Deal maker Trump gives Kim exactly what he wanted.
"Deal maker" Trump gives Kim exactly what he wanted. Handout / Getty Images News

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GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! 'Cause I need somebody giving nuthin' but good loving all through the night. Someone to break me off a little something when I need to be satisfied. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

An Oregon political group pushing an anti-abortion initiative is getting close to collecting enough legit signatures to get it on the November ballot.

Here's a headline containing information that you probably already knew: Average Oregon renter can no longer afford a typical one-bedroom apartment, report finds.

Meanwhile Seattle city council caves in and repeals a tax against large corporations like Amazon that would've helped provide low-income housing.

Multnomah County is funding a study to look into the feasibility of publicly-owned internet.

The city has decided to temporarily continue funding the much needed TriMet YouthPass—but maybe don't get used to it.

Speaking of TriMet, the transportation system is investigating accusations that an operator put a "MAGA" sign in one of his train car windows.

Trump is still under the gravely mistaken impression that his "summit" (AKA photo op) with murdering dictator Kim Jong Un will result in something positive for the United States. He is also under the gravely mistaken impression that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat.

Oh, and by the way, the White House is now in the business of making video propaganda for North Korea. Because... they really needed the help?

A few states had primary elections last night, and in a worrying result, Republicans turned their backs on Republican candidates who spoke out against Trump.

If you're a fan of big corporate mergers—which have never been, to my knowledge, all that positive for consumers—you'll be psyched to hear that a federal judge approved AT&T's $85 billion purchase of Time Warner.

A really cute raccoon scaled a skyscraper in Minneapolis, and the video was SUPER STRESSFUL, GUYS!!

Now what about this WEATHER we've been having: Morning showers will give way to an increasingly sunny and warm week!

And finally, watch this 19-year-old athlete make an impossibly loooooong long jump. (I think they're gonna need a bigger pit.)