Look. I've seen enough of these robot development videos to be okay with the fact that they will one day be our overlords, and will almost certainly crush my skull beneath their big metallic feet. I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. What I'm having trouble living with is that scientists are now teaching robots to cheat at "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and... what the fuck??? I have to get my head crushed AND lose at "Rock, Paper, Scissors"??? Here's the BBC report on the robot that wins at "Rock, Paper, Scissors" every stinking time:

It uses high-speed recognition and reaction, rather than prediction.

Technically, the robot cheats because it reacts extremely quickly to what the human hand is doing rather than making a premeditated simultaneous action as the rules state.

Taking just one millisecond (ms) - a thousandth of a second - to recognise what shape the human hand is making, it then chooses a winning move and reacts at high speed.

Now watch the goddamn cheating robot in action!