Maybe it's time for a third party

Sorry it's a few words over! But I freakin' love y'all. Thanks, Schuyler I know the world cannot buy such a jewel, And Love shall not be silenced without rites. Your beauty turns a Prince into a Fool, But it's your mind that keeps me up at nights

To my tomato You've made the past year of my life absolutely wonderful and I cannot wait to spend the rest of our years together. I love you, pie.-Orange

Hello people of Earth. It's me, Jesus. We've had a good time together, sinned a little and loved it. just wanted to say I still love you

I want to be someone else, or I'll explode. You want me? Fucking come on and break the door down. I'm ready

Awake, we begin the dance, I am reborn with every moan, every breath from you is my first. We agree, the is seeing God

If I were to collect your ears, eyes and pubic hair it would not be you but it would be enough for my basic desires

Endre- Amin atestunk csak megerositette szerelmemet. Csodas vagyok. Koszonom. Szeretlek Endre- Roz

I love you lilyput, I'm sure this valentines will be the greatest ever. Oh ya, thanks for the say anything cd, its great. Love you, Sweetie

Meine liebe MOOKIE du bist heiss wie ein Vulkan und ich liebe dich mit Schlag in meinem Unterseeboot. See you soon

HANEY MAE!!! My Beautiful Gurl. Thank You for being the Love of my Life. U make my Heart Melt, Everytime U look Me in the eyes. Love U Eternity, SuGar Bear

Like rabbits we will! I promise. My soulmate. 13 times wasn't too tough now, was it? I love you more

JK, you are my one true love. Sorry about the whole election thing. Still my playground love? GW

To Mr. Sweetie Pants Boy: Our little tree is all grown up now! Luv, The Girl

Beth, wear those new panites tonight! - tom

Stinkfish-I love you more than sherbert and nuts put together. You got me. Love: stupid

The Vikings in Pink House!!! Yall are amazing drunks and stoney tonys, glad to share a toilet with yo asses~ Mel B

Happy Day of LOVE my little snicker doodle. I'm so lucky you found me last December, This has been the best yr. with you. Love you Kinney

guy-i can't believe this is our fourth valentine's day together. i will wuvv ooo and your big mustange stuffff to the end.(cheesehead booger head

Gabbie "legs" Hendel I am the luckiest person in the world and you are the finest sweetest thing eva. Will you be my valentine

Tracy Face I wish I could be with you this weekend. And I was only joking about those other girlfriends- you're the only one for me. Love- Tom

Chris D, My love, my partner, father to our cats. You are my medicine. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. I love you, Annie G

I loathe every mile from Grass Valley to here, as minutes without you feel like minutes wasted, for every inch of you should be an inch tasted. One little month

neil norman pace jr, yeah you know who you are. you are snatch lips! so be nice on v-day, or else

Hey A., I like your new hair cut, it looks HOT. Let have a special ferminted drink and take that dog on a walk. Love T

A.C.W. let's play that game with the booze and the table like they did in that movie we watched the other night. Ya know like civil war times. T.P.K

dear believing in june, we think you're cute. want to go steady? fine. we don't even give a care. or a rip. love, dead like dallas

Katie, Thanks for being you. I love you. Pat

bathtub I love you. you're my only true valentine

Intercepted infatuation, Adored in ardent lust, beden, my five favorite girls, the nine resplendent breasts, the most wondrous passion, Sono il vostro schiavo di amore, lo scopo duro, adamo

she's my coke-loving music-worshipping, organic-buying, sexually enthusiastic partner in crime. i covet her affection and admire her open mind. Candor, Ardor, Intelligence, Truth, Licentious, International, Noteworthy

L love the way your fingers run thru my hair and scratch my back just right. i especially love it when you when you cut the poo off my butthair. R

to sweet Deb i will always remember that time in the basement... wuv, J

LSL i... ... know. yeah; even when you're a total poo-head. can't always say why i do; but, can always say that i do. Me

hey kid. this is our fourth valentine's, though the second didn't count. i still think you are super hot and maybe cool. i love you. and i will nine you

Amy Norton -- You're so pretty. Years have passed And it's a pity. That I treated you so shitty. Amy Norton. It's a big, forgiving city Amy Norton

Dear Ms.Low, I would like to wish you a happy valentines day. Hopefully you get to spend it with someone special to you

She smells of peaches and cream unknowing that I am fiend. She gets down to electronica, filling my dreams with erotica. I hope she knows that everyday, I am thakful for the 1st of May

Andy- you have made me the luckiest guy in the universe. You rock my world, mister !!! Fancy doing this for another 5 years ?? !! All my love- Andre

Rosalind, Gorgeous, sexy smart, and sweet most beautiful of all the peas your melting smile and Big blue eyes bring me utter joy and complete delight. Love, Endre

Poky girl, finger lickin' guitar pickin' you'll always be my little spring chicken big valentine spoon job for you love always, your forever man Nooshie

Happy Valentine's Day John! I love you so much. You're my baby. Wah, wah, wah..Giant present! Love, Lindsey

Cpt. Jeyhan- you got me candy when I was alone on V-day in 2003. You're such a keckcellent friend. I miss you and your sweetness. Adieu, Jim

Deek- You are a comfort and an inspiration to everyone around you. I love your hands and your salty brown skin. You make me weak. I love you forever, Crash

B Bach! A potentially illegal wedding, confronting the four horsemen, planning for the Isle of Skye. What a year. For you, I would do it all again. Love Always L

Vicki my sweet Tigers got you by the tail but I have you by the heart, forever, I guess. xxxoxox Princess

KAREN KELLEY! Jake Dockter told me he likes you. It's true. like more than a friend. do you like jake? circle one! yes or no

Mr. Manager- I'm gonna keep on loving you all the way to the stratosphere no matter where we are, literally and figuratively. Kisses, my love

JoJo-TGTIVD, fr jkjkjkjk. oh man, beard (tu

youre awesome, beautiful and kick ass.youre the best freind ive ever had. someday ill loosen up and shower with you. i love you,happy valentines day

