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City Council Formulates New Public Camping Rules For the Unhoused; Gonzalez’s Plan Rejected

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez’s idea to fine unhoused people up to $1,000 and hand public camping policy control to the mayor was shot down Wednesday. Instead, the city will likely adopt regulations aimed at curbing unsanctioned fires and bike "chop shops."

Courtney Vaughn


Your brain's gonna eat up this week's delicious edition of POP QUIZ PDX! In this edition: New fast food franchises, the world's sexiest restaurant mascots, and (though it doesn't taste good) Commish Gonzalez gets eaten alive. See how well YOU score! 🤓


With Scant Evidence, City Commissioners Point to Fentanyl as Potential Contributor to Rise in Deadly Crashes

More exposed to high-speed traffic, homeless people in Portland die in car crashes at a disproportionate rate. Some city officials wonder about fentanyl's impact. Advocates say that question is a distraction from making real change on the streets.


Photo Essay: Portlanders Young and Old Celebrate Earth Day With Making Earth Cool

Portlanders celebrated Earth Day 2024 last weekend with an upcycled costume parade. Check out these great photos of the beautiful event by Justin Yau.

Justin Yau


Let's go, trash pandas—it's time for more hilarious gossip. This week: Trump's delicious humiliation, TSwift's tortured poetry, and Sonic the Hedgehog + Keanu Reeves = LUV 4EVA 😍!


What Would You Do With $15 Million of City Money? Petition Would Give Portlanders a Say.

If a participatory budgeting campaign gets off the ground, residents would be able to spend 2 percent—about $15 million—of the city’s budget each year on community projects.

Taylor Griggs

Theater Review: Shaking the Tree Simmers the Bones of a Fairy Tale Into a Feast

If you see one play about loss and rebirth that's based on a freaky Grimm's fairy tale this spring, The Brother and the Bird from Shaking the Tree should be it. Plus? BONES. Lots and lots of BONES.

Suzette Smith

Say Nice Things About Local Drag Artists (Proudly Representing Portland All Year Long)

Something else to adore about Portland? Our fantastic drag artists! And while you might not know these performers (yet), these drag artists consistently embody Portland’s strange and timeless beauty. Allow Andrew Jankowski to introduce you to some!



"I post fetish content on the internet. How worried should I be that someone, like a future boss, might find out?" Dan Savage (with an assist from a couple of fetish creators) weigh in with their real-world advice in this edition of SAVAGE LOVE!

Joe Newton

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