Oh, the holidays. Time to stuff your face, cram your calendar full of boozy holiday parties (just sleep through January and February, they suck anyhow), and smile for the camera. The tradition of holiday family photos is due for a comeback, along with fruitcake that you actually want to eat and gifts of socks and underwear that you actually want. Although probably my favorite holiday portrait ever was taken at the mall, then Photoshopped so that dad's face was also under mom's hair, as well as on their very creepy, stubbly toddler. Sort of like this:


However, if you prefer tasteful photos to shits 'n' giggles, talented local photographer Lisa Warninger, whose street style site Urban Weeds is one of Portland's most widely read (she's also a great wedding and fashion photographer, see especially her work for The English Dept.), is taking appointments for family portraits at the Ace Hotel Cleaners this Tuesday the 29th with a "Northwest" theme. She explains, "Think: firewood, pinecones, maybe some river rocks... woodlands Portland cool, these won't look specifically 'holiday' so your photographs will be great to view all year round." Bring your kids, your dog, Barbara Walters, whatever, but act fast—slots are filling up!