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Proud Boys marching on the Hawthorne Bridge.
Proud Boys marching on the Hawthorne Bridge. Clint Kamstra

Good morning, Portland! Let's get up to speed on what happened over the weekend:

Portland Protests Fizzle: Close to one thousand anti-fascists gathered at Portland's waterfront Saturday to oppose a highly anticipated rally instigated by out-of-town bigots (read: Proud Boys). With the help of the Portland Police Bureau, the few hundred Proud Boys safely fled the rally 30 minutes after arriving, leaving the hundreds of on-duty officers to focus their efforts on containing and arresting anti-fascist locals. Compared to past far-right protests on the streets of Portland, Saturday was significantly low-key. (Of course, this hasn't kept the internet from zeroing in on the small spurts of violence between protesters).

Hello Canada: Here I am bumbling over the day's mess on live TV.

And Here Are Anti-Fascist Bananas Playing Instruments

Up in Smoke: A massive fire in Bangladesh's capital city, Dhaka, has left some 10,000 people homeless. No deaths have been reported, but the fire has forced thousands of the predominantly low-income residents impacted by the fire to temporarily relocate into nearby schools.

The 1619 Project: The New York Times Magazine has published a remarkable series of essays, photographs, and in-depth reporting to commemorate the 400 year anniversary of African slaves arriving in America. Start reading.

Wedding Warzone: The Islamic State has taken responsibility for bombing an Afghan wedding reception, which killed 63. Both the bride and groom survived. And yet: β€œDeath is better for me than this,” Mirwais Alami, the groom, told a local television channel. β€œEven if they tear me to pieces now, and take a piece of me to each home that lost a loved one so they get solace, their hearts won’t get peace.”

No Place To Go: Los Angeles has banned homeless people from living in their cars and RVs. Now what?

Suspected Shooter Stopped: Thanks to a threatening social media post, police may have stopped a white supremacist from attacking a Jewish community center in Ohio.

Cool Trick, Guys: Portland police digitally covered up a suspect's facial tattoos after witnesses to a bank robbery said the robber didn't have tattoos on his face.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: A person riding an electric scooter the wrong direction down a downtown Portland street collided with a bicyclist Saturday, sending the helmet-wearing cyclist to the hospital with minor injuries. The scooter-er, who wasn't wearing a helmet, has been cited for violating traffic laws. Police have determined the incident was unrelated to the Saturday protests.