I don't need Valentines Day to remind me how special you are. I love you with all of my heart and I always will Love, your little barbaloot

My Sparkling Ninja I will be writing love songs in my head for you for the rest of my life. You are forever my drinking bird. Papa Ninja

BUNNY!!! I love you more than sunshine! Love Mommy

TRAVIOD-Holy freaking cowguts I love you! Sorry this is short and to the point, I need to go pick you up now. Remember I think you rock!-alwaysloveyou, Aimoid

He's my little Bee-Bo. Want to take him wherever we go! Sometimes he's shy, Often he's sly, But sweet as a little Nemo

lucas, i love you so much and you make me so happy. i look forward to spending my life with you. i feel so lucky. love always, ashley

you hot little titties and your shaved pussy go so good with your perfect greek ass i can hardly stand it...i love you

How could one describe little miss corinne. Hmm....Oh, she's a kitty cat dog and I don't care! cause she better be my val-en-tine

To Matt, my dear, loving, gentle kitty who's always there for me, and is sweeter then a Chantico

Mr. Hot Photography Stud, I wanna hear what you have to say about me, hear if you're gonna live without me. What the hell do you want? Sweet Thing

Toner Drew (Powdered Toast Man) I hope you win your hockey game today. You are the love of my life. May we grow old together like your gear. Love, Sarah

Prins Mykyll, u r thuh beztist mahn inn thuh hol whurlduh. u r gr8 en awl waezs. Louvre, phrehnd, partnur. Wow! Whud uh gy! B mi valleyntyn. Iluvu. genniferia

You walk nice REAL nice... I seen you walking yer dog and heard you got a huge pek-pek. Coffee

Dear Ladyland, Loving you is easy 'cause you're beautiful. Love, Lady

Natalia, lets kill all the dirty scary turtles Natalie

john: yes. evan

Dear St. Jude Thank you for prayers answered. Love, Alicia

hey ladybug, i know i havent been the most romantic guy. i just wanted you to know that i love you lots forever. love earwig

HEY YOU, HOT CAMBODIAN GUY!!Thanks for washing the dishes, and making everyday for the last 6 years valentines day. I'm the winner! Emily & the red-headed girl salign

to my pink sweetie- i am so very happy you are my world i love you. n

latrice: mKwon know better'll never know how tempting it is to jump in my car and drive up to Portland for a HMS/T.REX/JnrSnr Party up in this

We've blazed though alot of problems and were still on fire-I LOVE YOU

to my dearest corinnsky..roses are pink..tulips are yellow..with you in my life..things really stay mellow. i love you alatte!! xobethxo

Tori, my most favorite Valentine. I'll come running to tie your shoe

Sweeter than a yam, more potent than Manjushree's mushroom, by sweatlodge firelight seared into mind, heavy as a feather, Lusty Lady-light, can we just get stoned and f**k tonight

little dog why are you fearful? your presence makes me cheerful you fit inside my wranglers my little mr. janglers

Rock n Roll Pumpkin you drive me crazy. I will be your Gorgeous... Will you be my Hansom

Attn agent Christina2 you're needed for one more mission to satisfy your contract It may be undercover so pack accordingly contact correspondent with code okie-dokie

my sweet angia how do i luv thee? well, i luv you more than chocolate covered strawberries and edible undies! Happy 1st valentine's baby! Love always Lokeana

Chip, You are the pole that holds up my tent, the gravy on my biscuits, the all time crab catcher and my true love. Peggy Sue

HOMEY-For you all the best of my life. For you, all the rest of my life. For you alone, only for you. Love you forever-Mrs. Holmes

Fat Bitch, You're an exception to all my rules, and damn you for it. Can't wait to see you next week for making out and heavy petting


Happy Heart Day Boo boo kitty f*ck I love being with you & enjoy my time with Peter too. Smooches on your sticky parts. I heart you, Kittylover

Joe Ball... your polenta makes my mouth water and your mixtapes make my ears sizzle. I wish we were playing Dinner with Andre so you could "tell me more

Sarah Olestra- your graphic novel is almost as graphic as your drunken debauchery. You can come "stain my blankets" anytime

Jen, I love you with all of my heart and am so lucky to have found you! Here's to a wonderful life together! Happy Valentines Day. Love, Dylan

Donna Dear: you act like a bitch to make up for the fact that you aren't actually a person. You should become a suicide girl... and really kill yourself

Liberty Hall, I love your DIY style, your hard to find location, and all your good looking members. I want to touch the members of your members

Donatello-your bowstaff is long and hard. I love the way you can make me the best vibrator in the world out of tinfoil and a banana. Cowabunga, dude

T- You are awesome! You have been with me through everything. I'm sorry for all the shit I've put you through. The chocolate is tasty, though the movie sucked. RAH

Dearest Christina; I am so proud of who you are, you inspire me more than any other. These have been the happiest three years of my life. Jordan

Big Shitty Pro-Douche and The Three White Boys, I miss your fignewtons but I love your spotty apples and dented cereals. Expiration dates are meaningless, our love will never die

Julia S.- Hmm what can i say? You're awesome when everyone else sucks. I love your ass. We have to fucking find wonderland

Brea- I don't know you very well, but you rock. I still can't listen to Cretin Hop without thinking of you. Lets have another flour fight.-Katya

Dasha- Youre awesomely sweet. And the master of Milles Bournes, for a beginner

Jane + Kendall- God Damn you're cheery. You have made me proud! But I swear to god, if you ever mention Avril Levigne again

Thomas- I miss you in math already. I love you dearly! Remember, don't have gay sex while you're taking gay shits. You and me till the end.-Katya

Sarah- Thanks for all the cigarettes! You are tres cool.-Katya

Pookiebookie Pie, I love you so much every day. I could just eat you in so many ways!! Let's get old together. Love to love you, baby... Your Lover Below (AKA: archibald knox

Christine R.- I can never really get mad at you, but I'm sorry for almost being mad at you. also the money is salted, and you are fiddyteen minutes late

Adam, Richard, and Dave at the Lair Hill- Thanksfor making my home life interesting!-Katya

