Bridgetown comedy festival was this weekend, but with so many shows, you probably missed most or at least some of it. Don't cry though, you can check out our coverage here, here, here and here.

Sally Yates testified in front of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee yesterday, revealing that she told the White House about Michael Flynn's ties to Russia less than a week into Trump's presidency, but, in classic Trump fashion, he didn't fire Flynn until shit hit the fan and the Russia connection became public knowledge.

Her testimony also revealed that Trump is looking increasingly stupid for publicly maintaining the belief that Russia did not interfere with the 2016 election.

In other Idiot President news, he ordered the FDA to stop watching CNN (Trump's public enemy number one) and exclusively watch Fox News. Really.


The Trail Blazers revealed a new logo yesterday! The beloved pinwheel remains, of course, though the font has been "modernized" and is "built from our rich history and reflecting the styles of the Northwest." Not sure I buy that explanation, but I do like the new logo.

One of Portland's favorite Christmas traditions, the Macy's Holiday Parade, will be no more. Macy's announced Monday that it will no longer sponsor the parade, which was started in 1987 by local department store Meier and Frank (which is what my dad still calls Macy's). First the 82nd Parade of Roses, now this?? Something must be done about these senseless attacks on parades!

Portland's new gas tax is outperforming expectations in its first three months, raking in more money than city officials expected. There's no telling if the trend will continue, but if it does, the Portland could grab about $3 million more per year than projected.

After 20 years in Portland, restaurant and pool hall Touché will be closing, and soon. They're being pushed out by the boom of condos and apartments in the Pearl district. According to Touché's Facebook page, they're looking for a new location, but no plans are made yet. Their final day will be May 14.