Welcome back to Otter Friday, your only reason for getting out of bed this morning!

There's no way we're topping last week's expedition to see real live otters... but you know what? It's almost Father's Day! And you know who's the best father in all the animal kingdom? Simon the Asian Small-Clawed River Otter! For real! He even has an award to prove it! Simon is the greatest.

Okay so before anybody obnoxious gets all, "Whaaa, Simon wasn't even in that last video, whaaa, how do we know there were even any dad otters at all in that last video, whaaa, Simon would never let his otter pups get that fat," please be aware that the last video was chosen because of—PLOT TWIST!—a human dad! From the video's description:

I visited the London Zoo with my father and just before closing time we came across these otters begging for food. They're my father's favorite animals, so it was a great day for him.

See? That's great! Fathers: Whether you're an otter or a limey, ya gotta love 'em!

See you next Otter Friday!