Oh, look. Republicans are running as Greens. Again. ShareBlue:

Scrambling for ways to hold on to power through November’s midterm cycle, it seems Republicans are opting to back phony Green Party candidates in hopes of confusing voters. After all, in a close contest a Green Party candidate siphoning away a few thousands votes from Democrats could mean the difference between victory and defeat. That strange scenario is currently playing out both in a New York House race and the Montana Senate race, where local Green Party candidates have been found out to be GOP operatives.

Michael Zak, the fake Green in New York, dropped out of the race for New York's 27th Congressional District after his ties to Republican incumbent Chris Collins were written up by The Daily Beast:

The former Green Party candidate in a congressional race has been exposed as a Republican plant with ties to the GOP congressman he supposedly sought to challenge

Michael Zak petitioned to run under the Green Party ticket in New York’s 27th congressional district, a seat currently held by Rep. Chris Collins. Zak’s candidacy petition listed as the official contact person Ross Kostecky, a local Republican operative who interned on Collins’s 2009 campaign for Erie County, New York executive, The Daily Beast has found.

“Of course I know Ross Kostecky. I’ve known him for years. He’s a good Republican,” said Chris Grant, Collins’s campaign director. “As to why he did this, you’d have to ask him. Our campaign has absolutely nothing to do with [Michael Zak]. We don’t know this person.”

That's a lie—it came out of a Republican House member's mouth, so perhaps that's a given. But Zak interned for Collins when Collins ran for Erie County (NY) executive in 2009. Interns are interchangeable, I realize, and Republican candidates typically can't recall interns they didn't sexually harass, leave their wives for, or pressure to get abortions. So it's possible Collins doesn't remember Zak or know him personally. But Zak definitely knows who Collins is and Zak definitely entered the 2018 race as a Green to split the Dem/progressive vote and help Republicans hold the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

Zak dropped out of the race when his ties to Collins and the Republican Party were exposed—so, hey, there's at least one Republican out there capable of feeling shame. That's not the case in Montana...

Tim Adams, a former data analyst for the Montana Republican Party, is one of two people who filed this week as a Green Party candidate to run for the U.S. Senate in Montana this year. Yet Adams told MTN News Wednesday that while he identifies as a conservative and has been involved with conservative causes, he feels like the Green Party platform more closely reflects issues that he cares about...

Adams has not dropped out of the race. And this "Green" only made it onto the ballot in Montana thanks to a stealth effort by GOP-linked firms to gather the necessary signatures to qualify the Greens to be on the ballot in Montana in 2018. Adams' candidacy could cost Democrats a crucial Senate seat. The Hill:

Democrats are fighting to keep the Montana Green Party from fielding a candidate in the race against Sen. Jon Tester (D). Tester, running for a third term this year, is one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for reelection. His state favored President Trump over Hillary Clinton by a 21-point margin in 2016, and Tester himself won both his previous elections with less than 50 percent of the vote.... The Green Party earned access to Montana’s ballot after turning in thousands of signatures just before a critical deadline.

Republicans in Montana recently admitted why they're backing Greens:

A Republican group that supports state legislative candidates said in a court filing earlier this week if the Green Party is removed from the ballot in Montana, three Republicans will have a harder time winning general election races this fall.

There are lots of examples out there of Republicans running as Greens or recruiting homeless people to run as Greens or financing the campaigns of Green Party candidates at the local and national level.

Republicans donate to Greens, Republicans run as Greens, and useful-to-the-GOP idiots vote for Greens.

And have you heard what Jill Stein is up to lately?