My favorite blog ever, Sociological Images, has a post up about the voter suppression laws that are creeping across the nation.

Numerous states have passed or are considering bills that would place hurdles to voting. They seem like simple hurdles, like requiring government-sponsored IDs at polling places or eliminating same day registration. But these small laws actually have a big impact on who votes, specifically reducing turnout among racial minority groups, young people, and people with disabilities.

Researchers pegged Oregon as one of the few states where voter restriction laws weren't considered...


...but actually, the legislature considered a law during its last session that would have required proof of citizenship to vote. Luckily, it never got off the ground.

The laws are pitched as preventing voter fraud, but the Democrats, who are campaigning against the laws for obvious reasons, put together this little graphic about the likelihood of someone trying to pull off an impersonation at the polls: