Kudos go out to our crackerjack art director Suji Allen who once again has knocked it out of the park with this week's cover for the Mercury's Booze Issue, titled, "Portland: A Drinking Romance." The feature is about the best bars in Portland for picking people up, romancing them, and later cheating on 'em. You know... THE YOUZH. It's pretty good, and you should definitely check it out.
But back to the cover! This cover and accompanying photos taken by Nicolle Clemetson and styled by Marissa Sullivan are especially amazing considering it was conceived and shot in only two days. As always we don't like to employ much photoshop on our covers, but this one did need one bit of shoppin'. CAN YOU FIGURE OUT THE ONE PHOTOSHOPPED THING IN THIS PICTURE? Obviously we're not talking about the Merc masthead or the words... but there is one thing that ain't real. Can you pick it out?


Later this afternoon... let's say around 3:30, I'll post the original photo below the jump so you can see what was added! Put your guesses in the comments! (HINT: Boobs and that guy's eyes are REAL. Seriously dude... stop eye-fucking me!!)

UPDATE! The answer and original un-photoshopped pic is after the jump!


Here's the original! See what's missing?


(Hint: Glug, glug, glug.)