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Within Three Years, Five Portland Officers Shot Eight People

Four Portland officers have each shot at members of the public at least twice since 2021. One officer has logged three shootings in that timeframe–two of them fatal. PPB says deadly force is more likely with some of its high-risk teams.

Courtney Vaughn


Ahoy, Muffy & Chad! 🎩🧐 Don't miss the latest hilarious edition of POP QUIZ PDX! This week: Sassy ass trivia questions about Portland's most exclusive, fancy-pants social clubs 😃 (that wouldn't accept you as a member in a million years)! 😭


Portland Elections Office Finds Zenith Energy Violated City Lobbying Rules

The Portland Elections Office found Zenith Energy violated city code while trying to court approval for a land use permit in 2022. Zenith opponents are happy with the finding, but hope more action is taken against the oil transport company.

Taylor Griggs

Candid Reflections From Music Pioneer Laurie Anderson on Releasing Rage, Yoko Ono, and Amelia Earhart's Legacy

We spoke with experimental musician Laurie Anderson about her current approach to songwriting, admiration for Yoko Ono, and Anderson's own approach to releasing rage.

Anthony Keo / Getty

Street View

"'Third place' is now dangerously close to meaningless corporate buzzword territory, evident to me by its inclusion on Soho House Portland’s website." In our latest STREET VIEW column: Elite social clubs and the future of Portland's public space.

Taylor Griggs


Jenny Don't and the Spurs announce their next album "Broken Hearted Blue," notable acts from the Pickathon 2024 line-up, and the cumbia-forward show you must not miss! Read up on local music happenings... Hear in Portland!

Julia Varga

I, Anonymous

In the latest edition of the I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Week, an anonymous writer has some choice words for those who use the term "woke" in a negative way. (And you can submit your rants and confessions anonymously too!)

Portland Has Two Great Listening Bars, Both Alike in Dignity

You may be familiar with the concept of a listening bar, but did you know we have TWO such establishments in the Portland-area? Robert Ham compares the overall audiophile vibes.

Mercury Staff

Spring 2024 Gallery Shows in Portland: A Chorus of Art About Work

Work from gallery staffers, work rendered invisible by social constraints, and the upside down server case we all can't stop talking about. Check out our round-up of spring gallery shows!



Is a woman having an emotional affair with a married man "micro-cheating"? And is the concept of "micro-cheating" bullshit? LET'S FIND OUT in this week's SAVAGE LOVE!

Joe Newton

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