In the middle of this week's news story on Occupy Portland—looking at the movement's debate over the merits of camping—I mention the curious case of some 500 T-shirts that an occupier had ordered several weeks ago without the approval of the movement's general assembly.

This was troubling for a few reasons. One was the cost: close to $3,000. Another was the design: Hideously ugly. The other was where the shirts were printed: CINCINNATI—never mind that you can't swing a stick in Portland without hitting a local designer/printer/etc. who might have done such a thing for a sharply reduced rate and maybe even with some style.

If you don't believe me on how awful the shirts look, here's proof, courtesy of a Mercury intern who agreed to model it. (That's real mud from Chapman Square, by the way. People were giving the shirts away in the hours before Occupy's eviction bash.)


As for that receipt? Here's a photo of that, too!


Update 12:25PM:
As commenters have noted, I ought to have mentioned the name of the occupier who purchased the shirts. It's Viani Rivier—an occupier who was part of the camp's troubled, initial finance committee (which was blown up and reformed several weeks ago amid concerns it lacked transparency). Also, as I've previously reported, Rivier is the same occupier who was forwarding internal Occupy emails to the Portland police.