Even though he loves basketball, Barack Obama is coming to town in just over a week to raise votes and money for Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber.

The Oregon Democrats haven't released the details about the event yet (anyone want to make a wager on the ticket price? If it affects your guess at all, Dudley has $1.8 million cash on hand right now, Kitz has $685,000) except that Obama will be appearing at the Oregon Convention Center on Wednesday, October 20 at 4pm.

Kitz can use the boost, too. Based on the most recent poll, he and Dudley are neck and neck with Kitzhaber pulling only a two percent lead. Oregon may be one of the last states where an Obama visit may actually help.

UPDATE: Okay, so I totally lose this bet. Turns out the event is going to be free! RSVP here.