Don't build a new bridge. Idling in a traffic jam that extends from Vantucky all the way into downtown Portland is so green.
...wait, they are trying to protest this by shutting down traffic on the Morrison Bridge? Oy!
If nothing else, these extreme actions point out the gray area clearly visible all along. A new bridge with no more than 1 additional lane on each side, high speed MAX lines and a path for bikes. Or that is how I see it playing it anyway.
The CRC has spent 30 million dollars on a huge PR campaign to fabricate a problem and convince the public to build a bridge that is not needed. Why is the CRC office only in Vancouver, Wa and not Portland? Maybe to justify most meetings happening there and to suppress opposing citizen input.

Still don't think the CRC is a PR campaign by ODOT and WDOT, listen to this ad on the CRC's website:

With the momentum and disinformation that is generated by the CRC for this project it is going to take all types of civic involvement to educate voters when the State of Oregon ask to increase gas taxed for the estimated $600 million needed to fund this bridge.

For more info about efforts to halt the bridge take some time to check out
Shut down traffic to whine while engines idle, creating MORE pollution - OR - go to WORK during the day, much like those trying to actually make energy independence a reality.
Just sayin.

1. Who benefits?

2. Who benefits?

3. Who benefits?

4. Who benefits?

5. Who benefits?

I remain your humble servant,

WEAK! What a weak "protest." hahahaha

Build the bridge already!
"Brian Sloan, one of the spokespeople for today's actions, noted that these two events were just a warm up, for bigger climate-related action yet to come in the next few days."

Sounds a bit half-assed, to me...
Just build the fucking bridge! If it really creates more unhappiness, then there'll be a shiny new bridge for those sad people to jump off of.

The bridge isn't the problem.

What is the problem is how big oil is manipulating prices to maximize profits while not slashing demand. So, the jack the prices up until people start parking their cars then lower prices until the big, complacent middle class gets back in their cars.

We've been screwed. Again.

The bridge issue is a bullshit distraction. The real action should be aimed at getting people out of cars. Picket the gas pump. Educate people about alternatives. Fight big oil.

By going after the bridge, they are wasting their time and energy doing something most people laugh at them about.
And, Matt, you know half-assed.

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