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As predicted, that didn't last long. Days after Donald Trump signaled support for much stronger gun controls in a White House meeting, the NRA is suggesting it's gotten him to change his mind. As Steve noted yesterday, if it's true, it's precisely what happened with the immigration reforms Trump so thoroughly flip-flopped on earlier.

And by the way, there was a school shooting today. This time authorities are investigating a shooting in a dorm at Central Michigan University that left two dead. Not a lot is known about the incident at present.

It's the final stretch in Salem. The Oregon Senate and House passed a total of around 50 bills yesterday, and this year's short legislative session appears primed to end on Saturdayβ€”a week earlier than it has to under the law.

That absolutely doesn't mean there isn't drama. A tax fight has spurred one Republican senator to bail on a committee that's trying to find a funding fix for education.

And here's an interesting look about how one bill appears to target a single Oregonian: Portlander Kim Sordyl, a parent activist who's been a thorn in the side of Portland Public Schools and state education officials.

Up in Washington, legislators have been forced to walk back a bill that would have exempted them from public records law. They'd sped the legislation through last week, leading newspapers around the state to publish castigating op-eds. Eventually, dozens of lawmakers said they'd support a veto of the bill, and Gov. Jay Inslee last night complied.

Jo Ann Hardesty, president of a local NAACP chapter and candidate for city council, will set aside the former title because of the latter. NAACP rules apparently say an active officer in the organization can't run for public office (though I could find no such language in the organization's constitution or the rules it sends to chapters). Hardesty won't lead meetings while she runs.

Meanwhile, one of Hardesty's opponents in the May primary is battling a lawsuit that could get her kicked out of her present job. County Commissioner Loretta Smith filed a motion in court yesterday seeking to have that suit dismissed, and offering the clearest picture yet of why she thinks she hasn't run afoul of county rules.

This is curious. An anonymous 911 complaint has landed the chief spokesman for the Oregon State Police under criminal investigation. But no one's saying what the complaint or investigation are about. Capt. Bill Fugate is now on administrative leave.

Oh great! Looks like there could be another tax fight coming to your ballot. This time, grocers are pushing a measure that would prevent them being slapped with new taxesβ€”including a tax on sugary beverages, and a corporate tax in the vein of 2016's failed Measure 97.

The weather is all sorts of fucked, people. The Arctic is 50 degrees warmer than normal, and much, much warmer than parts of Europe. The East Coast is getting hit with a "life and death" winter storm. And here in the City of Roses, we might see a few snowflakes today, though the weekend should be pleasant and around 50 degrees.


LASTLY, Erik Henriksen wants you all to see this. I have not watched most of it. He tells me it is worth it, which also probably means he spent 25 minutes of his work day watching old public TV and is trying to justify it by strong-arming me into putting it into Good Morning, News. I'm nothing if not a mark.