Wrest in peace, Rowdy :(
"Portland native"??? Roddy was Canadian, and wrestled in Canada and L.A. before he came to Portland.
Yes, former Portland resident, but Saskatoon native.
Looks like Portlands putting light rail and bike paths is coming home to roost. All you bikers can laugh all you want, but a city cannot survive without decent roads.
^ why not, exactly? What terrible calamity will befall us if there are more potholes? When the big one hits, we'll have to do alot more than patch the roads. How much to rebuild ALL the bridges?
Stretch is right, why bother upkeep on roads? Sure, bikes use them too, but they can all get mountain bike tires and the drivers can get big 4-wheel drive vehicles and there will be no problem.
The trucks that deliver your stuff to your stores don't appreciate pot holes in the road. If truck maintenance goes up, guess what, the price of your stuff goes up. And only a small fraction of Portland residents ride bicycles on a daily basis. But there are trucks running all over Portland every day, delivering and picking up your stuff.

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