Weed on the Teevee!

The Depiction of Cannabis on Television Has Matured in a Lot of Ways—But in Others, It Really Hasn’t


Bear in mind that TV still thinks the recurring drunk character is a thing, and drunken hook-ups that skirt the consent issue are still regular plotlines. Why should we expect any more enlightened treatment of the weed? Well-behaved, responsible potheads are boring.
Disjointed is to cannabis and consumers as Portlandia is to our town. It's entertainment, or at least someone's interpretation of it. The cannabis dispensary in a strip mall is simply an excuse for these characters to "be" and to interact. The interstitial animation and transitional clips are well-executed and fun.

It takes nerve to experiment with the hackneyed sitcom structure. Not every joke lands and most of the stereotypes are ham-fisted, but I'm enjoying it, and Netflix has ordered another 20 episodes. In the glutted media landscape, Disjointed, has some potential.