Very few people in popular culture have come back home with the tail between their legs, apologizing for the shit they have said/done more than Kanye West. It's like his defense mechanism is on auto-pilot to say "I'm sorry" every time he opens his mouth/Twitter account. (Imagine being in a relationship with that guy!) While the press exhaustively dissects the statements/actions of Kanye, who at this point knows what every funky flavor of his foot tastes like, it's like he is on some endless quest to ensure his image isn't tainted by people who see him in a negative light.

When George Bush wrote in his memoir that the lowest point in his career was Kayne West saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people," how did Kanye respond? He went on the Today Show day before yesterday and issued an apology to Bush, who was yesterday's guest. Really, Kanye? You're going to apologize for a statement you said when New Orleans was underwater and Bush was sitting comfortably on his ass in Washington? Are you really sorry that Bush thinks being called a racist by you was the lowest point in his career (as opposed to starting two unnecessary wars that still rage on today)? Or the economic clusterfuck the U.S. is still dealing with? Or the big business scandals? Or the racial profiling/persecution of Muslims in America? It's not that George Bush doesn't care about black people. It's that George Bush doesn't care about anyone but himself and his buddies.

If I had the public forum to speak my mind to George Bush (however mindless the statement might be), you can damn well bet I'd never apologize afterward. If Bush lost sleep over something I said, I'd sleep like a hibernating bear. And I wouldn't say I'm sorry when I woke up.

So Kanye, are you happy? Bush "appreciates" your apology. People will still buy your records. Part of me wishes your jaw was still wired shut, though.

End Hits: No apologies.