April- Usually you are very mysterious... but not really. I love you, so I put the incest in the incense holder for you. Sorry for being a downer

TRIN KIGER!!! You have turned my world UPSIDE DOWN!!!! I love you with a passion I reserve only for chicken strips, I owe you so much

Mama and Papa R/V- I love you guys so much, sorry for putting you through so much hell. Have fun in Cabo, Love Katya

Tigerfish: a most delicious dish. Two souls wrapped in a wish, simmered in love and garnished with a kiss. Now my tongue lives in bliss. Love you babydoll...e

ENGLISH BOY Love me in another language. Play me music on another continent. You're the only one who could ever take me there. Love, Your Spanish girl

Colin R.- Sorry for being such a brat. You are a great guy. I really do love you. Sorry i haven't been the best little sister. Katya

Jeremy-So here's your valentine...I love you bunny/spacebat/smarteyes and am so excited to walk down the aisle and say "I do" on Septemer third. Love ya!-Kelsie

To people: Fuck all the bastards who have not seen my value in existing, i bet your all alone on valentines and I'm not fuck you

Joren sweetie pie i love you! someday we'll have to steal soap from hotels together, in the meantime how about getting melissa to go out with cassie

I wrote you a terrible Vday poem Fuck a mango doodledoo he's missing out on you ha your mine mooie who wouldn't want to share you with a fucker

BUBBY-I love you to pieces! And, if you'll have me, I'll always be your little mermaid

TDC, my wallet might be in El Segundo, but my heart is with you in Portland. Love the pickle

VAL and JAYSON If you were a fabric you'd be plaid. I love you guys to death! Lindsay

JON and SARA I love you guys! Happy V-Day

John: Aggressive hoop player. Always naked. Advocate of public policy, sustainable wealth distribution, and starving Cleopatra. You are really hairy and a dirty old man. I adore you. Love, Jessie

Dearest Doodley, Happy Anniversary! These have been the best 5 years of my life. From your loving duder on V-day

M- You make my world a better place. I want to marry you and have kids and live happily ever after. Fingers crossed!-B

Pizza a GO GO boy. I like your slices

SNOOKEY!!! Pad Thai slippery nipples, and I-5 always make me think of you. yr my heart & I love you. --IE

Serena I just wanted you to know that I love you!!!-Brandon

La La, Happy almost anniversary. Looking forward to many many more. Love Checker

Pokey, I love you but don't touch my chocolate

MAUREEN! Your butt really is like the universe, or maybe a split atom. I know I'm a fuck up, but you're a great sport. Let's make this work. XO, Marc

To Sweetie Doodle You are the doodleiest doodle in doodletown. I doodle love youdle from your doodle noodle to your doodle bootle. From Cutie Doodle

Shlumper, You're my special 52 Valentine. I love you. Love, KKFG

To the snow peach, I love you very much. Love the snuggle bunny

Krystak, I love you more all the time, thank you for putting up with me. Happy V-day

Carmen HoneyBear if you're not my soulmate then I don't want one. We will survive and I will love you forever ~JJB

MAZO-i'm so lucky to have you. you make me laugh and swoon and sometimes pee myself. that's all i ever wanted in a man. love-me

erica schreiner-- a proposal: let's watch the L-word, eat ber buttery popcorn and an entire cake. in the dark. in our pajamas. alldaylong. coot! coot! aim for the coot

mikeypoo-you are one of my best friends and i love you dearly and sometimes a little queerly. kisses! love-al

carebear-happy valentine's you hot piece of professional-career-woman ass! love you much!-alison

miss karen vail-you are nearer than far and for that...i love you. love-alison

amy-name this tune she's all you'd ever want...she's the kind you'd like to flaunt and take to dinner. love, alison

careoregon girls-you are all hot and lovely ladies...i'd go crazy without you. give good gossip. love-alison

evan-i am a powder keg and you are a total eclipse of my heart. i love you! love, alison

miss lillian-you are one of the most beautiful people i know. i love you! love-alison

Matthew, in my heart, mind and soul, you are everything i am,love is endless and pure yours to have until the end of time, my eyes are open to you...t

christobal berry-you have a hot ass and style to boot. sometimes i want to hump your leg. love- miss "stick it there" hughes

Boo, nothing compares to the likes of Boo. I'll always be here for you, and I'll never be afraid to call you Boo in public. I love love you Lorelei


baby you are beautiful. and sexy. and gorgeous. and hot. thank you for marrying the shit out of me. your man

Dear Pretend boyfriend Casey, if I ever catch you with some hussy, I will slap your pretend boyfriend ass till it lands in your face with a whimper heart! Pretend Brenda

Deaw Inaw I wuv marshmellows and you! Wuv Bwenda

Brittany, I remember the time in the back room when you wanted me to do something for you and, I chickened out, ready to give it another try

Dearest K to H, Here's to 8 years of poop stories! Heart! brenda

Dear Dan, I'm pregenant. Guess it does work. Love, brenda

DEPUTY HEINKE, My time will be over the day after valentine's, wanna get together then, I'll let you coerce an admission out of me

To: all the ladies of the Multnomah County Sherrif's Dept. Cupid will be off probation the 15th of February! That is all

x + y = love solve for x." Can you help me? Emotions are slippery. Let's get tattooed. Fuck Jesus, I love you. B

Sweet Condi! Your smoldering eyes and commanding presence make me warm in the loins. I'm tortured by love for you. We should take over the world together

MANDU-our journey is really getting real. i can't wait for tonight, when i whip you with a thorny blackberry cane. love, your sweetie

Happy hearts day to my three amazing girls! Every day is Valentines Day being with you. Love forever, Lalo

Sasha, you don't really realize how ridiculously attractive you are, do you

Lil miss ashlee everytime i look at you i fall for you again. To mi amante who doesnt need a crown to know she is a princess. AJB

CDB Valentine's Plee Remember me, Your little smitten kitten. Scruffy and imperfect. We loved each other, We were there for one other. Always, Melting in each others arms. Be my Valentine one more time

