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New Report Highlights Major Gaps in Portland Region's Shelter, Housing, and Services for LGBTQ+ Residents

A new policy paper reports queer people are more likely to experience homelessness, but the region isn’t set up to adequately serve them. Nonbinary residents face extra hurdles finding emergency shelter in a system that often serves men or women only.



This week: Scammed millionaires, salty roads, and the history behind Portland's most beloved jug. 😍 See how well YOU score!

Sandy Jug Tavern

Rene Gonzalez Holds Sizable Fundraising Lead in Portland Mayor’s Race

With the city's Small Donor Election program facing a budget shortfall, candidates (like Rene Gonzalez) who are backed by rich donors could have the advantage.

Taylor Griggs

Portland Mercado Food Carts Reopen After Devastating Fire

Rebuilding the market hall will take time, but supporting the carts sounds *delicious.*

Portland Mercado

PBOT Reveals Plan for Major 82nd Avenue Redesign

The transportation bureau released draft design documents for the dangerous east Portland arterial, showing potential for significant change on the street.



In this week’s music column, we’re stoked to about a new single and music video from Jakki and the Pink Smudge, a free Bocha and Covi. show, and a chance to see Jon Batiste, courtesy of PDX Jazz Festival.



This week: E. Jean Carroll eats Trump for breakfast, Jessica Biel eats cereal... in the shower, and Succession star Sarah Snook eats *whatever she freaking wants.* 🍽


Dan Ryan Will Run for City Council in District 2

After months of silence about his political future— in contrast with his three fellow commissioners, each of whom have begun 2024 mayoral campaigns— Commissioner Dan Ryan announced he plans to run for the new Portland City Council in District 2.

Courtney Vaughn

How to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2024

Lunar New Year is right around the corner, and we've gathered all the events you need to celebrate in style. Check our list for parades, traditional lion dances, food, and more!

Portland Chinatown Museum via Facebook

The Best Things To Do in Portland This Month

While a short month, February isn't short on superb things to do. There's plenty going on in every category of events, plus big dates like Black History Month, Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, and Mardi Gras. Check out our top picks for February!

Jon Batiste via Facebook

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Platonic vs. romantic love, the right type of lube, hopping back on the sex wagon, and more in this episode of Savage Love quickies!

Joe Newton

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