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Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

Good morning, Portland! Here is your friendly reminder that we have just four days until tickets go on sale for Lizzo at Edgefield.

Here are the headlines.

That's a No From Nancy: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning fellow Democrats not to proceed with impeachment proceedings for Trump. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris has just joined fellow 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren in calling for impeachment.

The Supremes: The US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in the question of whether a citizenship question should appear on the 2020 Census. It's a big week for the court—this comes one day after it indicated it would soon consider the issue of LGBTQ workplace discrimination.

Sri Lanka Confusion: A Sri Lankan official is claiming that the Easter attacks in his country were meant as retaliation for the March mass mosque shootings in New Zealand. And ISIS is now saying it is responsible for the attacks. It's unclear whether either of these claims are true.

This is Trump's Fantasy: Myanmar's Supreme Court has decided that two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists will remain imprisoned in the country. The Reuters reporters were arrested in 2017 for attempting to cover the killings of Rohingya Muslims. "We will continue to do all we can to free them as soon as possible," Reuters' chief counsel said in a statement.

What's in a Word? Iran's parliament has passed a bill classifying the US Army as a terrorist organization. Per usual when it comes to US-Middle East relations, this is all about the oil.

Cimate Convicts: Eleven protestors were arrested in Portland yesterday for attempting to block Zenith oil train tracks. Or, if you want to get poetic about it: They were arrested for planting a garden on Earth Day.

Unfit: Oregon set a new record last year for its number of people who were charged with a crime, but deemed not mentally fit for trial. As Gordon Friedman writes in the Oregonian, that's "a statistic demonstrating one element of the statewide mental health crisis."

Fuck an NDA: The Oregon Senate passed a bill yesterday that would prohibit workplaces from using non-disclosure agreements to silence victims of sexual harassment. The bill came out of the legislature's new caucus made up of sexual harassment victims.

Song and Dance: This is a few weeks late now, but I just caught up with the series finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the tragically underrated, messy, brilliant musical romantic comedy that spent four years on the CW. To give it a fond send-off, here's one of the show's best numbers—and a truly exemplary version of the format it does so well. If you like it, go watch the series on Netflix!