Skyeyes! You're my twinheart. Meatloaf or Beatloaf. Busha Peck, Huga neck. Lova Hexa

Megs, In Ptown or the "805", you're my most beloved fake cousin. I cherish our years of "precociousness" and can't imagine life without you! Happy V-day with TLRHB! Love, Kimbie

Matt of the Shrills: Seriously, your brother is hot (and nice, sweet, yada yada). He needs to move back to Portland and put out THIS fire! Oy.-K

The pages are being written, our book has just begun Youre still my charm, my one and only You are my everything Alyssa I will always love you-E

Dear Daddy- We love you... Love: Stewert, Fredo, And Khan Khan

Fritter-you give me big hot juicy cloners! Love-A

ms. nibbles, i fell in love the first minute i saw you. fell down to my knees & have been thanking god ever since. you're my magic. iloveyoualways, your tigerrr

Mr. Business, I need to see you in "my office" to go over some "long forms". And to "collate" and "bind" my "presentation". Then we can have sex. Mr. Manager

J- Thank you for six amazing years...S.H.M.I.L.Y. more!!! Love, Bliss

MaGiK StyKs- You ROCK- the house, the band, the planet, and me! Inspiration, perspiration, elevation,exploration,celebration! Come live and love with me..please

Legume. you cute like baby ducks. let's go steady. there. there's your valentine, now quit bugging me and let's get together for some tea...some BOO-TEA

Animal of Mine You rock me! Long haired Leo, Master Chief You put up with me. tears, clutter and all. You're the Best. Be my Valentine

To the most beautiful mammal, I love being with you: eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, drinking coffee, walking, watching movies, reading, working, driving, hiking, (travelling!), getting it on.... Be my valentine

Happy Valentines day mom and dad... Thanks for everything... Dookie

Country, Your outlook your energy, and your passion as kept me memorized since the first day I laid eyes on you. Happy Valentine Christine! Love Cowboy

Happy Valentine's Day Jehu! xoxo Mama and Papa

Shortie, theres so much I love about you! I hope you spend Valentine's Day "on the couch" with someone you love..Me, me! Love Michael

happy valentine's day to jason, the sweetest smartest, funniest, greatest guy ive ever met. you make the world a better place just by being in it. Toni

To My Favorite Punk Mermaid: You are the orange to my blue. Leave behind all those troublesome boys and come to me

Laura ~ You light up my life you sexy thang!! Angie

To My Favorite Punk Mermaid: You are the orange to my blue. Leave behind all those troublesome boys and come to me

Somoskine Sister ~ Love ya long time

To My Non-Sexual Girlfriend: I am still calling out your name during the naked pillow fights

Jennie Jennie ~ You are juan crazy lady!! I'm lovin it

Herbert Markum- Long live the single life! Ang

Jennie Jennie who can I turn to? You give me somethin that I can hold onto- you're the best! AngieBaby

Sarah Jean-Whether racing my pimped out car, saving the world from explosion, or nannying, I am thinking of no one but myself-I mean, you. Love, Vinnie D

TMG I love you too

Marcus ~ I can't take my eyes off of you ~ AngelaLouise

Desperately Seeking Dallas You know you got what I want so stop making me beg

James ~ I miss you! Where have you been? Angie

Desperately Seeking Donald Did someone say hickey

Zeph ~ You're killin me!! Angie

SteveMcQueen ~ Need some furniture? You're killin me too!! Angie

Eric: You make me happy. I am madly in love with you. Will you be my valentine?-me

BooBooChaka, Thank you for keeping me company and being the father of my son. You are patient, true and lovely. Be my Valentine. Love E

WadeScottRogers ~ Are you lonesome tonight? ALP

Booty-ful Bobbie ~ Shake that ass girl! AngieBaby

you're my Radioflyer my Wonderbread sammich, my Bionic Woman, my pj static. we go back as far as Bumbershoot, B., c'mon lil Blanket, we got the future to see

i'm smitten with this kitten, lets me kiss below her mitten! iloveyou now like always, my darling, Bethany! (heart, jenna

bouffante poofountains are cute & all, but they'll always be bitches, and that's their downfall. at best, good puppies get a bithkit! this candy heart is for my doll

BrianS ~ Lets trip again ~ this time no fish talk!! Angie

Bijou and Horns You are the hottest chicks I know. Men are pigs,but someday they will wake up and put you on the pedestal you deserve. Love ya, Juniper

To tha Sista Beth, Oh I miss reading the Mercury with you, no one here really "get's it"! I'm happy about Chris, he's lucky to have you! P-town love, Eliza

AngieBaby ~ This ones for you gorgeous! Carpe Diem

SixPoint7-11 Ken Hey cutie, don't be scarrred to call- I won't bite, unless you ask. Angie

See the link for the cards this guy wants to do. They're actually pretty awesome I've thrown some of the Valentine day card concepts on this page:

From Ohio, to Kentucky, to Tennessee, to Fla, to Oregon--I loved you then, I love you still and always will! Me

Danielle & Corrina-You ROCK!! Luv ya-Angie

Jalena-What the feng did you shui? Angie

To all the PAB's~"How Nice

GaryGanews-Back in the day....I could go on and on. Thanks for the memories, old and new. Angie

Ananda, you are the most beautiful green-eyed monk of all time. Your accent gives me chills. I read the Bhagvad-gita just for you

To my dear sweet Veronica Ann ~ I miss you with every breath I take ~ until we meet again, I dream of you

BEBE, IDIOT!!! Yer flippin' stuck with me now! I couldn't leave you if I tried. You are the only sweet phreak perfect for me. LUV always, SUGAR

Rachel H, you keep me from killing things, i love you for that, and for loving me back. i love you, alot

SkinnyLaura ~ Girl you look so good, Stevie Wonder might look at ya

Erik, you'll always be one of my best friends. Thanks for always being there for me, even when I may have sucked. I lub you!- Cailin

Uncle Nasty ~ Do I make you horny

Sideshow- I'm ever so looking forward to sharing my life with you! Now would you just fuck me already? G-Spot

