Politics Apr 3, 2013 at 4:00 am

It's Been (Almost) 100 Days! And What Do We Think of Our Mayor? So Far, So Good. But So Far, Not So Much.


Less is more.
A pox on the mayor and the entire city council (except for Steve Novick). Why the fuck are we pissing away over $5 million on installing equipment with which to poison our drinking water with flouridation chemicals while at the same time laying off city employees due to this horrendous budget deficit?
This is the same mindset we see on display in DC, where the corrupt scum who "represent" us cozy up to the rich, fattening the wastrels at the Pentagon while destroying what remains of our social insurance programs.
Get over it Denis. I know how badly you wanted a different outcome, but cooler heads prevailed. Jefferson Smith was a clown and this City is better off without him.
I haven't disagreed with Charlie quite as often as I expected, but I'm still voting for Magic 8-Ball in 2016.
Fot the most part, I applaud the work Hales has done.
It'll be interesting to see how he deals with the streetcar fiasco in the future though.
I think he should have dropped free Tri-Met passes for all kids though, and surprised he didn't. As the O pointed out this morning, rich kids and kids living a block from school certainly don't need them.
I really enjoyed this, thanks for putting it all together. It's rare to get a birds-eye view of the whole clusterfuck.

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