Yesterday, Mayor Adams penned an open letter to the Occupy Portland camp, basically warning them that, because of rampant crime, homelessness, and crazy issues within the camp, they need to get their shit together, or... or what?

The purpose of this open letter is to underscore to all Occupy Portland supporters the urgency of dealing with these issues. The way things are operating now is not sustainable.

Read the rest of his thinly veiled threat here. Today Sarah Morrigan, an early member of Occupy Portland, responded to the Mayor with a brilliantly worded defense. Here's a clip:

The issues of safety and health concerns voiced by City officials related to substance abuse, homelessness, and mental illness far predate the beginning of #OccupyPortland. We are in downtown Portland, within walking distances of shelters, social services, and resources. They have been around as long as I know, and if it is not Lownsdale and Chapman parks, it is at the Waterfront Park and South Park Blocks. It is not fair for you or any City of Portland officials to blame the social issues of downtown Portland on #OccupyPortland, since they were never caused by #OccupyPortland in the first place. Rather, the City of Portland, in spite of its 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, and after millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on funding the Julia West House, the Bud Clark Commons, and other agencies for years, has not successfully addressed these issues now we are forced to deal with — using very limited resources, funds, and all-volunteer labor, unlike the City agencies with far more resources.

For those buying in to the city's continually escalating "blame game," the rest of this letter is a MUST READ. Your move, city officials.