Eileen Brady's mayoral campaign released the results of a poll today that places her as the frontrunner in the race to replace Sam Adams—but shows the race is still wide open.

The Oregonian reported the results of Brady's poll, which surveyed 400 Portlanders.

Here are the results:
10 percent Jefferson Smith
16 percent Charlie Hales
26 percent Eileen Brady
48 percent unsure

That's a big pile of uncertainty right there. Yep, Police Chief Mike Reese could eat that right up... Of course, it's early in race. With their head starts, Charlie Hales has raised $181,000 (and spent $92,000) and Eileen Brady has raised $250,000 (and spent $148,000). Jefferson Smith hit the $100,000 mark on Halloween.

In other news, polls reveal that I will vote for Reese if Randy Leonard agrees to sing his backup during city council meetings: