Why exactly do we need police officers to live in Portland? The reasoning is a bit squishy. Thousands of other folks in the Portland-metro area are able to commute in and do their jobs just fine.


You're article is incorrect that the starting salary is enough to live in Portland. The data source you cite lists "average rent in Oregon" not Portland. Your source says $1,105 for average rents for a two-bedroom.

Portland rents currently average $1,530 for a two-bedroom according to which is not even the most accurate source. It tends to be a bit low. The cost on another source was $1,560 for a two-bedroom. (Zumper: This isn't hard research. It would still be affordable, but just barely at 30% of income. And keep in mind, that's AVERAGE. That means like anyone else they might want a yard, not an apartment, and they might have a kid or two. It's unfair to decide how someone else should live. I don't disagree with having a resident requirement necessarily, but let's enforce it for all civil servants if we're going to impose it. It's unfair to mandate that for one segment of public servants with the exception of those seeking to serve as elected officials from a specific district.

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