"AT LEAST TELL HIM AND HIS STAFF WHERE AND WHEN PEOPLE WILL BE MARCHING. Or, you know, occupiers could even go one step beyonda and obtain free-speech permits for their rallies and marches, which are—hey!—free."

Yes, let Portland City Hall co-opt your movement, then be sure to get an official permit to exercise your first amendment rights.

It's the protest where everyone gets along and no one is inconvenienced! Sam Adams approved! You all could wear stickers with his picture giving a big thumbs up sign.

Now real advice: Stop running a homeless camp. Your intentions are good but it is leading you far afield. Stick to marching and protesting. Do it often, but not so often that only 12 people show up.

Go after the banks. If you're going to get arrested do it for sitting in a BofA branch, not for sitting in Jamison Square. The protest for Jamie Dimon's visit was pretty paltry. If you skip a target like that, what are you guys protesting exactly? The police?
It's gonna be a long winter.
The cops' patience has worn out and Reese is starting to act more like Mark Kroeker
requiring marchers to stay on the sidewalks is bullshit. Local streets are public streets, and they are not reserved just for motorists.
randy, let the rest of the 99% public get where they are going. Unless, of course, I can drive on the sidewalk.
Come on, Merc; you must know that cops lie and routinely manipulate mainstream media to repeat those lies. The trimet bus detail is a total (and obvious) fabrication. No cop was pushed into a bus. Protesters were, however, shoved by cops using their bicycles as weapons.
p.s. Most of Occupy Portland is completely opposed to (and pissed about) the "official" statement on the website. Once more, a small group of reformists are pretending to speak for the movement.,

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