Chad, No more lies, or this girl's thighs. No more pain, or love that's feigned. No more time, and no more ryhme. No more, no more. Kimi

Rachel-Lookin good

Mary, you are my sweetheart, my valentine, my lady of the quilts, my smoochie-woochie. Laurent

To Mr Terry Keys ~ There is no sex in the champagne room! Now, be gone

Why is it that you never know when love begins, but you always know the exact moment it ends

Pearl District Jason Happy Valentines Day my text message boyfriend! Angie

A Valentine's Day Poem for the Penguin-Loving Masses: I have to use my brain, Cuz then I can explain, Why things go up, and then come down

Brooklyn, My sprite angle! You are my favorite person on this planet! One day I know you will move mountains. I LOVE YOU LITTLE VALENTINE! Mama BE

Valentine's Day Poem Part II ...A square is square, a circle's round. What's a verb? What's a noun

Monkey, Thank you for being the most beautiful person in my life. I love you with all my heart and more! Happy Lovers Day! Your little sweet potato. XOXO

My Dearest Mikee You are such a wonderful boyfriend and I'm happy to have you. Happy Valentines day to you! laurel

Dear Mr. Chris Mew. laurel


Dear Michael, You are the bestest brother ever. I miss you so much now that you are at school. I hope you aren't getting drunk every night... laurel

To Keith Madaras You are the light of my life and I Love you very much! Your going to be the best Dad ever! Happy Valentine's day Sweetheart

Jason, I miss you so much. Sorry i haven't called, i'm a horrible friend. Why haven't you called me? Any way, i love you! call me. laurel

To:Alisha From Myles Eliska- Ty jsi krasny, ty mas muj srdce. Mam te rad!-Milos

My dearest Bob Nanna, I want to confess that I love you. Will you marry me? I'll make you breakfast every morning and give you lots of kisses. 3 laurel

Adam, I'm sorry I haven't called you as of late. I do miss you! I'll make it up to you, I promise. laurel

Incredible Kate, my favorite playmate Eyes so ornate your smile I await My heart knows this's fate Imagining you, I fixate Your body, I salivate chair, I saturate

plog, you are the tuft of grey fur my heart nuzzles into to feel safe in this crazy world. see you in my dreams, mroww

KJ Jammer you make my heart hammer if you meet me for drinks i'll get you a slammer seriously stink-a-rea

For Kim Dodge I promise to love you until i'm dead, writing this letter just killed my street cred. I love you big time,-pete

To my cink pheeks, you lil' rock 'n' roll, tanki-shaggy-stinkdog-itchies, but i loves ya. Right, babe? Your Puddin

My Darling Stinky Butt even though my nose can't stop flarin my eyes won't stop starin' someday I hope it's me you'll be marry'n I love you Bo-Baron

Bung-We held hands and looked out the window. We could see all the buildings collapsing around us. We kissed and waited for the ceiling to fall in. Olive

Tayja Danger, there are sassy, smart, hot ladies in Portland... they are hard to find- they sit, beading, and watching Requim for the fourth time in their homes. Kimbert

To DDW, my stubbly, sweet and amazing babydaddy: there is nobody I'd rather be with as we face the Incredible Great Unknown of the upcoming year. Infinite love, L

ACM-11 years together and you still see me as a sex goddess?! You are forever my soulmate, my partner in crime, and my muse. I love YOU more!- NANI

Aaronimal Your jungle shower awaits you! I want to swing from your humungous vine and drink from your forbidden fountain. Wild monkey love, Stephanimal

Sakura, jusu cremu fune and long walks on the beach! Love, heat

Lady Sugar Shaker Your dance is a heartbreaker Your art is a dream-maker and your spunk is a breathtaker With all my love, Princess Periwinkle

Hottie Hoooool, You make me drool, 'cause you're so cool Met at school, we learned to be fools Bonding on barstools, for frequent refuels love you dearly, my forever Stooooool

Le BC your love and laughter are the keys to my heart and soul- thank you for loving me Le PM

Yo what up HO! Get off of Carl and back on track YO! Your music is whack YO! Stop doing smack YO! Lay off the pimp attack YO! We love ya lots YO

To Chrissy, When I hang out with you I turn into a sissy. I really like you cause your not prissy. I look forward to the future missy. Victor

Rit... ready to pull your head out of your ass, darlin'? I miss sucking your cock and making you smile. I really do miss (and love) you, baby. xxooll Fife

Megs, I beg we be friends forever. Someday to embark on an endeavor. Of art and music and fun pleasure. Victor

BABY TENDER LOVE: My love and adoration for you is stronger than ever. Thank you for having understanding and loving me. There is no one like you... BTL

Rachel, Who's the hottest mama in Portland sporting a Baby Bjorn? You are darling. And you know it. Chad

Hi sweetheart--there's so much love for you and I can't wait to be with you forever and ever! From your little antelope/gizmo :) Oh, and bonk

Wow, two wild crazy years!! I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love you

S. F. aka Knock'm down Steve- You are The Hottest Biker in Portland ! Happy Valentines Day ! Love ya... Hawthorne

JON my sexy skin couch and smartest man alive, I can't believe we actually live together now. you make me so happy. love forever, Deanna

RPS Our Love now sweeter stronger fonder Our dreams are real feel the sweet tenderness happiness connection friendship family future OUR LIFE IS LIMITLESS BLISS Behind You Always Your Girls

To the Ione Subway Crew: You guys rock and work would not be the same without you! Sub Love

Sushi Takahashi, You are my one true love. If I think about you, I must have you or I experience insane convulsions. No one can replace you

JONATHON THOMAS: I love you and you make my entire day, everyday. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, YOUR LITTLE LEMON PIE are delicious. Thanks for all the sweet hot loving. You are a true warrior, it is an honor to stand at your side. love

emily-what can i say? you are truly the greatest girl i've ever met. i'm so happy we're together and trying to make it on our own these days. without your support, i'd be lost in the woods. i love you so much. happy valentines day

To my tumbleweed Even though you laughed and didn't offer me a napkin when I spilt Dr. Pepper on my crotch, I still love you

