An extra 12? Isn't it more like 120? Typo?
More likely that 12 is a bit high.
Where are the billows of coal dust from the coal trains that are already passing through the Portland area? Coal trains have been going through this area for years. The coal is plasticized in the cars to prevent coal dust from escaping, and I think some coal cars have covers over them.
I guess the anti-coalers are talking about coal dust because average joe (NOT Average Joe(R)) is more likely to act when he feels personally endangered but Christ people!

The real reason to disallow coal exports is because our children (or your precious Pug's great-great-grandchildren you soul-less and childless heathen hipsters) will never get to see sea turtles or polar bears if we keep digging the shit out of the ground and sending it to China to be burned.
I assume the author means 12 coal TRAINS per day, not coal cars. Each coal train will have about 125-150 coal cars.

According to Burlington Northern Railroad, each coal car can lose 500 pounds of coal dust en route from mine to destination. That's 31 tons of coal dust lost in transit per train.

And 'Benjo' is incorrect, there are actually no coal trains coming through Portland at this time. This would be new air pollution. Check out these recent photos of coal dust coming off of some trains in the Columbia River Gorge (on the Washington side) - . Guess the there are billows of coal dust Benjo...
The NO COAL event is Saturday Aug 18th from noon to 3PM. VOLUNTEER or MORE INFO

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