One Day at a Time

Are YOU a Candy Ass?


Richard Petty is not deceased. Were you thinking of Dale Earnhardt Sr, Ann?
I find it interesting that the Mercury continues to give Johnny Depp a pass on all of this. See, it's funny when a man is accused of domestic violence and basically acts like an animal. Why is it funny? Well, because it's Johnny Depp we're talking about!

The last One Day at a Time take on Heard's accusations of domestic violence was also made into a joke about getting a restraining order against Johnny's scarves. Funny stuff, right?

Adam Forkner was put through the wringer when his girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. Yes, the Mercury published a full page of her account of the alleged attack and not a single joke was made. The headlines read "ADAM FORKNER ACCUSED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!". It was all so serious and how dare Adam Forkner do such a thing! (that case was thrown out, by the way, and the Mercury simply had a little blip about that update)

With Johnny Depp, we get to read about it in the Mercury's funny pages.

I wonder why the double standard?