Kaikee-pakes I hope you'll be my valentine! Better be or I'll tickle your toes silly! Love you basketball star! A'Mo'weenie

My Baby, my One and Only. My Lover my Wife, to have and to hold Forever, for Life. Happy V-Day! ~ee

D--The best Olympic Coed Naked Glowstick Ring-Toss partner a girl could ask for! I love you!-J

Yo, Cottrell! Happy Valentines to the love of my life. You are my puzzle piece! Thank you for being a constant source of love, inspiration and support! Yours always, Erin

did you know that i think you are beautiful and hilarious and perfectly idosyncratic? well i do. you are my best friends. i love you. thanks for our green home

Troy-You are the most wonderful husband in the world. Happy Valentine's Day! Gretchen

I LOVE BRYAN aka ORANGE LOVE B. aka. TOMATO let's get married oneday i love you

Doug, You are my Sweet, Funny, Generous, Passionate, Silly, Loving, Noble, Mischievous, Handsome, Gallant, Adventurous, Sexy Friend-and the Love of my life. Thank you.-Jessica

Betta, Best Friends Forever. Love, Barb

Maggie may, Jennifer and Benjamin... the best roomates ever! Love, Rod Stewart... Oh, I mean, Julie

RT- Thanks for making me feel like a wookie all over again.- JD

TO MY LIL SOAP DISH So glad we hooked up some 16 years ago! Let's build that love nest and get busy! Mrrrrrrgle forever! From: Your Tortoise

Self- I love you more than anyone else, except myself of course.-Self

Berdinobinos. my finger pullin' dutch oven luvin', monkey man robo dance druggin', movie watching cross couch snugglin', tub unpluggin', handy manly studmuffin'. hells yeah mo'marry you

And should i then presume/ and how should I begin." Oh Freeway Bridge, only suspension overpass in Portland, how I admire your architecture of epic proportion

RED--If the gods would love they'd see with eyes like mine, but should not touch like I your sweet inducive thighs and raven hair. Je t'aime- SPIKE

Here's my valentine Yuvi, in my heart I am calling you by your thousand secret names, in my heart I am saying all the sweet things, you poor man. Sheri Thanks

MALONE even with your malodorous fruity ass, you are still my sunshine

Mel300 Through all the words & all the years you are the only one that makes this world right thanks for being you & letting me be me Love G

KEVIN THE BOOTY-FACE I love you two more than you can say! I love our place together and I love us. I hope we keep up the good lovings!! --ROBEAR

babydoll-You make even the rainiest days sunny and you amaze me with your intelligence, positivity, beauty, humor, and passion. I love you more than I can describe. Donaldo

Honey Bear I love you THIS MUCH, I always will; even though you're as queer as a $3 bill. Darling, you'll always be my biggest thrill. Sugar Bear

To the one I loved, who hurt me most, this is your day to feel guilty. This is what I know, I hate you now.. Burn in hell, little angel

Brooke, I love you eleventy-five, for all the days and all the nights... D

Oanna, Sleep is for sissies, Stay strong hang in there. Daniel

Just a thought in your head is a fun place to be, it makes me think we could have something together, you and me.-G

JR, MI, & JK i love u guys, even though 1 of u is abandoning me soon, you've always been RELIANT in my opinion

TDH hearts RPF

I've never smiled cried, laughed, fought, thought, or fucked as much in my whole life- until i met you. Te amo siempre, mi Osito

Deus ex Machina do you believe?? Help me bring about the truths of our lies.. Or take a breath and sleep.. (J*P

Sweet misery you've caused me to spend my life being a part of a whole, not a number all alone, help me feel like a child should. Sweet, Sweet misery

Eliza & Phez, Beanie I can't wait to make you part of our family. You guys are the fuzziest & sweetest ever. (you'll get all the fixins with me, Eliza!) B&B

Buttplug, For a red-headed chick who is manlier than I am you're pretty dammed hot. Love your show, Assbutt

Once again passionate fires burn between us, un-extinguishable as always. T, I love you, You Hot Sexy Bitch! Lucifer Himself

Lover, There's no one more amazing in this world for me than you.You're a rock star with a porn star cock and your hotness makes me mental

BSB- I love you, you naughty girl. I hope you're enjoyed your Valentine bunny treats! Love, No11

BJW, Do you love me like I love you? I hope so, if not my head will spin and I'll fucking kill you! Lol, Happy Vday Lover

My Girl Fannie I know you never read this newspaper, but you're still my friend anyways. Here's to our good times and always having someone to drink with! Loveya, Eliza

Dapper Dan~ "Infomercials have never been so much fun! You are my favorite competitor to lose to. I wish every day was an Ice Day with you

You are my best friend more than anyone could ever ask for i can never thank you enough for always being there for me I aodre you Lenzifir ~ Justin

Yes, we're only young once, but our youth isn't wasted in waiting for me to get to Tokyo because I'm gonna make it WORTH THE WAIT!!! Trust me! Love Pootiepants

Florence and Patty I love you girls. You are my testicle-free support system. G-Flo, I'd show you my boobs anytime! Love, Amy

Donut, I know we've just become acquainted, and I have no wish to be presumptuous. Still, I must say that I hold you in the highest esteem. You're dazzling

Chonkla, without u days are dark, birds don't sing, everything means nothing-with u sunshine warms my soul, music all around, life and light is what you bring! Always Chicharon

White Wabbit- I love lamp.- The Fog

Chase- I don't need chocolates, just your sweet lovin'. Lisa

Mr. Handsome Pants For this Valenines Day lets get naked and do the hippy hippy shake, Ill be your little turnip Mama Bear

Patty I'm so in love with you! Happy Valentines Sweetness. Jarrod

IMV- You are beautiful, brainy, and bikey and I love you.-The Beninator

was i wrong to think that my brother is so damn sexy? everyday isn't the same without you. hope this year you've found that cute, little, green-sneaker-wearing valentine

T- In you I have found a home, a sanctuary. Im still very much in love with you-C

BSB, Hey you little hottie, I hope your ready for me! You better be ready by 5 on V-Day. Love, No11

