So you all saw this post last night, right?


The Occupy Portland bat signal went live for the second time last night—the first was a brief attempt to project on the Justice Center on Black Friday—shining a reel of 99% messages onto the side of an apartment building on SW 4th and Columbia.

Thanks to a tip, I took the elevator to the eighth floor of the parking garage directly across the street from the building and found three guys, a minivan, and the signal itself: A digital projector attached to a laptop, all powered by a personal generator stashed on the roof of the garage. The signal creator introduced himself as Mungen Cakes, an electrical engineer. The plans for the Occupy Portland bat signal are based on the very similar one recently seen in New York.

"I saw that and I said, 'I have to do that! I was freakin' born to do that!" says Mungen Cakes. The projector is pretty powerful, but the signal's scrolling messages come from just a simple Powerpoint presentation. Last night's location was a bit obscure—that area is pretty dead at night and even people walking by didn't bother to look up and spot the signal—but the group has big plans to project the signal in more prominent locations.