"Attorneys working with the group are still building a case for restraining order that they hope would actually allow some kind of all-night camping again."

I hope Occupy isn't being billed by the hour for that fruitless endeavor.
a fucking "prayer vigil"????

jesus fuck.
Denis, thanks you for your long, hard, cold and often dangerous work covering Occupy. Much appreciated and I really like your balanced perspective. Best "MSM" reporting on OPDX! I hope the Mercury realizes what a gem they have in you. Thank you.
"Attorneys working with the group are still building a case..."

Yes, a case that might help any group that wants to (small-o) occupy city parks. I really think this could come back to bite local progressives in the future.
Yep.... assuming they win. Big if. But if they do, we'll see the Tea Party, anti-abortion and whatever else crazies out there too.
And we will all be held responsible for the legal tab regardless.
But hey, all in a days fun for young lawyers.

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