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Joey Gibson speaks at a rally.
Joey Gibson speaks at a rally. Doug brown

Good Morning, Portland. Hey, if you're going to be downtown tomorrow, stay safe out there, okay?

Here are the headlines.

Charged: Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson has been charged with a felony for inciting a riot at Cider Riot on May Day. That makes Gibson the sixth alt-right protestor to be arrested in connection with the brawl.

Oath Keepers Out: The Oath Keepers, an anti-government militia group that planned to be at tomorrow's demonstration, has decided to sit this one out instead. Their reason: The Proud Boys and other far-right groups are just too racist for them.

Everything is Gamer Gate: If, like me, you have only a nebulous understanding of what Gamer Gate was and how it changed online discourse for the worse, it's worth reading the New York Times' five-year retrospective on it. “All the anger, all the toxicity and fear of being replaced by a culture more focused on social justice — it all came together in a spectacularly awful way," says one expert in online harassment.

Control: Cory Booker has emerged as one of the leading 2020 candidates on gun control reform, with a plan that calls for requiring a license to own a gun. It's a proposal that "would do more to push down gun deaths in the US than just universal background checks or an assault weapons ban," according to Vox's analysis.

Shopping Spree: What does the man who pretends to have everything still want? A new country, apparently: Trump is seriously floating the idea of buying Greenland, which is an autonomous Danish territory. The people of Greenland and Denmark do not love this idea!

Challenge: Commissioner Chloe Eudaly will face at least one challenger to her 2020 campaign for re-election. Seth Wooley, a campaign finance reform advocate and environmental activist, plans to run against Eudaly. Wooley told the Mercury that he finds there to be a "lack of creativity in City Hall leadership."

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