Tuesday can't come soon enough, if for no other reason than to get Paul Constant off this blog. He's an absolute joke as a reporter, and has infinitely more in common with one of those hellaciously annoying little yip dogs that JUST. WON'T. SHUT. UP. than a thoughtful and opinionated political analyst.

I mean honestly... who made the decision to let this guy be a primary political blogger for the Mercury and the Stranger? He's beyond awful.
The problem here is that his posts bring in the comments, aka the hits, aka the advertising dollars.
These comments bring advertising dollars? How pray tell?
@showstopper, compulsive commenters run up pageviews. The same way circulation drives ad prices for print, page views and unique visitors drives online ad prices.

Every time you guys freak out about Paul Constant or SJR, you're guaranteeing there is no financial incentive for Steve to curb either of them.

*note to mods:…

shows nothing in my chrome browser.
I personally don't care about either, nor do I look at any of the ads....but thank you for the explanation CC

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