Over the past year, I've taken on the surprisingly difficult task of trying to keep track of my friends' physical addresses. Like, writing them on paper with a pen. And it's no wonder address books have been replaced by Facebook: in the past twelve months, 60 percent of my friends have moved. These are 22-35 year olds we're talking about and their constant apartment-swapping means not only do I have to cross them out of my book and track down their new address, but they have to register to vote all over again.

But it's pretty likely they will just forget to register at their new address. Or think they're still registered and find out too late that they're not allowed to vote in this November's election.

That's why I want to direct all eyes right now to the Secretary of State website where you can check to see whether you're registered to vote! If you've moved or changed parties since the last time you voted (when the hell was that?), you can register there, too.

If you want to register the old fashioned print-and-paper way, our news section this week details how to download a registration form. The registration deadline for next month's election is October 12.

Okay, this concludes your voting public service announcement. Back to regularly scheduled cats, etc.