You make my days worth living, and because of you I believe in love, I love you pu-pu, love papa BEAR

theyz no one id rather lax attack with. mah lil roadkill chub, i adopt-snug-'cest. goo

Tracy thank you for the love and loyalty you've filled my life with. Be mine eternally I love you Luv Charity

Tre- Be my Eternal Valentine... Loving you, Chair

Hey Big Wooly Man You tickle tantalize teach like no one else can. Soon you'll be my Marryin' Man. Here's to years of bootylicious lovin' from your #1 Fan

piera you is a personal sunshine ray direct UV at my heart. good lookin

david jo kennedy i don't want a divorce. lets make it work. love, secret admirer wife

Wendy Brown, Beautiful Girlfriend, Wonderful Mother, We love you! Happy Valentines day Love Jason & Colin

Hey LeeLee, I appreciate everything you do for me and am so happy to have you in my life these last 2 years. Loves you-D

boom boom room you have nice lamp

You sit next to me sometimes. God, why must you be so hot

Dear Mr. Chris I Love You, So does RUFUS. Rufus Flicks slopper here, huffs, and eats your chocolates of the table. Happy Valentines Day.-Love You Know Who

Kelsea Thank you for your insights, forgiveness, and love Your sexy body and brilliant brain are what angels are made of Please be my valentine. Te Amo Michael O

Cupcake::: You light up my life! I love you forever. XOXOXOX dingdong

Sir, whether Dominant or equal--shivering at Your touch--wearing Your collar or holding Your hand. Your sub, lover, girlfriend, friend and much more. i love you. kitty

dear bunna, thanks for being such a nice rab. I love you very much, you are bestest. Coconut sends her regards

Anafiore, I want to remind you that you are my favorite niece & my fav little hip-hopper b-girl (even though your parents want you to be a hippy)! Love, Auntie Tobi

c-my tall slender smokin hot cup o' love. you make everyday sugar sweet-nz

Poem for Mamma M) Yo Mamma M good luck on this Joyous Day-from your dear friend Bridget P.I. Mamma M, Stakes that claim Mamma M, Shakes that thang

Dan S.- I miss you. Hope all is well. I'll be seeing you around soon. Peace, baby

Dear Apple Shoes 7:00 runs although I hit snooze you're a friend I hope I won't lose, Don't worry we won't let the aliens get you! love us

Rose Anna. I want to experience everything with you! Will you spend your life with me?~Love, Angela

Eric- Happy Valentine's Day. Are you Still at Steam Portland for midweek? P

DJ Loki, upon a raft you found your name a gorgeous lass is your new flame you inspire me, life's not the same hope your V-day is not lame love steph

monkey- all day I think of you now you are my heartbeat your sensual skin is rad-baby

To Janis with glasses, if kickasschick were a subject you could teach classes your beautiful voice knocks drunks on their asses whenever with you I have fun by the masses

Dor my heart races when I think about you you drive me to distraction you've made me fall in love over and over always fresh always new thank you

Oh what a bright and shining T-Star Packed full of talent you'll go far You're my morimoto and me fukui-san Together unstopable we'll rock on! I love you. your favorite Face

Diamond Sista N-G That night you push me home in a shopping cart, I knew we'd always be friends. Sorry about my flakiness, I'm too excited/ nervous! Banana Milkshakes? Eliza

To my homegirl A.J. McB you rock the H-O-U-S-E I love you and your bitch-ass especially when you're crass Like a sister to me closer we can't be! luv, mari

Jo-Nanna, Not by blood but you're my sis Our crazy adventures I sure do miss when you return I'll be in bliss SO HURRY THE FUCK UP ALREADY! Love me

Helaina Paige- you are quite simply the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you!-Morry

sticking your head under my shirt. bringing ceasar salad to my work. putting aquanet in our hair. jurrassic park in our underwear. you blow my mind, like a colt45 everytime

Has there been a teacher great as Miss Weekly? One who's beautiful, funny, and dresses chicly? You make everyone feel so smart it must be on-account-a your great big heart

PowerCas is the star shining bright in my life. Thank you for being you. Happy Valentine's Day

michael: you're the sweetest. /jc

Hello Michael, 1st greeting you were a quiet mouse now I love meeting Thursdays at Public-House no surprise you're really funny I value our friendship like Bush values money

To my lovely wife Shana and my beautiful children Finnian and Maiti, I love you so very much

EMJ, When you put your arms around me, I forget about the past & future and float in timeless joy. Thanks for making the world disappear. Love, KJW

Sweet Charla, beautiful lady, you're a simply amazing person, a brightly shining light in this world. You are much loved

mamasita: be my cherry-chip valentine! so glad to have you finally back! i love you... elle

Sweet Marianna from our fab red hair to our fun at Fair dancin' at string cheese forget you? Oh please! have fun while away but come back soon, to stay

Oh Jacob Valentine please be our valentine goats don't make good valentines basses don't make good valentines bisquits and gravy don't make good valentines Jacob Valentine makes a good Valentine

JD- You make my jaw jabber. You fortune wookie- RT

Bunnyluv, I've kissed you in Rome and soon in Spain, I'll kiss you allover your yummy frame, bunnies will jump and frolic too, cause they know how I love you.-G

ode to carl oh carl with your crazy laugh I know you're smart, maybe good at math but what puzzles us on this date: how you live as martin's roommate

SWEETA--You are a beautiful girl and don't you forget it! You and Blair are going to thrive. I'm so glad we're friends! **LISA

Hey Josh, Roses are red, Violets are blue, tonight we'll party a lot- and so will you!!! :) Have a wonderful aquarius birthday!!! Kris, Sheila & Sarah


BSC/T. Ferguson It's staggering how you jump straight the hell into the heart of a matter. I'm goosebumps all over, by God, you inspire me. Yours, AMB

Julia Rose, I love you so much. You and Ladybug are my world. Love Always, Sara

Lil' Doe!! You give me lovelove lovelove crazy love! Let's make a tent and go surfin

