I've got an idea. Let's just close the existing bridge and NOT build a new one :-) Ehh, I guess that won't fly. In that case, let's charge a $5 per car toll on the bridge, but we won't charge you to ride lightrail across the bridge. I like that idea better.
...that means more compact development, more South Waterfronts and Pearl Districts, more four story condo buildings on streets like SE Division, more bike routes,"

From Baumann's mouth to Homer Williams's ears.

Light rail, generous park-and-rides in Clark County, and reversible lanes and HOV lanes should be part of the bridge project - I don't think the bridge will cause the congestion, simply because public transit across the river is such a hellish commute (my wife did it for a while and cursed it - anything can be better than the current trip).
Portland State University's student body voted 13 opposed and 1 for the expansion of the I-5 bridge without further consideration. We represent 25,000 students from the Portland area. PSU is the most visited destination for public transportation.

We propose that more research be completed about the proposal. We also recommend using a toll to see if traffic decreases without the expansion.

Heather Spalding

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