As seen in Good Morning News, Mississippi may be the only state asking voters to ban all abortions and a majority of contraceptives this election day. But the idea is far from unique. Anti-abortion and pro-personhood groups in more liberal states are slated to push for a similar agenda in next year's election.

Including Oregon. Personhood USA's Oregon website welcomes its viewers with : "Dear Oregon Lawmaker: Every year that goes by, over one million children in the womb are brutally murdered through abortion." It goes on to compare unborn fetuses to African slaves and Jews. Classy!

Oregon Human Life Amendment Committee attempted (but failed) to get a similar bill on the ballot in 2010, that would guarantee protection for "all human beings…including their unborn offspring at every state of their biological development, including fertilization."

Mother Jones whipped up a map illustrating which other states are taking this idea into serious consideration.

It seems that OR anti-abortion advocates would not have as much fire and support as the Mississippi stronghold — but the idea that it's a possibility is frightening enough.