Yes, it's been nearly a month since the last ultra-major Occupy Portland event, the shutdown of three terminals at the Port of Portland, an event that brought out the usual media hordes and a few dozen riot cops (just in case). But Occupy's post-campsite phase—what with an ongoing city hall vigil, hell-raising over police accountability, and demands to end corporate personhood—has hardly been quiet.

And now, next Friday, January 13, the movement is planning an open house at its new community space/indoor organizing hub, over at St. Francis Church, 1131 SE Oak. It's planned from 6 to 9 pm, with guided tours and then public presentations and workshops on the movement's evolution and plans for the coming year.

The last hour promises some variety of entertainment. I also suspect, although it's not confirmed, that there will be hot coffee courtesy of the Rumorz crew, the fine folks who served up coffee pretty much 24/7 back in Chapman Square.

The St. Francis space, which technically opened for business several days ago, had been in the works for a couple of months. But it was controversial. Some occupiers weren't keen about settling on a space where people couldn't move in, seeing it as a desertion of efforts to re-occupy public space on behalf of those with nowhere else to go but the streets. Beyond that, logistical issues also had to be negotiated before Occupy could move in.

The open house is just one event in a pretty busy month, judging form a look at Occupy's website, Apparently occupiers are also trying to work out something so college kids can show up, organize, and actually earn internship credits.