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Calvin Harris Splits with Taylor Swift—Cue the Apocalypse!


Why are you giving Johnny Depp the benefit of the doubt when all others accused of domestic violence are immediately tried and convicted in the court of the media?

Who remembers the Adam Forkner story? The Mercury posted his girlfriend's letter detailing the night he allegedly beat her. There wasn't just a simple paragraph saying, "Adam Forkner is accused of domestic violence, but here's a joke about his attire while we wait to get all the facts." There were several articles that detailed the beating, how his record label dropped him, charges filed…etc.

What's the difference between these two men? Why was Adam given so much attention while all Depp gets a humorous paragraph?

Amber Heard has provided photos of her bruised face and has written about specific incidents in which the alleged assaults occurred. Why not publish these things from the victim like you did with Adam Forkner?

The Mercury seems a bit biased with it comes to domestic violence… or is it me?
(I imagine this comment will be removed by the Mercury staff)
Hi, Ann Romano and the Portland Mercury. We've kind of had it with your frequent use of the term Bernie Bro, even in jest. You talk about actors whitewashing non-white roles - good for you. You cover matters related to race, institutional racism and racial inequity constantly - keep it up! However, I think you should examine your makeup - a mostly if not all-white staff - and the fact that you are whitewashing and marginalizing an extremely diverse group of Bernie supporters by recycling a campaign-invented slur. We are young, old, female, male, transgender and every race you can name. Look at photos of our rallies across the nation - look hard for aggressive, sexist white dudes. Check out Arabs for Bernie, Women for Bernie, Latinos for Bernie, Natives for Bernie. Now. I am a white male. Bernie bro, right? My partner is Mexican, was for most of her life undocumented, her childhood fucked up by the Clintons and NAFTA. Also a Bernie bro. I hope you get the picture. We are every demographic you can name, and if you still want to stereotype us, you can say we're all crazy for a 74 year-old man from Brooklyn that is fighting for us, not for personal gain.
Sorry to inform you, A minus, but the Mercury turned Republican sometime last year. .
I'm not sure it's quite there yet... more like lovable but thoroughly misguided and ill-informed uncle stage.

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