FIRST OF ALL, congratulations to the Naderites, who have put together a great, if misdirected, campaign. But, facts is facts, and as it stands now, Oregon is poised to put Bush in the White House. Regardless of the deeply niggling doubts Gore seems to instill in well, everyone, we should momentarily put these aside to remember one greater truth: In prison terms, Bush is what's known as a "punk ass bitch." Not only is he incredibly misguided on issues close to our hearts (abortion, the environment, the death penalty, the national budget), George W. is a dangerous simpleton who will be easily manipulated by Christians, corporations and the military. Think Reagan was bad? If Bush is elected, lefties will be too busy putting out a forest fire of problems to worry about anyone else.

A viable third party is definitely needed, but don't expect to be given one on a silver platter. "Federal funding" is not a cure-all, and is not going to convince Americans to put a Green in the White House. Yes, Americans are ready to vote enthusiastic, smart Green candidates into office on a local level; especially ones that don't come across as crazy potheads. For example, State Senate candidate Whitney Smith. Prime the pump locally, and the Presidency will follow.

In the meantime, vote for Gore! If you feel bad about your choice, just think about Newt Gingrich. Remember how hard it was to beat that sonofabitch down? Think about protecting those who will surely be hurt by a Bush presidency, and your choice will be clear.