In hopes of catching the eye of the public and local media outlets, the rowdy Occupy Hanford group shed their shirts on the corner of SW 5th and Taylor this afternoon. Dubbed "Boobs Out for A15," the event aimed to spread awareness of the April 15th Occupy Hanford event in Richland, WA discussing the neighboring Hanford nuclear waste clean-up site. Here's a Q & A we did about the event with Miriam German, who is leading the campaign.

About five women had colorfully (and cleverly...who knew boobs looked like nukes?) painted their naked top halves with radiation symbols or rally information. A few shirtless men also joined in—not as exciting—but I'll post a photo of them above the cut for tastefulness.


According to one of today's ralliers the topless idea came from Dr. Helen Caldicott, a nuclear physicist involved with the April 15th event. "She said she did it once to catch the public's attention," said a topless rallier. "So we though 'Why not? Boobs out!'" Passersby gave the ol' double take at the topless crowd and busloads of TriMet riders oogled from the window.

Okay okay, you pervs, I'll throw up some lady photos AFTER THE JUMP.