Wow, this is terrible.

Investigative journalism group ProPublica is reporting on the details of an executive order Obama signed yesterday that allows Guantanamo detainees to be held indefinitely.

These are guys who, despite the laws of the American justice system, have been held for years without ever being charged with crimes. On the day he took office, Obama promised to shut down GITMO within a year. Now on top of that failure, the new order makes it possible to hold the detainees forever... even if the iconic prison itself is eventually closed. Under the new order, detainees are supposed to have some sort of process to appeal the decision that they'll be a threat if released, but given that the "process" for Guantanamo up to this point has meant subverting the Constitution and Geneva Conventions, it's tough to have faith that our government will hold up that end of the bargain.

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