Police have made an arrest for last night's detonation of a Molotov cocktail on a staircase last night. Twenty-nine-year-old David Joseph Hodson has been charged with arson, manufacturing a destructive device, possession of a destructive device, and criminal mischief. He was also arrested on November 6 for several charges related to starting fires near the Occupy Portland encampments, according to police.

Witnesses provided police a "very good description" of the suspect and police tracked down Hodson in the Occupy Portland camp. He looks, um, very displeased to be in custody.


In other news, last night the police also cited a taxi cab driver at Occupy Portland for blowing his horn too loudly. Mayhem!

Also, the total cost of police overtime related to Occupy Portland has been updated to $316,000, which reflects the heightened police presence during last week's marches.