As you all know, tomorrow is the last day to vote in the special primary election to select Rep. David Wu's replacement. Sounds standard enough. However, Oregon is voting to new heights this time around with the aid of a certain handy gadget: the iPad.

According to election officials, Oregon is the first state to incorporate a vote-by-iPad option into its polling process. These iPads were donated by Apple Inc. (for currently unknown reasons) to election offices statewide to deliver to disabled voters, enabling them to vote more comfortably. After voting on the touch screen, voters print out the ballot to mail in. While this sounds suspiciously similar to the standard mail-in ballot, many disabled voters find the current ballots cumbersome to scribble in.

While it's fancy, it's proven to be a little over-hyped, for now. Apple Inc. only donated five iPads to Oregon for this election period, which stretches it's use pretty thin. But, then again, it's the iPad. Who knows what it'll stand in for next.