Peanut Butter Balls I'll love you long past when we run out of booze. xoxoxo

Happy Valentine's Day to me! I just wanted to let me know how much I love me. You're the best, you crazy kid

To my simply amazing guitar god- No matter where we go our hearts will always rememeber each other. You rock my world! I love you baby.-Your Sex Kitten

To Señor Poopy Pants. Me love you long time. Rub my feet. kisses Love, sexy girl

sexy oran: your manhood invokes deep passion in me. i am unsettled by my lust for you. i desire you constantly. with clandestine love, m

D. You are my favorite and I love you. Thanks for being mine and for wanting a valentine.-M

hey dude, you're kinda neat. i love you and stuff.-Zoe're in my dreams, my veins, my flesh, coursing through me with every synapsic pulse. let me tear you from my insides for a momentous assignation...143...davey

G-liscious, whammy bar f-hole, silky smoth action- and that sound when you plug it in. Damn, it just keeps getting better. Love, Poppa

Paco, You are an amazing person and I'm so lucky to be with you. Thank you for everything. You rock my world. I love you baby


Ilima- In the center of my heart is a beautiful girl/One tear from her face could destroy the whole world. Jake

Raub, Milo, and Cagefighter: I've spent many nights in that dark fortress. Was it mistake? Maybe it was. Did I regret it? You bet yer ass I didn't

Huger than huge Hughes You Thrill me You chill me & with one look you still me. I want you, I need you, I love you! Take me...I'm Your's


Captain Kirk: You have been such an inspiration in my life and still continue to be. You are the kindest (& sexiest) man I have ever known. XO Dantronix

g-americano mornings porn-den weekends, wine, yummy everything you make, i wanna be your hotyounggirlfriend, have your babies. like i said in the beginning- you are my bliss. h

To My Poopy Pants I love you more than Marshmellows and Marching Bands You make my heart smile and I love you! Love Your Babycakes

Blair, Rochester lost you Thus sanghas, cafes and I Can feel like winners Love, Rich

my sweets my love eternal boob in eye snuggle head with an ass that just wont quit...I still see fireworks when i kiss you I love you

Kanga, You're my little choochie face! I'm so glad to be your teddy bear! Think of Jesus! Love Daddybird

Alyce, though your sea is rough and your wind extreme, I will work to reach your inland stream. I long to paddle up into your coastal hills and with stiff oar in hand taste the victory thrill.-r

i love you zoe and i hope you do too and if you do i want to fly like an eagle

So, you're leaving for LA. Cool. I understand. Guess I'm going back to Sea-Town. If you change your mind, you'll know where I'll be. I love you

Dear Allie, you have completely swept me off my feet, besides your disgusting love for mayonnaise you are the most tripindicular girl ever. Lets kill your upstairs neighbors dog.-nick

J: I love you like my Bird Nest Roys record: you are a rare treasure and I look forward to singing along with you for a long time. J


Michael, You drink coffee and eat olives even though you never used to. I drink PBR and watch football. That is love. Climb on, Amy

how do i love thee, you ask, curlove? let me count the ways--starting at infinty. oohlia

Roberto, our love contains intimacy mixed with surprise bound together with loyalty that creates the best potion I could ever concoct. I love you, Marianne

To Spanish Girl Oh,well I've got my little Spanish girl. The brightest one in all of the world. I love the way how the moon hits your eyes. Oh, starlit girl. Oh, so alive. The one that leaves all of the others behind. Can there ever be truth in finding the one? Stay away, but merely to some. Always remember the brightest one. Oh, well I love my little spanish girl

MALE PIE. I love you and your cute

To the Appelonia of my eye--damn baby, you've got the look. If you have the time, i've got the moves. Let's dance. Love, M.D

psst-I F*!#ING LOVE YOU!!!oolia

Stinky B, my lovey- Thank you for your passion and honesty! You are worth the extra effort! I love you! Yours truly, Krustie Monkey Tits


Tarzan man- I love you. Thank you for our son. Wifey

BREAKFAST BOY- You are like cheese that doesn't mold unrefridgerated. You are like silky lemonade. You are the best. All my LOGS

Dearest M, you are the world, and by your side is when I feel most comfortable. Yours forever, D

Okay, so the dark eclipse has passed temporarily. You're still raven haired, and still a Libra. Simply put you are still "All That". XXOO

Sweet Potato Pie from dive bars to 5 stars, oysters to cheeseburgers- every moment with you is a little heaven. Big Love from Big C

i love every woman that has ever given me the slightest amount of attention. everyone wants to be loved. missed out on darly and michelle though. p

Our sassy angel We are so glad you're staying. Spring just wouldn't have been the same. D&M

J.D.-You will always be my favorite Dirty Tortilla. I love you more than anything. Love, Baby Pie

Crazy Nicky, Happy Valentines Day Babe, now bust out the crunk cups, pour the crunk juice and get freaky naughty like last year in the residence inn hot tub

Elspeth,you are all the puppies in the world to me. thanks for all the things you do. I love you. we win 100

sweet s: rennes grenoble, or provence? portland? wherever, whatever. i'll go anywhere with you. all my love, m

To my very favorite slum-lord with you around i'm never bored Although your head gets much less rub'n You know from me it's noth'n but luv'n Luv, Mar-dawg

My Big Jack Bunny you so funny you make me laugh, every Sunday you draw me a bath. My Hot, Sexy Hunk-of-Man I am puddy in your hands


Happy Valentines' Day Baby Vroom Vroom, and to the Princess of Everything too

Dear Kooky-Khaela, You're so amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, fabulous, artistic, creative, color-coordinated, and snuggly. Could Studly possibly ask for anything more? We love you, Dommy and Andrea

KGW. I Loathe you, too. KGS

D. Thank you for the most amazing sex-you are a tiger and make me feel like a wild woman! Can't wait for more. Grrrrrrrrrr. D


Benjamin-"Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new."-Ursula K. Le Guin Here's to making it new. Love, Me

Windy, I never thought I could be truely happy tell I met you. Will you be my valentine. Love always and happy anniversary, Simon

Tyler, Happy Valentine's day!! I love you very much!! Mom