I'm sure this will solve all their problems.
frankieb: it stands a better chance of getting some problems solved than just doing nothing and waiting for Metro to fix things. In case you were unaware we've been on a pay-freeze for years without even a cost of living allowance (COLA) while the senior management keeps talking about all the financial records we're breaking. We're the people who actually make money at the zoo and we can't afford to eat there (we don't get a meal allowance, just 25% off food.McDonald's offers 50% and is a for-profit company with food much less expensive than that at the zoo).

So yeah, maybe it won't "fix all out problems", maybe you could let me know what would fix even some of our problems (other than the pat and completely idiotic suggestion of "go find work somewhere else" because giving up and moving on is such a great plan for the world, isn't it?).

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