'Not So Lucky: Oregon's reliance on video lottery revenue has nudged the state's budget into a free-fall during the COVID-19 shutdowns. According to the Oregonian, this cut in critical funding will "shortchange schools, economic development, state parks, veterans’ affairs, and the Oregon Health Authority, all of which receive dedicated revenues from the lottery."'

Most of the state budget comes from middle to low income peoples' income tax, many segments hard hit. The distribution is available. That funds schools, part of Medicad, state departments, and a list of programs.

What does a 20% cut to the per-pupil distribution look like, for example? What does an unemployment fund backfill from the general fund look like? What is the tax-side appetite?

Can we have Mercnews discuss ahead of reporting press releases? You are not too busy to do the research. Go for the Pulitzer noble.

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