Campaign slogan: Get Hooked on Novick

Tho I'm not sure health care is a proper priority for the city council. Sure you don't want to run for congress?
@Demondog: His actual campaign slogan is: "Standing Tall for All of Portland". It's funny because he's short.
City-provided healthcare. That ought to be cheap.

Does anyone here actually know anything that this guy has done, or do you just like funny campaign commercials? Seems like someone who doesn't know what to do with himself except take a flying leap at whatever elected office happens to be passing by.
Hey Blab Blab Blabby, did you visit his website and look at his credentials?

Also, this was easy to find...…

Now everyone here knows, including you!
This interview could have gone a lot better - and worse - if they let WSH conduct it.
God, I wish I could go back 14 years.

Not with Randy, though.
Aww, Blabby, that's so cute! Now go ahead and return to the little Fox table, and let the adults resume our conversation...

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