Late breaking news from Politico, which reports that Oregon Congressman David Wu is not resigning over allegations that he had engaged in nonconsensual sex with a young woman last November.

Instead, says the Wu campaign, he's just not going to run for reelection.

The Oregonian broke the story late Friday that a young woman had left a distraught voicemail at Wu's campaign office, accusing him of forcing her into an "aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter." According to the paper, Wu acknowledged the sexual encounter with the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor during a visit to California over Thanksgiving, but said it was consensual

Over the weekend, various local and national Democratic leaders pressured Wu to resign.

But, a top staffer told Politico, “He hasn’t done anything that rises to the level of requiring him to resign.”

With the news that he's staying put, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi immediately called for an ethics investigation.