If this is to raise money, might it be a bit late? Wont all the ballots be sent out before the appearance at the Convention Center? Or can the Democratic Party turn around the cash they get from that into TV commercials right away?
Yes, they could turn around cash quickly (and they need every dime) but this is a free event. RSVP here:
Well that's a good litmus test. Anyone Obama supports is someone I will vote against.
So you're gunna vote for Dudley Dumbass?
"Tage Savage"-

Dudley is 10 times smarter than Gov Retread and Obama combined.

Stay home Obama! No one wants you here fucling up our traffic.

Is NObama someone who chooses to dislike our President? Or is he nearly someone from New Orleans who supports our President?
I can't tell!!
7 seems to have some good info regarding this issue of the obummer group.

The tickets are free. :)
oh yeah, RJD already said that. fail.
The Mercury actually thinks Obama will help out Kitzhaber? Really? Fun times are over, Mercury. And so are cheap shots at legitimate opposing candidaes.

This election won't be decided on cash flows of the candidates. It will be decided BY THE PEOPLE based on the issues - and who can and will turn this state around. With Dave Hunt and Peter Courtney "manning up" and working with Chris Dudley once he is elected. Not working against our state and refusing to do so. Do you hear the people NOW, Peter Courtney and Dave Hunt? You had better be listening, to the people of this great state. And honoring whomever it is the people send to Salem.

Obama should be told to SKIP Oregon. Really. He is a liability to this state. And to this nation. And so is (nothing electable left in him) John Kitzhaber.
You are too late Obama. Oregon has spoken. We want someone NEW!!!
Yo! Person above me...You are WRONG! Obama is a GREAT President and I'll vote for anyone he endorses.

Obama inherited the mess we're in. He has achieved amazing things since he took office. You people (meaning the right) just want a scapegoat.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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